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  1. No not really. It dropped on Yemen I wouldn't worry about choosing specific maps it will drop when it wants to drop.
  2. My last treasure (gold Incan cup) took nearly 3 weeks of grinding hunter 4 hours a day during the week and about 8 hours each day at The Weekend. So glad I finally got it.
  3. What a load of ****
  4. So the update is.. there is no update!! Thanks for the update.
  5. Wish I had my ps3 for 18 years... would of definitely cleared my backlog of games..
  6. @Zyriaks_ Ok thanks. Guessing it prob won’t work then. 😞
  7. So does that mean I could farm treasures on adventure solo after shutdown if need be? @flatout03
  8. Ok. Even the ones you have hidden...?
  9. 36.6%
  10. I think what there trying to say is how come that trophy popped when it was suppose to yet your Grand Prix didn’t pop till you swapped to controller 1. But I don’t think they have took into consideration the fact that you have already said you just had to complete the last race on controller 1 for those trophies to pop i would imagine 1 race in 6 minutes is feasible. I could be wrong but that’s how I understood it.
  11. Yay! My subscription is over... shame about my huge + backlog tho. Will prob renew it later this year so I can work through it. Unless Sony drops something good next month... so ye will prob have + again in the autumn.
  12. 36.95 atm 😬
  13. Haha same!! didn’t make a lot of sense but it did amuse me for a bit. I started trolling him back but I think he blocked me now 😞
  14. Anyone else getting funny messages from @enobmachoas? Tell him I said 👋
  15. I wouldn’t dream of putting these multi stack games on my profile. Totally ruins the look of your profile page. Same game over and over again lol