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  1. Looks like Season 4 theme is 4041 Could potentially get pretty crazy. And RIP at further chances of Infallible trophy.
  2. Was slightly disappointed by the art style for diamond and pearl remakes. Although Legends does looks like it could be interesting. Next question is will they have Pokemon generations 1-8 in them or just generations 1-4.
  3. Bought a few more things a while ago as well. Nintendo Switch Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World Atelier Ryza 2 Ori and the Blind Forest & Will of the Wisps Shantae and the Seven Sirens Super Mario 3D World Playstation 4 Re: Zero Starting Life in Another World Collector's Edition Werewolf the Apocalypse Atelier Ryza 2 YS IX Monstrom Nox Shantae and the Seven Sirens Other Purchases Final Fantasy XII Revenant Wings- Nintendo DS Wings of Fire Graphic Novel Synchronic Tenet Parallel-dvd(not in picture at the moment) Pokemon Sun & Moon Ultra Legends Articuno, Moltres & Zapdos pins Also Bought Galarian Forms of Articuno, Moltres and Zapdos plushes as well, would have preferred the original forms though.
  4. Bought a few games digital on both Switch and Playstation 4 don't remember if posted some of these already though Bought Nintendo Switch Moon Hunters Dragonball Z Xenoverse 2 Castlevania Annivary Collection Timothy and the Mysterious Forest Collection of Saga Final Fantasy Legend Jet Kave Adventure Gensowanderer ReLoaded Yomawari The Long Night Collection Tokyo Dark Remebrance Masquerada Songs and Shadows Yono and the Celestial Elephants Ara Fell Enchanced Edition Oceanhorn Monster of Uncharted Seas Angels of Death Wallachia of Reign of Dracula Night in the Woods Sparklite Sword of the Necromancer The Flame in the Flood Blue Fire Child of Light Cave Story+ on Playstation 4 Raven Colossus Down Silver Chains Disjunction Dead Rising 2 Sword of the Necromancer Glittering Sword The Sinking City Burnout Paradise Is it wrong to try and Pick up girls in a dungeon Samurai Jack Battle Through Time Good Dog, Bad Dog The Caligula Effect Overdose The Liar Princess and the Blind Prince Banner of the Maid Cities Skylines Mayors Edition Iris Fall Sparklite Twin Mirror Azure Lane Crosswave
  5. Vaporeon looks like it wants something.

    1. SelectiveGamer


      it wants legit d/p remakes and not let's go

  6. Yeah, was already planning on platinum Spyro 3 in 2024 as well. As far as Spyro one goes, saving that one for a milestone trophy. like making it the last platinum I get if I ever reach that point. Not sure about Spyro 2 yet. Also slightly off topic but was also considering on waiting until 2023 and get the platinum for Final Fantasy 13 since that would be 13 years from my first trophy. Assuming we will be able to get trophies for PS3 games still by then.
  7. At least the grabber in Jump Showdown didn't win, I took them down with me. And another person in Slimb Climb who I didn't let qualify either.
  8. With Fall Guys coming to the Switch I just hope it a fairly active community like the PS4 version, would be nice if the PS4 and Switch players was cross-play between them, I would say PC as well, but heard about the hackers and would rather keep them out. Maybe there is a chance we can have the Fall Guy bean in Smash Bros now.
  9. Fall Guys Coming to Nintendo Switch
    Wonder if this means the Fall Guy character can be in Smash Bros now.
    Definitely buying Fall Guys on the Switch, kind of wish I can transfer my account to the Switch game so I don't have to get all those costumes I have again.
    Would be cool if it was cross-play with the PS4 version of the game.


    1. Nightstream88


      Knowing my luck on this, I'll probably get 5 episode wins on the Switch version rather than the Playstation 4 version since the game probably would like to troll me like that.

  10. Likely a long shot, but would like to see Amaterasu in Smash Bros or Spyro. As far as low expectations go I would be expecting 50 minutes of a Mario mobile game that nobody wants or something similar to other franchises Also wouldn't mind seeing Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess & Wind Waker announced for Switch either, Sonic Adventure 1 & 2 HD remake, Final Fantasy 13 Trilogy or some new games as well. Would like Metroid Prime Trilogy on Switch also.
  11. Another person who thought it was a good idea to grab me
  12. Thought the Jump around would have been my best bet at infallible, but man grabbers are sure making this mode complete hell. I did get 3 episode wins so far today though, but can't get past 1 episode win mark. Kind of hoping they do another one like this with Fall Mountain as the final around to see how well I do there since this isn't working out as well as I hoped.
  13. Tried to see if I couldn't help pull some of these people out from the floor, didn't work unfortunately in Fall Guys Slimb Climb to where it glitches and you get stuck.


  14. Not Surprised Fall Guys and Nexomon at the top but I have a hard time believing Typoman is 3rd place, pretty sure I put more time in Cat Quest II or Senran Kagura Burst Re: Newal Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout- 230 Hours Nexomon Extinction- 105 hours(Pretty sure my in game time said 123 hours or something) Typoman(29 hours)- Not sure if I believe this one And says I played 83 games 692 hours total Platinum trophies- 16 Gold- 114 Silver-123 Bronze-323 Doesn't look like they counted anything from PS3 though, think I got the Rayman Legends Platinum last year on PS3, so not sure if that was counted or not.