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  1. So far this falls into the same category of a game I regret buying Wander- Worst PS4 game ever for $24.99 and I doubt the servers are online anymore even if they were I doubt they ever fixed the glitched trophies on the game to what would have been an easy platinum Only bought the game because I was interested in playing as a griffin, but it was to slow paced I would rather watch paint dry instead. Plus I couldn't tell much of where I was at in the game because it didn't feel like there were any good landmarks in the game to help identify that you have already been to that location before or not I know the game is call Wander, but they could have had at least some landmarks that could help you identify on where you been at or not so you are not looping in a circle for hours. Plus walking around as a tree was one of the worst things as well.
  2. Usually end up playing female characters Although the one time I can think of that I didn't like the character design was The Division so I went with the male character instead.
  3. Well youtube seems to be working again
    Got my 90th episode Win
    10 more to go until I hit 100


  4. Anyone else having issues currently with youtube PS4/PS5 share with youtube making videos locked to private?
    Weird thing is I am not having any issues with downloading the video and re-uploading it, and also not having any issues using the game capture card videos either.
    just seems to be PS4/PS5
    I don't have a PS5, but a couple of other people had problems on it too that have one.


    1. Nightstream88


      I mean I still got like 800 Fall guys videos I need to upload here.

  5. Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles The OA TerraNova Lie to Me The Chicago Code
  6. I would say somewhat, but at this point I got so many PS3 and PS4 games that I will probably never get the platinum for anyways At this point I might just get the platinum if I like the game enough(unless the trophy requirements are ridiculous) although sometimes I push for it anyway, or if the trophy list is easy enough to where I don't have to go out of my for a trophy. Like I did like Fall Guys enough to go for the Platinum same for GTA IV and Red Dead Redemption But even though I did like GTA 5 and Red Dead Redemption 2 a lot, I probably won't go for the platinum trophies for those two games because I felt like once was enough on previous entries and for games I have platinum trophies that I hate one in particular was Crash Dummy(Only bought this because I thought was going to be decent like the Sega Genesis game crash dummies, but it wasn't even close) anyway platinum the game as well just because the trophy requirements were finish the levels if they wanted me to finish the game 5 time I wouldn't have done it, or even twice probably.
  7. Not sure how I feel about Crowns being kudos or something. I kind of liked having the crowns. And a couple of things I did wonder about here Is if you can get the Legacy Pack if you got the game for free on PSN+ As far as Level editor goes few things I do wonder about on that like if all Seasons objects will be available in it or not, if you can create your own final level, survival rounds and whether or not you can create your own Team game(assuming probably not on this one) And wonder if you will be able to upload levels on a community section or something like you can on Mario Maker. but either way I might make levels anyway maybe it will help me improve on the game. And this might sound stupid, but a little bit confused on why it says Season 1? when we already had a season 1. And if things like Rhinos, Ice, pop balloons are available in level editor think I got some diabolic levels in mind to create. I'm also hoping you can change the backdrop and music in the level editor as well with in game backdrops and music. And another thing I am hoping for while they said cross progression, hoping it stays like that since I plan on switching back and for playing between Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4.
  8. I'll probably even make it my 150th platinum or something whenever I get there or Platinum 175(Since it seems to show up as a milestone trophy whenever I get back to doing trophies again). Still a bit disappointed they never came out with game for generation 4. I was planning on getting this on the Nintendo Switch as well, but anybody else know why it is $10 more than the Playstation 4 version? Nintendo Tax or something?
  9. Been playing Fall Guys on Main Show for a bit trying to wrack up some wins 
    did manage to win two in a row on Main show(Third time I've been able to do this can't seem to make to 3 wins though)
     Currently at 88 wins did have a close hexagone episode win here
    12 more wins to go until I hit 100 solo wins
    and looks like Fall Guys Season 7 should be coming soon along with it coming out on Switch and Xbox.


  10. Wonder what the record is for getting dragged around by the beams in Jump Club in Fall guys?
    Think I lasted a pretty long time here


  11. I guess that is why it took Sega so long to work on these games they were too busy trying to figure out how to monetize it. How does one version not have everything? I am really hoping I am wrong here and hope that is fake. By the way I only see the $40 version of the game available for pre-order currently so I don't know
  12. Made it to level 48 in Pokemon Go
    Just need to get through this level and level 49 and will be level 50
    Think it took me about 3 months to get to level 48
    Now got the level 49 Requirements to do which is 50 Lucky trades and 35 Platinum Medals I do currently have 28 out of 35 Platinum Medals.
    And hoping Mega Lucario will be out before I reach level 49 about why I used Espeon and Ninetales will be for level 50.

    1. Jeanoltt


      Congrats! I was proud of my 2016 level 20 account with five Pikachu but this is something else😂

    2. Nightstream88


      Been playing daily since I created this account so it does take a while.
      Created my account December 28th 2020.
       I also did find my old 2016 account I made while trying to make an alt account didn't even know the email, password or any of it when I found it

  13. Got my 80th Episode Win on Fall Guys
    And completed the current event that was going on in the game took me over 8 hours just to get the two wins
    Can't say I like live events that require episode wins Solo anyway.


  14. Only times I usually buy digital is if the game is on sale and significantly cheaper than the Physical copy, or if the game is digital only. And yet somehow I am closing in on 1,000 digital titles well this total is added between PS3, Vita, PSN+ Games and PS4 games but even so. And have over 100+ digital on Switch as well I believe. Unfortunately I have a lot of Physical games too and running out of space where I can put those since I buy quite a few movies and books on top of that. And pretty another factor in why I haven't bought the Playstation 5 or Xbox series x yet aside from that hasn't been a game I wanted that bad for them yet. Kingdom Hearts IV might do it though, but going to wait and see if that doesn't come on the Playstation 7 first.