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  1. Looks much easier than wrc7 and less grindy
  2. I'm super excited to the upcoming racing games but this one is on my wishlist for a LONG time, I was devastated with the console delay but now with 8 days to go I'm so hyped to finally wreck some cars! The trophy list looks alright to me, was expecting a 35-40 trophy list but I'm cool with 21. Looks like they are straight to the point. Maybe Level 50 will be grindy but we probably will earn enough XP through online races to achieve those 20 wins
  3. This and Vita titles... There was a HUGE vita sale a year or so ago, but since I own the Vita (fairly recent), no "big" games went on sale... only those cross-platform ones... There are still some games I would like to buy that are so expensive...
  4. They aren't that hard to be honest, I got all of them on the PS3 version if I recall correctly, keep playing elimination and hopefully you'll win some matches there as well
  5. What Salvidrim said. If you look up Advance Wars 2 gameplay it's similar, a lot of different tactical elements but the majority of the gameplay is really close to the AW series
  6. Wargroove
  7. Getting all the stars in later levels might be a pain, but following a video guide should be doable. I'm so happy this game exists, I've been wanting an Advance Wars for some time, I'm enjoying this a lot 😁
  8. Oh boy, I do have some Advance Wars 2 on GBA: (Let's hope Wargroove is as good!) Crash Team Racing on PS1; Theme Park World on PS1; Command & Conquer Generals: Zero Hour on PC; Rogue Legacy on PS4/Vita Rocket League on PS4
  9. Yeah, it's a little wacky, I just had to format my brain to add some lag to the missile trackers, it has been working for me ahah. Also, I've earned 2nd place coins for finishing 5th, that's alright with me ahah, but those were rare cases. once or twice it has happened to me.
  10. Yup... This... It would lose the purpose of being a cool reward. Most likely will appear in the pit stop with a ridiculous price like 20.000 Wumpa Coins
  11. I pretty much never save scum, which was my mistake back then, you can also upload your save file to the cloud and download it back in case this happens.
  12. The game is pretty easy overall, there are some hard races but nothing that with some practice you can't achieve. The most troublesome trophy for me was Look Mom, No Hands!, thankfully you don't need to do this in one sitting but I had the unfortunate luck of placing below the top 3 (I think you need to ALWAYS place at least on the top 3 to advance) on the 78th race or something like that and the game resets you to the start of the endurance because you lost just one race. Be sure to always place on the podium and you are about to lose, close the game and start again
  13. Wouldn't mind to pay for a CNK and CTTR Adventure modes, CNK is practically there with CTR and Relic challenges ready to go, just needed hub world. Also, Rank system and Online cups would be incredible!
  14. Thankfully mine didn't crash during Time Trials and I was able to get the Platinum. Really sorry for those who got their save file corrupted. Only happened to me once on Splinter Cell: Blacklist and I know how much it sucks
  15. I'm one of the players who have played the original for years and completed it again before this came out and some time trials were still difficult! And this is coming from a guy who completed Sonic Transformed twice on ps3 and vita. I'm pretty sure that anyone can beat Oxide but you'll require a lot of practice and knowing all shortcuts and keeping up the boost reserves. I'll give all my strength to you guys, go get that Oxide! Also, there are some easy oxide trials and some that require true perfection and mastery of the game. The hardest ones for me were: - Crash Cove - Sewer Speedway - Blizzard Bluff - Dragon Mines - Tiny Temple Not saying the others are easy, but those 5 are the worst...