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  1. That should keep him occupied for the next hour or so😂
  2. Erm your not getting unflagged. Your current achievements are null and void.
  3. i call my ps3 "Read the disc you piece of sh*t"
  4. thats called foreplay. 😜 you need to improve your game bro lol 😂
  5. couldn't agree more. well said! No offence but id prefer to not have 15 minute bursts of fun.
  6. what happened to playing games for fun..? most there games are garbage and most the reviews are bs. And before the flood gates open with people saying that some of there games are ok and i enjoyed them really... you enjoyed it that much you played it 3 times... ye right we all know why you really played it lmao all your profiles look like sh*t. Pages of duplicated sh*t..
  7. perhaps your internet is the problem. maybe reseting your internet might help, or a wired connection over wifi.
  8. here is one i got 40 mins ago Nõt évérɏönë Mrhêmptåstìc i mean strictly speaking its true not everyone is a mrhemptastic im unique 😜
  9. normally platinum trophy is the last trophy u get....
  10. i blame that b*tch... Carole f**king baskin
  11. we get it bro!!! u hate the world.... jesus christ go wheel your self back to what ever crevice you rolled in from. your starting to ruin the place...
  12. .

    I played games before trophies and I will continue to play games after trophies...
  13. Soory but this flag will likely stay.
  14. You prob been removed for cheating
  15. My fondest memory would have to be.. when I yanked those discs out of my ps3 and put them back in there cases. They now reside in my shelf with all my other completed games. Never to be touched again.
  16. No I was the first to hack ps4. I also invented shoes and the iPhone.
  17. Cool story bro but you missed out the bit were u mastered all fighters in 24 hours. going by your logic... u was playing fine the day before you got that trophy and you seem to be playing the game normal again the day after. Spilled 10.000 pints of blood trophy the day before kind of ruins your story
  18. No not really. It dropped on Yemen I wouldn't worry about choosing specific maps it will drop when it wants to drop.
  19. My last treasure (gold Incan cup) took nearly 3 weeks of grinding hunter 4 hours a day during the week and about 8 hours each day at The Weekend. So glad I finally got it.
  20. What a load of ****
  21. So the update is.. there is no update!! Thanks for the update.
  22. Wish I had my ps3 for 18 years... would of definitely cleared my backlog of games..
  23. @Zyriaks_ Ok thanks. Guessing it prob won’t work then. 😞
  24. So does that mean I could farm treasures on adventure solo after shutdown if need be? @flatout03
  25. Ok. Even the ones you have hidden...?