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  1. Still working as of 12th December 2017, but you'll have a hard time to find someone to play Casino with!
  2. I will just copy and paste what I've wrote in the other site. You cannot create/join Skate Teams anymore. Trying to do that will bring up this page, which in Italian roughly translates as: http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=9184&stc=1&d=1476011855 The page you are trying to load at the moment is unavailable. Try reconnecting later. This makes the trophies Talking bout Team practice, Throw Down, Team Up and Lot Pwners unachievable. I don't know if you can still achieve them if you're in a Skate Team. But I recall I was in one, and now I'm out. Those trophies are now unachievable until EA fixes the issue (if they ever will)! Also, trying to check your online stats or skate.reel (photo and videos) will not work and gives error/won't load anything. This makes the trophies Constructive Criticism and Artsy Fartsy unachievable. You can still co-op and play online. EDIT 2: Sellout! is unachievable too. When trying to download your friend's skater, it just show up as the "default model". This means no logo and thus no trophy! http://www.playstationtrophies.org/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=9185&stc=1&d=1476014904
  3. If you never seen them the first time you added them, then they were bugged. Remember: they MUSTN'T boot the game before you are certainly sure you see them on the "Game" tab.
  4. So, I tested this bug a little further, and this is what I've found. Basically, me and my friend tried with secondary accounts to complete a game and get some stats. They recorded fine on the leaderboards. So we logged off PSN and closed the game, went in again, and we managed to connect succesfully. Not till today (at the time of writing): I cannot connect anymore with that secondary account, but other accounts just work fine. In summary, when you finish a game, you just activated a ticking time bomb. You will be able to log in just fine till some "days" (maybe leaderboards refreshing?), then you get "Connection error. Please try again" message, just like icameron625 said. Well, for the hardcore ones, you can try and do the online in one sitting without turning the PS3 off, but it's very unlikley. Don't quit your day job, Activision!
  5. No. When you approach the second jump in the long straight section of track, you need to jump and bump into the fence's pole, then you have to "glide" and scrap the grey wall. If done correctly, it will respawn you some meters before the finish line. Pulling it off can be tricky, if you get "Wrong way" or "Shortcut not allowed" then you will be reset in another position.
  6. Shaun White Snowboarding is still running as far as I know. That list is not really updated because there are games which still have their online function working! Just like the EndWar example, Ubisoft doesn't even know what is up and what is down!
  7. In what section of the track can you perform this glitch? EDIT: 11//08/2016 Figured out how to perform the glitch. Once you know how to do it, the 10% it's very much possible. Well... in addition of many fake accounts to add players in the leaderboards, LOL! EDIT 2: 12/08/2016 Got the trophy. Had 54 seconds with the glitch and the megapros did times like 49 or so! There were a total of 175 players in the leaderboard and I was 6th! Well within the 10%!
  8. F*** you Little Deviants! Gesto d'onore = Honor Upheld in Italian Thank you so much BrownKiidd. Now don't harass him anymore because he has disappeared from leaderboards. Lol! I want to mention Sukwendo too. He was the first player who tried to help me but the challenge did not work for him. Anyway, I think it was fair to credit him too. So, here's how I've obtained it. 1) BrownKiidd added me, I told him to don't open the game. I've checked in the "Games" section and it had a better score in "Rolling Pastures". I've just replayed it to get a slighty higher score. I've told him to check if he had the savegame while offline, which he had, and his score was 15.500; 2) I've sent the challenge to him (the fist icon) in the "Games" menu (not in "Players" menu). He had the game turned off. He accepted the challenge from the Vita "Messages" app, not ingame. The challenge loaded fine for him (when, with Sukwendo, the game would just load withouth starting the challenge); 3) He beated my score (I did 16.000, he did 16.500), then he sent the challenge to me. During that period, I was waiting in the "Games" menu without letting my PS Vita going into standby mode; 4) I've recieved the challenge and the message prompt appeared (I've also got the notification in the PS App on my smartphone). I pressed the PS button, went to Messages and accepted the challenge from there, the challenge loaded fine and I was able to play it; 5) I've restarted once because I was screwing up. I had no problem after then, got 17.250, died and the trophy unlocked as you can see in the picture. I cannot suggest you what do if you see someone who you can challenge but he lost his save. People here say that the challenged must get bronze on Botz Invasion before you send him the challenge, but what if you must challenge him in another minigame? Must he get the score online or offline? That is not yet fully explained. Good luck everyone!
  9. Can somebody explain me why, when I send the challenge and the friend who is accepting it, will just load for him the game but not start the level? Am I doing something wrong? Luckily, I can still challenge him. Should he get bronze in that specific level online or offline? I'm clueless!
  10. Where is Motorstorm: Pacific Rift? Aside for the unobtainable plat, the Festival on latter levels and the 240 (including DLCs) time attacks take skill, dedication and luck. It should be the 2nd hardest racing game in my opinion!
  11. Motorstorm: Pacific Rift - All 240 times (base game and DLCs) beated. Man, what a feat!

  12. Six Splitter Play a Split-Screen race on all six SPEED tracks After doing 240 time attacks, I had to rest a bit by doing some easy trophies. Festival is waiting for me.
  13. A Lord is born: CardiLord.

  14. Uhm... should I even comment on this? BTW, I'm having so much fun doing Motorstorm: Pacific Rift's time attack times without the best players' ghosts!
  15. In the end, servers still work. I had issues when boosting: there might be random disconnections and lag. It runs on an unstable netcode. I couldn't use two PS3 with this game, one would always be kicked out the game.