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  1. I can see which one is missing. It's the one that should be overlapped with the other one. I've written to you on Facebook.
  2. You need to swim near these underwater stalagmites (there's also a shipwreck next to them).
  3. There are two overlapped locations next to the marker that are not shown in the guides. Teleporting there may not trigger both, so just run around the area to discover them.
  4. Hey it's Federico from the Facebook club. I did the full map three times already to help some friends. I can help if you need to now the exact locations you are missing.
  5. It's called Isle of Siptah. Isn't it in the store already?
  6. I second (and third) that. It's impossible for me to play Wall Guys because the character won't stay grabbed! Also some trophies are now bugged!
  7. Oh bel ma dove cavolo sei finito in questi 3 anni? E perché non mi rispondi ai messaggi sul PSN? Non penso di averti mai fatto qualcosa di male da meritarmi il silenzio.

  8. I'm doing everything I can legit and so far I'm enjoying the game a lot. It's possible to get 100% (started the game like 2-3 days ago as I'm writing) because the main game modes are still played and you can just boost Gnome Bomb with a friend. I don't like multiplayer that much, but this game is a rare expection for me.
  9. Thank you for this world! It's really well crafted and helpful!
  10. I could be the only one who actually enjoyed and praised Alone in the Dark: Inferno for its physics puzzles, fire propagation and inventory system. Also the graphic wasn't bad for a 2008/2009 game, and the gameplay is improved from the 360 version. It has still some weird bugs and the plot is a mess, but this was actually a decent game if you forgive some of its oddities. Binary Domain is another game I truly loved and enjoyed. The shooting parts were done well, the boss fights were thrilling and the whole concept wasn't that bad, too bad it underperformed in terms of sales. Blur is another underrated racing game from the (now gone) minds of Bizzarre Creations (developers of amazing F1 games on PS1 and the Project Gotham Racing series, just to name a few). I liked the idea of "real cars with Mario kart power-ups". It was challenging, fun and it felt unique among the other racing games. I would also mention Fuel: while it's true that the huge map wasn't actually all that great, the fact you were given freedom how to reach a checkpoint and the variety of the vehicles was enough for me to enjoy it. Syndicate, another fun, yet underrated game. It doesn't belong AT ALL to the legacy of the original RTS title, but as a shooter, it had interesting ideas and great co-op. There are more underrated games I've played, but those are for me the ones I think would be more appreciated if people didn't ignore them.
  11. Well, I have finished all co-op maps (100% progress) and I'm at 7/20 characters done (all plants). I'm boosting with a friend in a private Giddy Park with no AI and a second account logged in split-screen. We rotate the killing/reviving duties. Revives only earn 55XP (with the XP perk) and kills close to 200XP. You don't need to move the second account AT ALL, reviving it will reset the idling timer.
  12. Yes it is. I can host an online match and check leaderboards. Just tested!
  13. Pretty late to the party. Just got the platinum and you need some skills in driving game (it kinda reminds me of Driv3r mixed with Saints Row 2's physics), but you don't need to be THAT excellent. Well, S rank were easy for me beside those Panda missions. You gotta like the game though, because if you're not into driving, it's gonna be a chore to platinum.
  14. Hello! I'm back with one more game tested. JASF - Jane's Advanced Strike Fighters As you can see from the picture, it doesn't connect! Log displays: - - [01/gen/2019:14:40:31 +0000] "POST /AuthService/AuthService.asmx HTTP/1.1" 200 597 "-" "GameSpyHTTP/1.0" 3 - - [01/gen/2019:14:40:32 +0000] "POST /AuthService/AuthService.asmx HTTP/1.1" 200 597 "-" "GameSpyHTTP/1.0" 2
  15. And here's a recorded evidence of the trophy!