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  1. And I thought someone scoring on their own Team in Basketfall was bad but saw this on someone else's channel


  2. Yeah ended up buying on the Kudos skin costumes bit disappointed no more crown ones showed up after.
  3. Made it to level 44 in Pokemon Go Took me a little over 1 month to reach it
    Level 45 will probably be the last level I reach this year

  4. Two Beans tried to take one down and both Failed miserably in Big Shots


    1. Dreggit


      there is something to be said here about karma :hmm:

  5. Got quite a few here In Big Shots two people tried to double Team on Someone in my Squad that they failed was pretty epi And Slimb Climb managed to finish with the Pegwin And a pretty epic round on Roll off here got to the finals with someone on my friends list on the other Squad Even if it had ended in a loss still kind of fun to end up in the finals with someone on your friends list.
  6. Almost had a Double infallible run on Squads ended with a 9 episode win run.
    And had a pretty epic Roll off Round
    Was the last one in my squad left and other Squad had three left, another nice thing about this final was up against someone on my friends list as well in this final


    1. Nightstream88


      Episode wins this time included
      All in Squads
      1. Roll Off
      2. Fall Ball
      3. Royal Fumble
      4. Roll Off
      5. Roll Off
      6.  Hexagone
      7. Hexagone
      8. Fall Ball
      9. Basketfall
      Ended with Power Trip Unfortunately

  7. An obvious clickbait article who were getting low views on other garbage articles they were probably writing so they posted this. Would have been best just to have ignored this.
  8. 2nd Lost Temple Win almost kind of felt bad for PC guy, but I've been cheated out so many wins myself so.


  9. Episode Win 65 and reached Rank 24


  10. Hammer 2 Reloaded on the Nintendo Switch


  11. Finally Won on Lost Temple can cross this one of my list now
  12. Finally won on Lost Temple


    1. Nightstream88


      Third Time Achieving Infallible in Squads 
      And 7 Episode Wins in a row
      Lost Temple 
      Royal Fumble
      Thin ice
      Power Trip
      Thin Ice

      With Jinxed ending it

    2. kindajustin


      That was really impressive, nice run. I wish I could play half as well 😂

    3. Nightstream88


      was definitely one of the better runs I've had had a pretty close round in Basketfall though

  13. Good thing they were playing Trios would have been a lot of Eliminations here


  14. Probably one of the best leads I had in Fall Mountain in Fall Guys here.


  15. Platinum #101 Balancelot As far as ratalaika games it was one of the better ones I've played at least Don't know what I will try for next