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  1. Oh so he already knows..... get over it!! Dont play stupid ffs.
  2. Ye you can’t get a trophy for 3 stars on 15 levels and all 69 stars within 30 seconds of each other.. lol
  3. Wow you were busy in may...
  4. Every game I’ve started. Now I’m done with all but a few online trophies I’m clearing my backlog. Finally!!
  5. You can still keep your digital purchases and use them on your new account. Just make sure both login details are registered to your PS4
  6. It’s the comment on your PlayStation profile I believe. You just need to delete it on your console and it shouldn’t show anymore.
  7. Have to agree with you there on the pot references lol
  8. 37.19
  9. S&d or any type of capture game is we’re you normally find hacked lobby’s on COD
  10. Down!
  11. PS3 multiplayer trophies for numerous games
  12. If you love the game so much and can do most of the trophies in one sitting..... why would u not just play it again?
  13. Eject disc... throw out window... mission complete.
  14. Can't find anything about mgs pw closing??
  15. Getting bored of the PS3 mp backlog grind now... getting close tho 😬