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  1. Super Mario Maker 2(Day 1 Purchases looks like a pretty big improvement over the first game)


  2. Was playing Sonic Forces trying to get S Rank on stages and got ripped off like this one of them. Kind of hate when stuff like this happens.

  3. Almost got all the trophies for Rayman Legends just got the dreaded Truly Awesome trophy to deal with got 1,541 points to go
    Aside from a couple of other trophies I'm still  surprised I got past the 8-bit stages some those were a bit of a pain to do not sure.
    Years after release I still can't get Diamond cup trophies. too bad Gold wasn't worth more.

    1. DamagingRob


      You'll be doing challenges for awhile.. I probably have two to three weeks worth myself. :/ Was probably easier when it first dropped on Plus, and it saw a huge influx of players. Now? Nearly impossible to get Diamonds. 😢

    2. Nightstream88


      I'm currently trying to get that platinum on the PS3.
      I do pretty bad on the time limit ones occasionally I can get Gold, but usually get Bronze or Silver.
      As far as the see how far you can go ones best I usually can do on those is 1,000-1,300 meters.
      This is probably one platinum I wouldn't attempt to go for again.
       but yeah been trying challenges on the PS3 since release and usually at some point I end giving up because on how grindy it is.

    3. DamagingRob


      Ah, it's probably even worse there. I can get golds a lot on the PS4 version. And yeah, I don't usually get much further than that on the distance challenges.

  4. Just bought a few more games for Nintendo Switch Tales of Vesperia Crash Bandicoot Sonic Forces Even though I own all these games on the PS4. Still haven't bought the Switch yet though, but may do so when I get my tax refund.
  5. Multiplayer-half of the time I just don't care to play with others online Speed Runs- Only the ones I do hate are the ones that require perfection or even you do everything perfectly you still end up running out of time for some reason Also to the games that require you to beat a level under 5 hours less it would be nice to have a timer on the screen so I can tell how much time I have left. Grinding- I probably wouldn't have put this on here, but I don't care to play 50+ playthroughs of a game or reach level 55 or 100 in Multiplayer Multiple Playthrough trophies- I don't mind them if they are just difficulty related or something I just hate having to go out of the way and do something like collect Titles which I believe multiple playthroughs are required in Tales of Symphonia and those games. And I would luck based trophies as well and trophies that require multiple wins in a row online A Trophy list I actually did like was the Crash Bandicoot games somewhat difficult, but at least reasonable and the collectables weren't annoying to get. And didn't mind God of War 3 too much ether.
  6. Worst Digimon All Star Rumble(I even gave up on it because story mode required 100+ playthroughs or 150+, don't remember doesn't matter that story mode is short but that amount of playthroughs is a bit ridiculous ) As for Best I'd probably say Crash Bandicoot games
  7. Kingdom Hearts III Didn't think I'd be alive around long to see this game released with how long it took. Had this preordered on Amazon since 2014. Resident Evil 2- Was originally going to wait for Resident Evil 2, but wanted to continue on where I left off on the demo. And bought Senran Kagura Burst Re:newal
  8. Tales of Zesteria the X Zoids Chaotic Century Zoids New Century Zero Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Crystal Digimon(Mainly watch Seasons 1-3, and 5) Yugioh Sword Art Online X/1999 Cross Ange Death Note Code Geass Dragon Drive Pokemon Puzzle Dragons Cross Wolf's Rain Would list Granblue the Animation and Dances with Dragons, but I'm not sure if those two plan on finishing or not whether in english dub or sub. Puzzle Dragons Cross is finished in english sub, but not dub for some reason and think most of these I listed are finished depending on how you look at it and some are still on going. These are a lot of the ones I did like though.
  9. Bought The Tales of Vesperia anniversary bundle mainly for the repede tin, been playing the game since release Also preordered The Repede Statue seems a bit pricey though should have been part of that bundle
  10. And as I predicted the game went on for $14.99 until 2020 and was only released a few days ago at least for the U.S. not sure about anywhere else or where else it released on the playstation store.
  11. I do sometimes kind of wonder what developers are thinking when they release bad games like this along with games like Extinction, My Riding Stables Life With Horses, Life of Black Tiger, Wander and others. I'm willing to guess this guy's next game will cost $40 seems like they go up in price every year. I don't really mind playing bad games every once in a while just to laugh at on bad they are the only positive outcome of these types of games is they do make every other game people claim to be bad seem like a masterpiece.
  12. Can't believe they want $30 for this shit if I actually do try it I think I will wait until goes on sale. Not sure if it is an improvement any over Spear of Destiny and Sword of Fortress.
  13. I just use the name Cynder, or Cynder Kiryah which is a name of a dragon I seem to wind up as in numerous dreams I have and have been that dragon numerous times I do usually use that name regardless of what the character's gender is. Another name I may use if naming a horse or other travel companion I usually pick Sylver which is a name of another dragon that has shown up in my dreams quite often as well, quite a bit of names I use in game are related to that and for rivals I usually pick the names Zephyr and Rishara two different dragons who seem to cause me nothing but trouble. But in the case of like Final Fantasy X I probably would just use Tidus since it feels like it would fit more rather than using a different name.
  14. Bought Okami and Super Smash Bros Ultimate making them the first Nintendo Switch games I buy Also bought Kirby and the Rainbow Curse for the Wii U(Trying to rap up on buying Nintendo Wii U games) I don't actually have a Nintendo Switch yet plan on buying one around May or June, but I do plan on building up my Nintendo Switch collection until then that way I have a few games to play on it. And of course Okami was going to be the first game I get since I buy that game on every system it comes out for or at least every system that I plan on getting anyway.
  15. Pretty bad that I already Knew this game was going to be from the developer that made Solbrain Knight of Darkness and Spear of Destiny. Still don't know how Sony allows these games onto the PS4 when they barely function properly. I haven't actually played any of the games, but don't need to play a game to know its going to be bad. Plus if anyone actually does buy this I would wait on it since it will be discounted on the PSN store shortly after release like the other games.