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  1. Hopefully this is true really tired of seeing games like Stroke the Cat and Jumping Taco clogging up the store well you can't even call them games really. Wouldn't mind seeing Aery games being banned as well seem to come out with a new one every two-3 months.
  2. Finally reached level 50 in Pokemon Go and max buddies with Costume Ninetales
    took me 1 year 11 months playing daily to reach it.


    1. MoonMun21
    2. Sikutai


      Congrats for the Platinum.

  3. Suppose this would be a good example on how not to win hex a ring when you have an advantage


  4. Reached Level 49 in Pokemon Go
    Got 1 more level until I join the level 50 group 
     And kind of hoping they don't increase the level to 60 since getting 50 takes long enough as it is.


    1. Baranov_925


      people are playing it? I thought it died in 2017

  5. Finally reached Crown rank 34 Golden Chicken in Fall Guys
    Going for Golden Wolf up next


    1. KenjiCBZ


      Woo woo woo woo woo! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  6. Well managed to reach Crown Rank 33 on Fall Guys
    Golden Chicken Top is up next


  7. Not sure if I want to know what Latias is planning here


  8. Anyone else here got any ideas on PS4 capture video skips?
    Happened in this video and quite a few others I do got message notifications turned off so it isn't that not sure what else to do.


    1. LC-Fraggers


      My friend had this a couple of years ago and we figured out that- for him at least- it was a memory leak issue that apparently Sony have never fixed. Basically, we went through a deleted every video and screenshot for the game he was trying to capture, tried again and it worked. We tested it pretty extensively and it seemed like you couldn't let the total storage size for any one game go above around 20GB. 

      He had PS4 Pro btw so I couldn't say whether it's the same for base PS4.

      edit: *went through AND deleted every video & screenshot

    2. Nightstream88


      Currently using a PS4 slim at the moment.
      Don't think its always done this either.

    3. LC-Fraggers


      @Nightstream88 For him, it started happening right after an update so you're probably right

  9. And also shortly after Babylon's Fall Shutdown announcement. Wonder what is next on the list?
  10. Up and beat Duos Solo in Fall Guys
    since my random died in the very beginning of Hyper Drive heroes I counted this towards my Solo episode wins


  11. You can only redeem gift cards on the console playstation store now?
     Used to be able to do it on PC and the mobile Playstation App but didn't find the option this time.


    1. DaivRules


      PC > Click Avatar > Redeem Codes?

    2. Nightstream88


      seemed like you used to be able to do it where the add credit cards option is.

    3. MidnightDragon


      I just did it day before yesterday on PC

  12. I kind of wonder how this game got greenlit and Scalebound got cancelled. Between the two Scalebound at least seemed more interesting. and the minute I hear the words live service on a game=me not buying it.
  13. Managed to do 5 wins in a row on Duos for the first time 
    and first time I managed to pull of this save in Jump Showdown too
     Done 5 in a row in Squads way back in season 4, and Solo not too long ago during Stadium Star Show and Jump Around shows.


  14. Managed to reach Crown rank 31 in Fall Guys before Season 2 like I was hoping for
    and first time I timeout a match in Squads