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  1. Do you agree that AC: Odyssey FoA Ep. 2 is awesome!! Best DLC in the game yet imo. The underworld vide, the main game character encounters, the ability enhancements, the armor set (fashion not function) Hades... Take my money...oh already did😂

  2. I can relate to this topic as i built a nice PC and couldn't switch to it for a while, only thing it got used for was FF14 which i initially played on PS4 for years. However... there are titles that I absolutely loved the experience such as Witcher 3 and AC Odyssey, and in my opinion if you have a game that you absolutely love and have invested many hours in, it is worth the experience on PC. I have over 200 hours on Odyssey on PS4 and Ubisoft sent me a free PC copy of the game for being part of the Google beta and now i'm 70 hours in and sadly, I will probably not go back to the PS4 version even to finish the trophies. The fps jump alone is incredible in that game. I know fps isn't the "be all end all" but some experiences are just undeniable.
  3. Hey I just love the En Vogue reference lol... Anyone else pick up on that?😂
  4. Why do we feel compelled to judge a game by its difficulty or fellow gamers by their aptitude or skill level...Too easy or too hard does not make a game good or bad. Over all this ridiculousness about "git gud/easy mode" blowouts that are happening.

    1. Spaz


      Because there are trophy whores who bitch when something is too hard. On the flip side there are elitists who feel that anything that isn’t all too challenging isn’t worth playing. 

    2. Deluziion90


      There's a difference being proud about some hard plats or just brag and lower people who can't complete games. Just play what you like. In the end it's your profile not theirs.


      Simple answer:

    3. Spaz


      That’s fine. That’s expressing the freedom of making your trophy profile. 


      But if people are going to stand and bitch about a “Mein Leben” trophy, and I see them with a bunch of games that have SIX STACKS all done in under a hour, I can’t help but cringe


      There’s a flip side to this. I don’t support either extreme, the elitist hardcore who feel anything that isn’t challenging isn’t worth playing, and the “whores” who are overly vocal about actually having to play through a game, because they strive to speedrun through everything because numbers are what matter.


      Those two sides are what made this website and toxic these past few years. A number of recent discussions I’ve seen lately are a reflection of that.

  5. Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice "insert platinum trophy here"😄

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    2. Altergigo


      Haha appreciate all the support. I don't have a lot of platinum's but I've always been proud of my souls plats but damn this one is making me work for it and I'm a long ways away😅

    3. DamagingRob
    4. ihadalifeb4this
  6. I did see on youtube that with the lvl cap update any progression on your mastery bar would get wiped out, so ya unfortunately that's a thing...
  7. so I'm not crazy😂 maybe they'll decide to give us another free 30 for the inconvenience haha...
  8. Ya, i was specifically saving 3 for the upcoming new warrior ability to test it out without having to reset points... crazy... 2 of them are literally gone...
  9. Just loaded up the game and immediately noticed I was missing unused ability points. I had 3 pre-patch and now down to 1 post patch. Anyone else missing ability points?
  10. $16 at Walmart, couldn't pass that up😂
  11. Final Fantasy XIV One with Food Synthesize 1,000 items as a culinarian
  12. Just finished The Order: 1886

    I loved it! Sadly a game victim of expectations set by the masses yet it was visually amazing, had a good story, characters and some fun weapons. My one sentence review would be: It's a Telltale game on visual steroids and worth the experience.

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    2. skinner49


      Definitely not worth full price, but it was an OK game.

    3. NERVergoproxy


      I personally enjoyed it very much. I wish collectibles had a tracking so I know more what I missed and not. Story was ok, Im a very big fan of the things in the story so I loved it. Definitely worth the cheap price it is around now.

    4. Beyondthegrave07


      I  thought the story was just okay. Though, I did enjoy the tesla weapons and the overall gameplay and graphics. It was just too short and not fleshed out enough to fully pull me into the world.


      Worth every penny of the $5 I paid though!

  13. #17 The Order: 1886 I loved this game! Great cinematic experience.
  14. Congratulations and thanks for taking the time👍
  15. AC: Odyssey - Stormculler This actually took twice the time to pop since one of the Ancients can bug out get killed and you don't get credit for it...It happened to me so I had to load a much older save and replay through both DLC's in order to pop it😒 but's done!