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  1. If you own two Vitas and the digital copy of the game you are set. Just did myself today and it works without a hitch!
  2. #350: Max Payne 3 Platinum Trophy Unlock All Max Payne 3 Trophies I believe this platinum needs no real introduction nor explaining, as the whole community is now in a rush to complete multiplayer before server closure. Still, one of the best third person shooter I've ever played, with plenty of enjoyment and a gritty story. The multiplayer level 50 can be grinded even solo, so it's not a big deal! The "platinum killer" is the infamous "The Shadows Rushed Me" trophy: you need to complete a mode called "New York City Hardcore", that means finishing the whole game with no checkpoints and under a time limit. Bugs, screw-ups and freezes are always lurking around the corner. Can't say it's my produest platinum, but I loved every bits of it!
  3. Now onto the grindfest that is level 50!

    1. iliya0212


      Very nice! Congrats on beating this mode :D

      And you are right on getting level 50 being a grindfest, I listened to a ton of podcasts while going for it, helps to drown out the boredom, good luck mate :)


  4. I want to throw my 2 cents: the game is great, one of the best third person shooter I've ever played. I admire Rockstar for the huge attention to detail and no corner cuts, but on the other hand, I can't stand clunky animations (when sometimes you come off a cover or when he's getting up after a shootdodge) and bugs. It was sure a hell of a ride, but I was confident I would pull it off eventually, so here's my failed attempts: 1) Accidentally killed Passos in Chapter 3 when I was aiming an enemy, this happened in the room where Passos interrogates the guy wounded in the chair; 2) No enemies spawned in Chapter 7, this was my fault for rushing and killing the two enemies that will spot you when going up the stairs; 3) Killed Fabiana in Chapter 5 - Part 2 during the final part... the funny thing is that I was aiming at the enemy and the crosshair was red! Yet the shot killed the girl... maybe due of bullet penetration?; 4) Bad start in Chapter 10, ran out of painkillers during the first part inside the bus, then got killed after shootdodging in the part with the gas station and all the enemy outside the compound; 5) Killed by a grenade just at the start of Chapter 9, I was trying to avoid it but Max ended up in "crouch position" and I "struggled" to get him to stand up and dodge the explosive; 6) Killed by the guy with the gray coat in Chapter 4 - Part 1, he put me in last chance (while I had full health) and couldn't locate him with all that smoke coming up from the burnt vehicles; 7) Killed by my own grenade in Chapter 13 while trying to kill the armored cop, I was aiming from the cover (not blind fire), yet when I've fired the grenade, it bounced off the edge of the cover and exploded in the ceiling; 8) Passos got killed by the mobster in Chapter 8 because Max couldn't vault over a low wall and I was awkardly trying to force him doing so; 9) MY SUCCESFULL ATTEMPT WITH A CLOSE CALL DURING THE VERY LAST FIGHT... A DAMNED GRENADE ALMOST KILLED ME! I got all my run recorded, uploading it now as I'm writing!
  5. Not only we won Euro 2020, but we also won Eurovision! Italy is on fire! So proud of my country!
  6. I can see which one is missing. It's the one that should be overlapped with the other one. I've written to you on Facebook.
  7. You need to swim near these underwater stalagmites (there's also a shipwreck next to them).
  8. There are two overlapped locations next to the marker that are not shown in the guides. Teleporting there may not trigger both, so just run around the area to discover them.
  9. Hey it's Federico from the Facebook club. I did the full map three times already to help some friends. I can help if you need to now the exact locations you are missing.
  10. It's called Isle of Siptah. Isn't it in the store already?
  11. I second (and third) that. It's impossible for me to play Wall Guys because the character won't stay grabbed! Also some trophies are now bugged!
  12. Oh bel ma dove cavolo sei finito in questi 3 anni? E perché non mi rispondi ai messaggi sul PSN? Non penso di averti mai fatto qualcosa di male da meritarmi il silenzio.

  13. I'm doing everything I can legit and so far I'm enjoying the game a lot. It's possible to get 100% (started the game like 2-3 days ago as I'm writing) because the main game modes are still played and you can just boost Gnome Bomb with a friend. I don't like multiplayer that much, but this game is a rare expection for me.
  14. Thank you for this world! It's really well crafted and helpful!
  15. I could be the only one who actually enjoyed and praised Alone in the Dark: Inferno for its physics puzzles, fire propagation and inventory system. Also the graphic wasn't bad for a 2008/2009 game, and the gameplay is improved from the 360 version. It has still some weird bugs and the plot is a mess, but this was actually a decent game if you forgive some of its oddities. Binary Domain is another game I truly loved and enjoyed. The shooting parts were done well, the boss fights were thrilling and the whole concept wasn't that bad, too bad it underperformed in terms of sales. Blur is another underrated racing game from the (now gone) minds of Bizzarre Creations (developers of amazing F1 games on PS1 and the Project Gotham Racing series, just to name a few). I liked the idea of "real cars with Mario kart power-ups". It was challenging, fun and it felt unique among the other racing games. I would also mention Fuel: while it's true that the huge map wasn't actually all that great, the fact you were given freedom how to reach a checkpoint and the variety of the vehicles was enough for me to enjoy it. Syndicate, another fun, yet underrated game. It doesn't belong AT ALL to the legacy of the original RTS title, but as a shooter, it had interesting ideas and great co-op. There are more underrated games I've played, but those are for me the ones I think would be more appreciated if people didn't ignore them.