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  1. Can't find anything about mgs pw closing??
  2. Getting bored of the PS3 mp backlog grind now... getting close tho 😬

  3. I bought the ultimate edition from us store comes with pass
  4. I would of thought so.
  5. The games shouldn't count towards a flag. But they should also be hidden simple as that. tbh
  6. I'm so happy I'm going to go out and buy a cowboy hat!
  7. I am not as tough as Audie Murphy!! one day tho when I can be bothered to try again I might be...
  8. Crysis 2 dedication trophy f**k you!!

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Mrhemptastic


      Yes I plan on trying the Jan 1st glitch but don't have high hopes. Tooled up glitched on me but it unlocked after reboot and getting to lvl 20 thought I was golden.... now this trophy. Aaaaaahh

    3. TheYuriG


      the jan1st glitch works every time, regardless of how many days you have played before, as long it's more than 3. it will be yours, friend. do not worry

    4. Mrhemptastic


      Ok thanks for the info TheYuriG :)

  9. Japanese are freaky weird..
  10. If you guys could play my level. I will gladly return the favour. Thanks
  11. Call of duty black ops
  12. I don't even own that game lol
  13. Mirrors edge or medal of honor frontline