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  1. I think what there trying to say is how come that trophy popped when it was suppose to yet your Grand Prix didn’t pop till you swapped to controller 1. But I don’t think they have took into consideration the fact that you have already said you just had to complete the last race on controller 1 for those trophies to pop i would imagine 1 race in 6 minutes is feasible. I could be wrong but that’s how I understood it.
  2. Yay! My subscription is over... shame about my huge + backlog tho. Will prob renew it later this year so I can work through it. Unless Sony drops something good next month... so ye will prob have + again in the autumn.
  3. 36.95 atm 😬
  4. Haha same!! didn’t make a lot of sense but it did amuse me for a bit. I started trolling him back but I think he blocked me now 😞
  5. Anyone else getting funny messages from @enobmachoas? Tell him I said 👋
  6. I wouldn’t dream of putting these multi stack games on my profile. Totally ruins the look of your profile page. Same game over and over again lol
  7. Wait there is a job where you collect trophies for people..!? how would one go about doing this job? is there a market place website or something along those lines? Beats working in the rain on a building site. Would much rather do that...
  8. I wasn’t accusing anyone btw.. just wanted to know how he did it? Seems others have answered for him tho so doesn’t matter now I guess..
  9. It took me forever with 3 freinds to shoot all the targets and I’d say I’m fairly decent at zombies.
  10. How did you finish your last challenge and do the buried Easter egg in less then 5 mins?
  11. Oh wow.. didn’t bother looking at list as I’m not familiar with those games so wouldn’t of known what I was looking at. I definitely would have noticed that blunder tho lol
  12. You need to be a bit more specific.. what have you been flagged for?
  13. I sacrifice mine to appease the gods
  14. Waw has has the same issue with hackers as bo2 does. They can pop any trophy.
  15. With that logic we should start unflagging bo2 then. I’m guessing there is probably the same amount of flags for both games ....