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  1. PSNprofiles avatar? My current one is a dragon since I like dragons a lot wish they had a Black dragons or silver dragons avatars since I don't really care for red dragons. As for my avatar on this site usually ends up being a pokemon I like, changes to something else sometimes. Yeah saw that avatar on the store, I buy a lot of PSN avatars, but even if I had the money I wouldn't buy that one, it would have been better if it was something cool like a Platinum trophy avatar or something.
  2. Probably these games Luigi's Mansion 3 Legend of Zelda Link's Awakening Digimon Cyber Sleuth(Switch) Super Lucky's Tale Not sure what games on PS4 I would want since quite a few of them will be on sale around the holidays so I'll be getting them around then. I do also want to get Lost Ember, Spirit of the North and River City Girls on PS4 maybe around Christmas as well and maybe The Outer Worlds.
  3. Fake rating? I've seen that sort of thing happen with games on the PSN store don't about avatars, but there is always someone who would spend that kind of money something like this. Too bad it wasn't a Platinum trophy image instead.
  4. Preordered both Pokemon Sword and Shield Still salty about the whole dex thing though Nintendo Switch Lite 2nd Nintendo Switch system I bought this year. Figured I get it now before scalpers do.
  5. Not that many, but better than I thought I was going to do. 1. Crash Dummy 2. Energy Invasion 3. Candleman 4. Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet 5. Shalnor Legends Sacred Lands I'm also almost pretty close on getting the platinum trophies for Sonic Forces and Reverie as well so those two will be added on to the list. Not sure if it will happened or not hoping I get more than 10 before the end of the year at least.
  6. Who would even buy this?Expensive PSN avatar cost $100 and I thought that one avatar was expensive that was $30 or something.

    1. Dr_Mayus


      I like those avatars. It helps you identify people with too much money on their hands :P


    2. DamagingRob


      It's one of the cheap, easy Platinum companies selling it, too. :lol:

  7. There are plenty of other games that you could spend on your money for $40 and since Crash Team Racing is the same price you would be better off getting that or Sonic Team Racing, Even that garfield Kart racer would probably be better. And if by the off chance I do somehow end up with this game it probably wouldn't until it $15 or less even then I would buy used so they don't get my money.
  8. Wouldn't mind seeing some of these games Mass Effect Trilogy 007 Everything or Nothing SSX Skate Dragon Age Trilogy Harry Potter Games Need for Speed Underground Also wouldn't mind if the Mass Effect Trilogy came to Nintendo Switch either or Dragon Age Trilogy.
  9. Top 10 Worst games on PS4 that I have played 1. Crash Dummy 2. Wander 3. Life of Black Tiger 4. Shalnor Legends Sacred Lands 5. Energy Invasion 6. Riding Stables life with Horses 7. Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 8. Through the Woods 9. Deer Simulator 10. The deer god Crash Dummy- Game infested with Glitches, had to restart levels a couple of times since I got stuck in a wall, delayed reaction on the controller for jumping in an ice level. The deer god I did kind of liked, but ran into some glitches to where the scenes repeated over and over again and I couldn't continue with the game. Shalnor Legends wouldn't be on here either but ran into some memory leak glitch that booted me out of the game. Through the Woods wasn't too bad, but ran into some glitches and game could have used a bit more life to it. As far as the Crash Dummy game goes only bought it because I liked the Sega Genesis game Crash Dumies, but wasn't even close to even being decent compared to that one I just hope I didn't spend $24.99 on the game or whatever the original price is. Life of Black Tiger I knew was going to be a bad game when I bought it. Pretty sure more games will be added onto this list since I'll probably up and buy games like Sword of Fortress, Flowers are Dead and Extinction. Really starting to think developers don't even play test their games before releasing anymore since they release garbage like this, I don't really mind playing bad games once in a while but at best games should at least function before being sold.
  10. Was wondering if this collection was going to have one platinum, two platinums or if any. Even if it didn't have any I still would have bought it. Never have completed Aladdin furthest I got in that game was lava escape level, Lion King I did complete at least once on Genesis.
  11. Any idea on a release date for this game? I haven't seen anything yet. And hopefully this game ends up being pretty good and not end up into the list of games like Wander, Shalnor Sacred Lands and those type of games. Trophies look pretty easy and looks like there is one related to legend of zelda.
  12. About what I will be playing for this month Code Vein Bloodstained Ritual of the Night Legend of Zelda Wind Waker Pokemon Platinum Pokemon Ultra Moon Shantae Half-Genie Hero Judgment Untitled Goose Game Spyro Reignited Trilogy Metroid Zero Mission Aladdin/Lion King will also be added as well whenever I get that.
  13. I've actually had Code Vein for a while on PS4. Also bought Shantae and the Half Genie Hero Aladdin/Lion King Collection Comes out on the 29th of October though Also bought Metroid Zero Mission Metroid Fusion Legend of Zelda Minish Cap Kirby Nightmare in Dreamland on the Nintendo Wii U VC And reached the 200 milestone for Physical copies on PS4 with these Purchases.
  14. Not sure if this counts or not Had my PS3 hard drive corrupt on me for some reason and lost a bunch game saves, not sure how or why that happened either probably about the reason I haven't been playing my PS3 as much since I'm still salty about that. Was pretty close on getting the Platinum for Final Fantasy 13 too, I'm still going to get it eventually probably at later time might save it for platinum 90 or 95. Had to use my old hard drive, thankfully I had some games on that hard drive so I didn't have to start completely over, but still really sucks losing that much data this was a bit worst than my Nintendo Gamecube memory card corrupting since I had more games on my PS3. And if were just talking about games suppose playing Wander and trophies not unlocking, and one of the few games I wish I could get a refund on.