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  1. Probably about my Current Top 20 favorite Movies anyway 1. DragonHeart 2. The Lion King 2 Simba's Pride 3. Interstellar 4. The Hunger Games Mocking Jay 5. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Askaban 6. Pokemon Heroes(Spell of the Unown, 2000 and Lucario the Mystery of Mew are pretty close too) 7. Secret Window 8. Sherlock Holmes Game of Shadows 9. Man on Fire 10. The Chronicles of Narnia Voyage of the Dawn Treader 11. I, Robot 12. I am Legend 13. Pirates of the Caribbean Curse of the Black Pearl 14. The Swan Princess 3 Mystery of the Enchanted Treasure 15. Timeline 16. Percy Jackson & The Olympians The Sea of Monsters 17. Fantasia 2000 18. The Butterfly Effect 19. The Day After Tomorrow 20. The Alamo
  2. About some games I'm currently alternating between Playstation 4 Tom Clancy's The Division Paranormal Activity Lost Soul Gravel Monster Hunter World Okami Dying Light 3DS Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon Pokemon Ultra Moon Pokemon Silver Pokemon Blue Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Animal Crossing New Leaf Xbox One/Xbox 360 Fable 3 Gears of War 4 Quantum Break Ori and the Blind Forest
  3. Hoping to see some gameplay videos of already announced games that we haven't seen yet. Would like to see Granblue Fantasy as well.
  4. Currently at the moment
  5. I kind of thought the all door trophies was glitched it felt like I've gotten them all, but couldn't tell if I was just missing one or two somewhere off in another path or something.
  6. My thoughts on it is I think companies shouldn't announce games unless they come out within 1-3 years. 8+ years is too much. And if it does take that long probably going to be a playstation 5 game.
  7. Bought a few games on PSN Steredenn OmenSight Through the Woods(Finished a couple of times, but I'm currently convinced the Knock Knock trophy is glitched and and item you can't get is glitched as well and here I though it was a fairly decent game until I ran into this problem) Grim Legends The Forsaken Bride Also bought Redout and a few more dvds Timeline Dragonheart I, Robot Justice League Water Horse Man on Fire Secret Window I am Legend
  8. Death's Gambit comes out August, 14th 2018


    1. Nightstream88


      And here I thought this game was Vaporware along with Wild, Eitr, The Forest and Earthnight.

  9. I'm currently convinced the platinum is unobtainable mostly because one of Erik's Journals I can't pick up off the desk even though I'm right near it. Don't know about the open all doors trophy either. Aside from that game was fairly decent. Don't know if they'll fix the glitches or not.
  10. I completed Through the Woods twice and still missing at least 4 collectibles and can't figure out how to get the He Who started it all trophy either.
    Not sure if doing a third playthrough would help any and have no idea if any trophies are glitched or not either.

    1. Nightstream88


      Well looks like the game's platinum is currently unobtainable due to the fact I can't collect one of the items for the trophy which is a bit a shame kind of wanted the platinum since the game was fairly decent. 

  11. Senran Kagura Peach Beach Splash Platinum #60 and also made it to level 23.

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    2. Fidel


      Nice work!

    3. Nightstream88


      Thanks, even though the game did have some grindy sections at least one of the trophies wasn't obtain all cards.

    4. marvelboy10


      Great job! 👍

  12. Grand Theft Auto V Tom Clancy's Hawx(would like this platinum but the online trophies look like a grind fest) Brutal Legend Uncharted 2 Among Thieves Uncharted 3 Drake's Fortune Red Faction Armageddon Dynasty Warriors Gundam 2 Dynasty Warriors Gundam 3 Battlefield 3(I actually got most of the online trophies for this except for completing Co-op on hard and that damn Bullseye trophy) Digimon All Star Rumble(150+ playthroughs) Destiny Assassin's Creed BrotherHood Assassin's Creed Revelations Assassin's Creed III Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag Watch Dogs Borderlands 2 Borderlands The Pre-Sequel Call of Duty World at War Call of Duty Advance Warfare The Last of Us Ragnarok Odyssey Ace Call of Duty Black Ops II Nascar 14 NHL 14 Battlefield 4 Tomb Raider Batman Arkham Origins Soul Calibur V Twisted Metal Naughty Bear Singularity Dead Rising 2 Marvel vs Capcom 3(I actually have most of the online trophies except two of them, but 320 missions might be a bit too difficult to do) Motorstorm Apocalypse Mx vs ATV Supercross Mx vs ATV Alive LittleBigPlanet 1, 2 & Karting Majority of these are due to online trophies, and I don't which games have hacked servers and I don't really want hacked trophies on my account and majority of the online trophies are too grindy. As far as the games go I just haven't made any real attempt on them mostly because too lazy to do some of them or I'll get to it eventually. Not giving up on Rayman Legends quite yet. That seems like quite a few games.
  13. Just Bought 101 Dalmatians(Cost me quite a bit hope the Ebay seller follows through) Interstellar(kind of wanted to see it again) X-men Days of Future Past(Also kind of wanted to see it again) Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets(Never actually seen the movie) Reign of Fire( haven't seen it years, I still have it on VHS, but don't have VCR anymore) Was going to get Fantasia 2000 but not sure if there were any copies of it with the blu ray/dvd at a reasonable price, but if it comes out again in 2019 or 2020 I'll probably just wait until then.
  14. Still probably one of my favorite game Trailers from E3 2017 hopefully the game ends up being good


    1. Arcainess


      Yeah, looks awesome. 

  15. haven't played with friends or family for years. Only nerfed fighting games like Super Smash Bros and Soul Calibur. I wasn't exactly an expert on Soul Calibur but I did play a lot better then then they did.