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  1. If trophies were ever to stop at any point I would still continue to play games, and considering I've been playing Nintendo Switch and 3DS quite a bit. My game purchases wouldn't change too much any and I still would have bought the same games I currently have. Only thing that would change is I probably wouldn't play online hardly(Even though I don't play online much anyway), go after collectibles to too many games, and wouldn't probably play on a difficulty any higher than normal difficulty and a lot of games I probably wouldn't bother with more than one playthrough with unless I like the game a lot.
  2. Spyro Reignited Trilogy Daemon X Machina Bullet Girls Phantasia Also bought Sword Art Online Fatal Bullet Complete Upgrade- Currently on Sale SoulCalibur VI Season Pass- Also on Sale And more games from the digital sale Reverie Eternity The Last Unicorn Hat in Time Smoke and Sacrifice Shalnor Legends Sacred Lands I kind of want Sword & Fairy 6 as well, but heard it had some issues did that ever get fixed? Also Bought Maleficent on dvd.
  3. Candleman Platinum #74
    Was better than the last few indie games I've played at least, although some of the levels I found were a bit boring, but at least I didn't run into any game break glitches.

  4. Wouldn't mind a Modern Battlefield or Futuristic, but not too futuristic maybe set between 2030-2040.
  5. Saw this on Sony's Youtube channel literally is one of the game trailers I have ever seen if not probably the worst one I don't mind playing bad games every once in a while, but $20 seems like a bit of a steep price for this garbage maybe is if was $0.99 I'd probably try it. And if I did play it could potentially outrank Crash Dummy as one of the worst games on my top 10 worst ps4 games list if I played it that is which Crash Dummy managed to Outrank Life of Black Tiger. At least with Crash Dummy and Life of Black Tiger you can at least laugh at them for being bad games, but this game doesn't even look like you can do even that either.
  6. Okami Dust An Elysian Tail God of War III Tony Hawk's Pro Skater God of War 1 & 2 Infamous Prince of Persia The Sands of Time Embers of Mirrim Crash Bandicoot Trilogy Senran Kagura Estival Versus and Peach Beach Splash Digimon Cyber Sleuth Skylanders Trap Team And haven't replayed it yet, but might replay Spider-man at some point I don't have the Platinum yet, but I did buy Sonic Forces again on the Nintendo Switch a while back a replayed the game that and got all the costumes again, played through it again on a different system mostly because I wanted to Create more OC avatars. Not sure if that counts or not.
  7. Nintendo Switch Spyro Pro Controller Okay, just got the controller in the mail wouldn't connect and made some weird noise on the switch Waste of $50 for sure should have been $10 so do not buy this from Amazon. Nintendo Switch Spyro Travel case(Even though I have a Charizard one already) Oninaki Imported a Physical copy well, bought it from a third party seller that shipped from New york should be here next week was a bit pricey like $70 or so I think. Going try and get a Physical copy for PS4 next week too. Also bought another Nintendo Switch game case card holder since I got my current one filled up.
  8. I know I posted in this topic already, and posted Wander as the worst game, but found another game a while back that may outrank it. Also Wander has been delisted from the PSN store as well. Crash Dummy- A Glitch infested game, almost unplayable that should be removed from the PSN store Games like this I kind of wonder if developers even play test their games before releasing and they wanted $24.99 for this garbage don't remember if I got it on sale or not. And in the game I stuck in a wall, and there was also some sort of delayed reaction with the Jump button on an ice level. Another level I killed an enemy off-screen and the door wouldn't open so two levels I had to restart from the beginning. Also there were some timer sections, but I was a able to get rid of the timer by dying or something like that. Only bought this game because I liked the Crash Dummies sega genesis game, but in comparison the sega genesis game is pretty much a masterpiece compared to this crap. Can't say I was expecting to wind up playing one of the worst games on PS4 or of all time that I've played think I would rather play life of black tiger over this game. And a lot my deaths in the game were caused by the controls not working properly. On the positive side you can always laugh at the game on how bad it is, although not sure if anyone would want to spend $25 for that.
  9. Finished Watching I've seen Prison Break quite and is still within my top 10 favorite tv shows Although I still have yet to see The Final Break dvd episode/movie. and Currently re-watching Fringe haven't seen it a while and kind wanted to re-watch this as well still remains on the top of my list as far as my favorite tv shows go. Terminator probably could have tied with it had they actually finished the series.
  10. Not really sure if it is considered a game, but the Apollo 11 game doesn't have any either. I wasn't sure about the Titanic game I kind of wanted to play that game, but seemed kind of pricey, maybe if you went down with the ship I probably would get it.
  11. I was kind of hoping these games would come to either the PS4 or Nintendo Switch, never thought it would actually happened definitely getting the collection. Aladdin I never got past The Escape level. And the lion king I did beat once I Sega genesis. Now another game I hope shows up that I'm not sure if possible or not is Mickey Mania the timeless adventures of mickey mouse.
  12. Is there a release date for this game? Can't seem to find anything aside from a trophy list posted on this website
  13. Energy Invasion Platinum #73
    Guess the reason I was getting Game overs earlier was because the blocks were moving down the screen which is pretty stupid either way the game earned a spot on my top 10 Worst PS4 games list and unlikely I'll probably play it ever again.
    Life of Black Tiger is within that list, but at least you can laugh at the game for being bad.