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  1. Just bought Red Dead Redemption II Omen of Sorrow Paw Patrol on a Roll Call of Cthulhu Luigi's Mansion Detective Pikachu Soul Calibur Broken Destiny Fernz Gate Beat Saber The Forest The First Tree Timespinner Far Cry 5 Lost on Mars DLC Tira DLC-Soul Calibur VI Dampierre DLC-Soul Calibur V Jurassic Park Jurassic Park II Lost World Jurassic Park III Jurassic World Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Blade Runner 2049 And likely the last purchases I make this year since I still need to save my money for Tales of Vesperia and Kingdom Hearts III
  2. Anyone know what this noise is on my PS4 you can hear roughly around 0:46.
    System still plays Disc, but not sure if that noise means anything.  


    1. Yuichiro-Akuhei


      its haunted for sure.

    2. Nightstream88


      And the other thing is it only does that when I'm on the home menu, but not when I'm playing a game 
      Pretty sure its not the menu theme, but guess I can switch themes just to make sure.

  3. And to think a few years ago I never actually thought it was ever going to come out. At least it won't get delayed anymore.
  4. Just Bought Now my Full Purchase list from Black Friday Shopping Spider-Man God of War New Gundam Breaker Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise The Crew 2 Far Cry 5 Shadow of the Tomb Raider Vampyr Mx vs ATV All Out Monster Energy Supercross Detroit Become Human Assassin's Creed Odyssey Hello Neighbor Zone of the Enders Nascar Heat 3 Kingdom Come Deliverance Soul Calibur VI Dragon Quest XI An Elusive Age Fallout 4 Game of the Year Edition Red Faction Guerilla Hollow Knight Hunter's Legacy PSN+ Renewed until 2021 PS4 Controller My Riding Stables Life With Horses Spider-Man- got in on sale at Ebay for $42 Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise-was on sale for $40 on Amazon Well think I am done with Black Friday shopping since I still have to get Car Tires yet, not getting anything else unless I happen to see Call of Cthulhu or Jurassic World Evolution go on sale.
  5. I currently have been holding out on buying things for Black Friday, hoping for a lot of games to go on sale that I do want to get May pick up a few games for the Switch if any of them go on sale as well even though I don't have the system yet. I'm going to probably buy games online again like I did last year. About the current list of games I am was holding out on and waiting to see if they go on sale or not Spider-Man God of War Detroit Become Human Call of Cthulhu The Crew 2 Omen of Sorrow Soul Calibur VI Vampyr Red Dead Redemption 2 Shadow of the Tomb Raider Dragon Quest XI Fist of the North Star Lost Paradise Assassin's Creed Odyssey Far Cry 5 Monster Energy Supercross Nascar Heat 3 Kingdom Come Deliverance Jurassic World Evolution Omen of Sorrow I'm not counting on going sale really, and Red Dead Redemption if it does go on sale it probably won't be any less than $45 at the most if it goes any lower than that if at all I be surprised. Hoping PSN+ goes on sale as well As for Switch games hoping for Super Mario Odyssey and Breath of the Wild to go on sale if I get any. I may pick up more games than that if I see them on sale and hoping for some digital games to go on sale as well. With ads currently released so far I haven't seen anything on Spider-Man and Jurassic World Evolution, be a bit disappointed if those two aren't on sale. nothing on Fist of the North Star either. And Switch sales seem a bit barren as well as 3DS.
  6. Probably getting the game sometime this year, but as for the platinum going to have to pass on it looks like too much of a grindfest.
  7. I just keep the games on the shelf until I feel like playing it at some point. But if I want to play a full play through of a game and don't want on it on my main account I just play it on a different account. Which I might do for Spyro since I don't want to accidentally platinum the games quiet yet and want to platinum the game later with this account.
  8. Sony must really not want you to change your PSN ID not going not losing my PS3 and Vita purchases for it. Although if Wander disappeared it wouldn't bother me any. The name I had in mind probably has too many characters in it anyway.

  9. When your trying to figure out what game to play gif img.


  10. Bought Little Dragon's Cafe Perception Remastered Grim Legends 3 Dark City Since these games were on sale Little Dragon's Cafe was on sale for $40 on Amazon.
  11. Based on the trailer can't find a video longer then 45 seconds of gameplay that is. Thought it might be somewhat decent but $40 and no platinum seems like asking too much should've been no more then $20. Odds are I'll end up getting it at some point, then again I do play a lot of questionable games.
  12. I rarely get messages anyway. Only kept available to anyone just in case someone from this was going to message me, but guess if there doing this I just changed it to friends only for the time being, since with my current luck that probably would've been the next thing.
  13. I probably will change my name as long as I don't lose my digital games or trophies. and will likely get the premium membership on this site and change it here as well. I probably would've just made a new account but I do have like 100+ PSN avatars on this account that I bought and those can't be used on another account and some of the trophies I would probably never be able to get again either that I have like due to servers going offline.
  14. And just had 7 teeth removed due to cavities 
    Can't seem to catch a break this year since I had my gallbladder removed earlier this year.
    Still kind of thinking soda probably had a role in that since I did use to drank that more than I probably should have.
    Probably should've quit a few years ago before 2011-2013 like I originally intended instead of 2013 I did pretty much quite over night on that.
    And I'm also pretty bad at telling others whether or not I have health problems or not, never did tell anyone that my teeth did hurt on occasion and had my gallbladder not progressed any worse no one would've known about that either.
    Although if they did bring back Pepsi Blue I probably would try at least one.
     Hopefully nothing else comes up between now and January 29th since I do at least want to see how Kingdom Hearts III ends.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Nightstream88


      Thanks, hopefully it doesn't wind up being too bad.
      unfortunately I did that too, candy I did eat the quite a bit when I was kid too still kind of did sometimes, but not nearly as much. Soda I drank more than I should have as well, something like 3 cans in one day that is it was around, if it wasn't it I didn't get it never got tested for diabetes, but maybe I quit just in time for that at least.


      was quite a bit a lot of blood did come out of my mouth afterward that you probably would think somebody been killed, Hasn't hurt too much afterwards, but I did take some pain killer of whatever they gave me before whatever my mouth was numbed with wore off too. Hopefully once this clears up the rest of my teeth don't wind up bothering me.

    3. Dr_Mayus


      That sucks, but when did you go to to the dentist last? I mean if you quit drinking sodas in 2013 that shouldn't have affected your teeth today.


      I know all of our saliva is different (for some we get plaque while others get cavities) 7 teeth removed must have been hurting like a mother fucker for years.

    4. Nightstream88


      Aside from a month ago, I'm not sure when I went to the dentist last was seems like it had been that length of time.
      4-6 years probably last time not entirely sure.
      Guess I mainly just never mention anything since I probably didn't want anyone to worry about it or that I figured it would've cost too much to get checked.

  15. Hopefully that one rumor about forfeiting trophies and PS3 and Vita games ends up being false otherwise there would be no point on changing your PSN ID over just making a new account. Not sure why Sony is having difficulties with this when microsoft has had the feature since xbox 360. And if Sony does allow PSN name changes I'll probably wind up buying the premium member ship thing on this website too. Well as long as that rumor ends up being false anyway. Think the name I was going to change it to had 1 too many characters in it anyway since I think limit is still 16 not sure on that.