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  1. I know Uncharted is like that but I still love it so much... The treasures and settings are just incredible for me ahah
  2. Oh hell no, 4 20 mode is just suffering, nit even worth the trouble, I've seen how hard it is on pc, can't imagine on consoles x.x
  3. I was watching some footage today and despite not being a star wars fan by any means, I'm inclined to buy this, reminds me a bit of uncharted but star wars themed (please don't be offended star wars fans :x)
  4. Not sure but since I haven't played this game in a while... But there are always people looking to boost trophies on Gaming Sessions
  5. Yes, there is one online trophy but it's super easy, 5 minutes to boost: Worldly Warrior Win an online match in Quick Play. https://psnprofiles.com/trophy/9412-wargroove/8-worldly-warrior
  6. You could interact with other threads aswell
  7. This was a canceled SEGA Mega Drive/Genesis videogame that was kickstarted and redone for Mega drive and modern systems! It's simply amazing how they actually took the time to develop a game that not only works on modern systems but also on old Mega Drive/Genesis systems. I'll be getting this for sure! Talking about trophies, not sure how hard S-Ranks are but maybe they'll be easier on "Easy Mode"? Let's hope!
  8. How much time did it take to reach 20.000km?
  9. Maybe you should way until they add a tracker? We don't know if the trophy is glitch at this point...
  10. asdasd This patch consists of visual improvements and some fixes, including: Multiplayer Resolved issue of players starting races early, or not at the same time Resolved issue of player losing control in Quick Match – Time Attack events Visuals Fix for HDR rendering, causing grading to work incorrectly General Resolved issues that were causing game crashes, including from the live results screen Nothing related to the trophy I'm afraid
  11. Yup, there are some hard trophies in there... There isn't any info on the game however... Would love to know when this will be released.
  12. Just a head-up for who is interested, according to PJTierney (Community Team at Codemasters) the base consoles will run the game at 30fps while the PS4 will run the game at 60fps. It's a shame since they announced 60fps to all consoles and now it's completely different story... I'm kind of mad they pulled something like that, at least Bugbear said that Wreckfest would run at 30 from the get got without creating any illusions to the players. Oh well... Source: https://forums.codemasters.com/topic/43240-grid-on-standard-ps4-at-30fps/?do=findComment&comment=469855
  13. Thanks for doing this It's always great to see this around the community ^-^ Voted Days Gone.
  14. The "3 other racers" trophies sound like online trophies to me... They aren't hard at all and can be easily boosted.
  15. Hello guys! Can anyone confirm if the game has randomly generated levels like XCOM or if we are completing set scenario levels to complete a story similar to Attack of the Earthlings? Thanks in advance!