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  1. Congrats!! That’s a new world record. 900 flags you must have a real sense of accomplishment with your profile. 💩
  2. why are you updating other people’s profiles..? Think you can get ip banned from doing that.
  3. Lol was only 171 trophies hidden when I checked earlier
  4. They do this time..
  5. Your sound shapes lists aren’t legit either all auto popped.
  6. Naaah if u look closely you will see he has had that profile for 19 years.... hardly a hacker just 9 years ahead of everyone else lol
  7. @Letenko22 saves are not compatible however if u unlock warthog it saves server side so it would show on your psn version of game where your saved data is for
  8. @Letenko22 you can speed run through twisted difficulty in about 5-10 hours with ammo glitch btw. So you could In Theory buy psn version do all vehicles except warthog and when u have physical do twisted difficulty and just finish warthog vehicle.
  9. @Letenko22 if I’m being honest without physical edition you prob won’t even complete story by the time it shuts down. The Iron Maiden battle is a real bitch on twisted difficulty I really struggled. But that being said if you could do it. you could prob do mp in a weekend or so for each person. You have to do 1 person at a time because serves are crap on saving stats if your not host
  10. @Letenko22 would get physical otherwise you won’t be able to abuse unlimited ammo glitch on psn version for twisted difficulty
  11. Oh so he already knows..... get over it!! Dont play stupid ffs.
  12. Ye you can’t get a trophy for 3 stars on 15 levels and all 69 stars within 30 seconds of each other.. lol
  13. Wow you were busy in may...
  14. Every game I’ve started. Now I’m done with all but a few online trophies I’m clearing my backlog. Finally!!
  15. You can still keep your digital purchases and use them on your new account. Just make sure both login details are registered to your PS4