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  1. Yes, I can see it in the store at the moment. It also has a PS+ discount
  2. I though with 300 games since the Mega Drive I had a collected a ton, not even close to you guys ahah. I don't have a picture with all of them together, but here's the total Mega-Drive 6 Nintendo Switch 9 PlayStation 1 36 PlayStation 2 99 PlayStation Portable 6 PlayStation 3 53 PlayStation Vita 31 PlayStation 4 57 Personal Computer 13 Total 310
  3. A new difficulty (very easy) was added to the game! Not only does it make the game's enemies easier to but you also earn more XP and Gold with each battle! This will make some grinder trophies easier to achieve http://www.koeitecmoeurope.com/ryza/update.html?fbclid=IwAR3e5gHzStJU9EmLP5wvzkMigIcq-xehFZ_Ddkg1hBHDwFqvb0NPzIEHcBU#4th
  4. Looks like a great collectathon, I played a bit of the demo on the switch and it's not revolutionary, but it's pretty cute and fun overall. The only thing that I do not enjoy is the platinum, so dark comparing to the other trophies... doens't make sense to me
  5. I'm thinking about dropping this one... Can't connect with any of the characters, not enjoying myself watching this... We'll see after the rule of 3 ahah However, God of Highschool has been a pleasant surprise, despite being more inclined to romcoms.
  6. £40 or £50 is more likely, £30 is a little too low regarding development costs imo.
  7. I feel like an idiot took, it was asfer reading your comment that I realised that blocking and vanishing guard are different things. Got the plat right afterwards ahah
  8. Thank you so much! The Ignis one is much easier to pull off!
  9. Haven't heard a lot about this since it's announcement, but I guess it will depend on how hard it is to get emeralds, 5000 might be a lot or not
  10. TinkererCustomize one slot on a single Battle-Car One of my favorite PS4 games, actually bought a PS4 back in 2016 to paly with a friend of mine and we still play it from time to time
  11. Should not have laughed has I did ahah. Still, Having the same problem here.
  12. Since PSNProfiles still hasn't a guide on this, see if this the comment from Aco2148117 helps: https://www.trueachievements.com/a239048/super-sonic-achievement
  13. When I saw @UltraFire121's answer I got confused ahah The PS4 is indeed region free, so you can play any version of the game on your PS4 without any problems. If you are asking if the PS4 version of the game comes with English subtitles, it doesn't seem like it... I think it only has Japanese subtitles. English subtitles are only present on the Switch version (for some reason...)
  14. Is it really that bad? 😅 Looks like a simple rpg, but I guess we can't judge a book for it's cover.. Anything you could recommend?
  15. TL;DR: Want to try out new Anime style games (no visual novels). So guys, I've been really into Anime recently, watching a little of everything instead of seeing only the mainstream ones, so, is there anything you guys recommend? (I'm not into PURE visual novels, unfortunately :|, I can handle cutscenes if there is a minimum of gameplay behind it (Like Dungeon Travelers 2)) I've been looking a lot for different types of genres for the last month and I've been playing Dungeon Travelers 2 on Vita, Girls und Panzer on PS4, Hatsune Miku (F2P) on PS4 and Final Fantasy VII Remake on PS4. For the style of the games you know what kind of style I'm into, not Dragon Ball or One Piece, I simply can't click with it. From what I've seen in the store this caught my eye: Omega Quintet Touhou Double Focus The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince Some hidden gems in this sale I should be aware of? Something you guys recommend? I'm really open to discover new things here!