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  1. haven't played too many games in the series so I'll probably get it
  2. That is a lot sooner than I would've guess was thinking next year if it did get localized but either way will get it day 1. Never did play it on PS3 since I don't know Japanese.
  3. Likely never, only way I really stop playing is if the next system has backwards compatibility to all games by that meaning both Physical and digital copies are backwards compatible. I still play on PS2, Gamecube and other systems on occasion too whenever I'm not playing on PS3, PS4 or 3DS.
  4. Bought Oure Matterfall Shu Flying Bunny Bubsy The Woolies Strike Back The Tenth Line Resident Evil The Umbrella Chronicles Resident Evil the Darkside Chronicles Also have Sword Online Fatal Bullet on Preorder
  5. Was kind of hoping it had a platinum, would've bought it either way I just hope it ends up being better than Aer- Memories of Old While I did like Aer, but only liked it enough to play through the game once doubt I'll ever play it again. list looks fairly easy though.
  6. Hoping for 3 more platinum trophies then I can make either Spyro the Dragon or Year of the Dragon my final platinum whenever I get to that point anyway I guess unless the Legend of Spyro trilogy gets remastered for Playstation 4 or 5 then The Eternal Night will be last. Either way a day 1 purchase. Was going to say was hoping they were going to do something for the 20th anniversary I just hope it sells well enough so they consider on putting more Spyro games on the PS4. I kind of highly doubt this would happen but kind of would want Cynder to be playable even though she wasn't in the original games.
  7. Some of them I think Digimon All Star Rumble(Required 100+ playthroughs of storymode or something like that) Godzilla(Required 50+ playthroughs for Story mode as well I think for a trophy) Marvel vs Capcom 3 Fate of Two Worlds(Full Roster Trophy, School for the gifted and clear 320 missions or something like that) Never really made in attempt at it but Assassin's Creed IV has a level 55 multiplayer trophy Tom Clancy's Hawx has a ton of grindy online trophies and the online is dead(I still kind of want to join a boosing session at some point and try for the trophies, but just can't bring myself to do it) GTA 5- level 100 trophy( but I may try attempt GTA 5 platinum at some point, if I was smart I'd try to some of the online trophies away now, but I just don't like playing online I also did get the GTA 4 platinum As far as the rest goes its a combination of I just haven't made an attempt at trying to platinum a lot of games yet, either that or online trophies or some grindy trophy. Too bad online trophies weren't just try some game modes and win a match or something I'd probably hate them less if they were. Battlefield 3(A Few trophies here, Bullseye(my aim kind of sucks in shooters), Play Co-op on Hard and You can be my Wingman anytime(Got tired of doing that intro in the beginning) Working on(Sort of) Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment Sword Art Online Hollow Realization Accel World vs Sword Art Online One of those 3 will be platinum 60 just can't make up my mind on which yet.
  8. None that I could think of although if I had done it I probably would say My Name is Mayo, but that game will never be on my PSN account. Kind of wish I could change orders to a few of my platinum trophies though like not having puss in boots as my 20th platinum and put Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD there instead or something or have Okami be my first platinum instead of Jurassic the Hunted, but Okami wasn't out at the time. And as for visual novels I might have a few on my platinum trophy list at some point in time, but only getting ones that I would probably be interested in.
  9. I'd say the only things I'm really against doing is hacking trophies and buying trophies. I'd also rather not use someone else's save file either would prefer doing everything on my own even if my save file gets deleted or something.
  10. Of course Tokyo Xanadu eX+ drops in price on Amazon right after I ordered it and Amazon shipped the game already kind of hate when they do that.
    But at least I waited on Cat Quest and didn't spent $40 on it like it was a while back.

    1. Cleggworth


      A number of times I've done that and I've had an email from them a day or two later refunding me the difference. I'm in the UK though so I can't comment on whether that might happen to you

    2. Nightstream88


      Yeah don't know if U.S. Amazon does it or not since I never really tried asking for it.

    3. LunarianLight


      I've had that happen recently too.  Amazon always approved my refund request so you might be able to recoup the cost if you ask.  Great games you got too, btw! :)

  11. Looks better then February 2017 lineup at least, although I just recently bought Rime and already have Knack. Kind of wanted Grand Kingdom though.
  12. Bought Monster Hunter World Tokyo Xanadu eX+ Eagle Flight VR(Still don't own a Playstation VR yet) and an Articuno tshirt since Articuno is my favorite legendary pokemon and I seem to share a close to connection to Articuno guess I could say the same to Yveltal as well. Moltres is probably next even though I'm still holding a grudge against Moltres. I'll likely either get a Playstation VR this year if that Dragons VR game comes out or early next year for sure.
  13. I'm not sure if this a sign that Shining Resonance Refrain maybe getting localized this time or not but

  14. About the current list of games I'm switching between and that I'm primarily playing PS4 1. Sword Art Online Hollow Realization 2. Sword Art Online Hollow Fragment 3. Digimon Cyber Sleuth Hacker's Memory 4. Sonic Mania 5. Titanfall 2 6. Okami PS3 1. Tales of Symphonia Dawn of the New World Xbox One 1. Super Lucky's Tale 2. Cuphead 3DS 1. Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Gates to Infinity 2. Pokemon Ultra Moon 3. Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time 4. Legend of Zelda Majora's Mask Currently either working on the platinum trophy for either Hollow Realization or Hollow Fragment Hollow Fragment looks like it might be hard with that last attack bonus trophy and nobody in the assault team dying trophy either.
  15. Thinking about going for the Platinum Trophy for Sword Art Online Hollow Realization for my 60th platinum Going to take me quite a while.