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  1. Finally finished Pokemon Sword.
     with Ninetales, Espeon, Lucario, Primarina, Absol and Lycanroc.
    Had Pokemon Shield finished a while ago 
    Still kind of feel bad for beating Leon, still have to catch Zacian yet, and do Isle of Armor and Crown Tundra.

  2. My pick will probably end up being Nexomon Extinction with Fall Guys being a close second since I probably put in the most time on those games as far as Playstation 4 games go. And favorite platinum for probably Nexomon Extinction again, I also did wind up importing another copy so I can platinum the game again with the intentions of making the game my 100th platinum trophy whenever I get there anyway. I also kind of want the Asian version for a third platinum stack, but not sure how to get that or if it is out on the Japan PSN store normally don't go out of my to buy other region of the same game for trophies so Nexomon is probably the first.
  3. Anyone have any idea on how I qualified in tip toe here in Fall Guys?


    1. jmartinez8089


      Happened to me once. We were about halfway across when I got shoved off and immediately qualified. 

    2. Nightstream88


      Yeah, wasn't sure never seen that happened before, although I also have qualified on Hoopsie legends when I have had only 5/6 rings or something like or maybe 4/6 not sure which. 
       Suppose it makes up for the one of the quite  a few times I fell through a tile on hexagone.

  4. Just up and beat my record on Fall Guys Episode wins since I managed to get 4 of them today, but not in a row unfortunately game isn't that nice to me. 
    But at least it is better than I normally do, of course it took me quite a few hours of playing in a day just to get that.

  5. Probably would easily remove infallible trophy. or a couple of suggestions I've heard online elsewhere make it so it is either 5 episode wins in a day or the final round you appear in, so if you get eliminated in final round you would lose your win streak instead. both sound better than what it currently is. Another trophy I would remove is rayman legends truly awesome trophy- I already have it, but wouldn't mind seeing it gone.
  6. Looks like this will be the first thanksgiving I'll be home for since 2011.
    Since my work is closed for 3 more weeks, although it wouldn't surprise me if they extend it into march.

  7. Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout I like the game, but that infallible trophy is brutal I can barely get a two episode win streak and they want 5. Although I would say this trophy is mostly luck rather than luck. Maybe if it was in every final episode round you appear then your streak continues than I wouldn't have to worry about my team not being good, then would probably only have myself to blame for the most part unless I get random balls getting stuck in Fall Mountain and hitting me again. Then there is the Squad Goals trophy I haven't gotten yet either, haven't made an attempt on that yet since I seen no point since I don't have infallible trophy yet. Otherwise I might pick Crash Bandicoot 4. I do have the platinum trophies to first three games and found those hard enough, so if Crash 4 is harder than the first three it might be a bit rough, but I also haven't attempted it yet either.
  8. I already planned on playing the game, knowing I wasn't probably going to get the platinum trophy anyway so doesn't really change much for me. I kind of feel like I would have the infallible trophy by now if I could just win final rounds a bit more often, but I just don't have that kind of luck I find winning 1 episode is hard enough.
  9. I'd say I got pretty lucky here on Fall Guys Jump Showdown


    1. Leanthil



      My first and only crown was won when the disappearing tiles separated me from everyone else and the last disappearing tile was the one below them. :D Six beans fell in the slime at once. 

    2. Nightstream88


      Lucky for me there wasn't another person, since not sure how I would avoid being hit by that other guy there. 
       Kind of wish I can win final rounds a bit more often though think I am only at 24 wins at the moment between seasons 1 & 2. 
       Heard they were possibly going to be adding either a new final round or more final rounds in season 3 so that will probably be good at least. 
       Although I have gotten trapped on Jump showdown before to where I couldn't jump on another platform. 

  10. This was my second run on Big Fans in Fall Guys not sure how I got eliminated here at the end


    1. Arctic Cress

      Arctic Cress

      You timed out. Big Fans has a hidden set time for people to finish the level (like all Races), and since it's new and people are still learning how to play it, usually 43 people aren't able to finish it within the time limit.


      While you might not be eliminated as people get better at the level, right now it's recommended to cross the finish line in Big Fans immediately instead of waiting.

    2. Nightstream88


      About what I kind of thought, but thought the hidden timer was 5 minutes or something so wasn't sure unless it is shorter than what I thought.

  11. Fall Guys Season 2.5 Trailer looks like it might be a bit more chaotic. Then again Knight Fever was a bit easier than I thought it would be except that section before the draw bridges I found a bit annoying.
  12. You could always just pretend the game doesn't exist. I do that with the Legend of Zelda CD-I games.
  13. I don't usually do Rhythm games too much- Although that Drakengard 3 final boss probably had something to do with me disliking rhythm type games, although I did up and buy Beat Saber haven't played it yet. I also don't usually buy visual novels either, sports games I buy once in a blue moon I don't mind playing Hockey, Racing, Basketball or soccer games every once in a while even though I don't follow sports at all. Also don't think I've played too many RTS games either, but for the most part I do try and give each genre a chance anywhere between once or a few times anyway.
  14. Won a round in Fall Mountain finally around Halloween after starting in the way back would be nice if this happened a bit more often Also just got my 20th episode win since I just got the trophy for was kind of curious on how close I was to that would be nice if this game had a stat tracker since I wouldn't mind knowing how many 1st place wins I had either I do have more than 20 I know that much anyway. Won a few rounds in Hex-a-gone this season surprisingly.
  15. Hopefully that next update actually fixes things. Finally fixing Hexagone going through tiles since I have had that happened to me at least once or twice. I guess it is named Hexagone for a reason since you gone through the tiles.