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  1. Manage to jump all these platforms and got the Yeetus at the end of Slimb Climb here


  2. One week later on Fall guys I finally got my revenge
    Tried to grab me on thin ice a week ago, so I grabbed them in Jump Club guess if they ever ask I could say I was trying to hug them and the beam got in the way.


  3. Not sure if it just me, but haven't had the option to purchase from the webpage even though I have enough funds have to do it on the PS4 store, but I can add funds and games to the cart not sure if it is because of adblock or not.
  4. When you have infallible trophy and have an epic fail like this one
    Well the game is called Fall Guys


  5. Here is one of the Super Mario Maker 2 levels I made that I haven't uploaded yet if anyone here is interested in seeing it 
    Might be painful to watch, but has been a while since I used a Switch Pro Controller.


  6. so, is PSN down? Can't seem to sign in on the webpage anyway.

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    2. Baka_Marimo


      Yes, I have the same issue. PS4 error code WS-37398-0.
      I hope it gets fixed soon.

    3. sephiroth4424


      It sucks. For the last 30 minutes i was trying to earn a trophy that glitched 4 times. And now i finally got it and can't sync it

    4. Masamune


      Yep, no luck here either. :(

  7. I do some people have done it solo, I just don't think I would be able to ever do it, most I've done solo is a two episode win streak a few times, almost did get a 3 episode win streak before though.
  8. Outside of getting the Infallible Trophy today made it to level 37 in Pokemon Go as well

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    2. ResoluteRock


      I was excited to see the Xerneas event coming up next week. It has definitely been a slow ~2 months in the game, aside from the Rayquaza raid weekend.


      I currently live at a pokemon gym + pokestop. I don't know how I can go back to living without it.


      If you want to add me to get extra gifts + XP, here's my friend code: 5456 2726 3875 :)

    3. Nightstream88


      Okay, I'll add if I don't up and open a gift right away I probably likely hit the daily limit, usually try to go for the older ones first really wish they would increase the gift limit.
      Also looks like they'll be adding in some other Pokemon in the game as well, hoping to be able to get Goodra, another Salamence and some Gardevoir also trying to get another Garchomp.

    4. ResoluteRock


      I'd love to get a shadow Gardevoir if I can. I've seen the war crimes they commit in PvP 😵

  9. After 3 broken PS4 controllers finally got the infallible Trophy Another trophy I never want to attempt again I can get the headturner trophy anytime as well, but need to reconfigure my trophy milestone list and see when I want to get this platinum since it will be a milestone trophy after all this trouble kind of considering it to be platinum 100 at this point even though my original plan was The Last Guardian. And infallible trophy is almost my 600th Gold Trophy Stars finally aligned for me to get the thing at least one of the final rounds wasn't Jinxed
  10. Finally got the trophy guys even if it was in Squads Definitely wouldn't have been able to solo 5 episode wins for, was starting to question on whether or not it would happen or not with the group I was in either was starting to think I was forever cursed regardless. I did almost get 3 episode wins in a row solo before though Still going to be playing with that group though to get crown shards and such. Thankfully none of the final rounds was Jinxed during that run. We did get Basketfall though, we usually do pretty well on that one although in one of the runs somebody was scoring on their own team.
  11. Been a while since I played it, not sure if there was a story, although I kind of did buy just to play a deer and purposely get shot, not the first time I did this sort of thing since I bought a street cat's tale on switch just to get ran over by a car. Yeah, also played a few more than what I listed played My Riding Stables Life with Horses, Extinction, and I would say Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 as well and a few others but in comparison would say the ones I listed are far worse.
  12. Pretty sure what happened on the Basketfall round was I got double teamed, although running into to some of those glitches was kind of funny though from the Snowball Survival and Roll out. Suppose either that not sure what to do on getting better at in final rounds, even with squads kind of took me forever just to get to the 3 episode mark still not entirely convinced it will happen again. And with my luck I'll probably get 5 episode wins on the Switch version instead. Kind of wish they had a practice round so you can practice with AI on stages and try to improve on finals while I do know playing with human players is different from AI.
  13. This is going to be the the new Final in Fall Guys


  14. Well just got a 3 episode win streak for the first time ever with Squads then ended up losing round 4 in Basketfall then won 5th in Fall Mountain which kind of killed my motivation so I kind of purposely played poorly on Knight Fever, Skyline Stumble, Whirlygig and some other tracks. Think I am done with trying to get this trophy haven't had much better luck with squads if I didn't get it tonight I was never getting it would have been nice if the other squad could have just lost. 5 episode wins is just way too many for a list of things that can go wrong, and considering the amount of glitches in the game. I already knew I wasn't going to get past the 3 mark either probably will never reach that again.
  15. Not even sure what happened here
    One of the strangest Fall Guys glitches yet
    pretty sure it just killed my win streak though