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  1. ive been trying to do that too. My friend who lives close by is playing as well. Weve tried for almost 10 hours to match make..... found each other first attempt and he got the trophy. Not found each other again. We boost australian time too so its quite in europe to increase the chances! half-assed mode is being kind too
  2. Im tryin to get an online win in clan and casual coop.... doesnt seem too hard!! First you struggle with the terrible match making that constantly matches you with higher ranked players using there superstar myclub team .... not much chance to win there. So I started to join open online coop lobbies.... everyone basically tells you to bugger off. Why have an open lobby then tell people to go away! If you dont want me to join add a password, clan restriction or level restriction its not hard. Proving very time consuming to get anywhere close to this.
  3. Several of the trophies were glitchy for me.... chapter 3 popped at the same time (but after) chapter 4. chapter 5 popped after the end of the game throwdown trophy required me to delete save and start again
  4. As Angus said.... Gold Plated in NFS 2015 DLC End of discussion. Close Thread
  5. Im at 1320 points and ive done all the variants - not appeared for me yet Edit: As usual post - do one more mission - all you can eat appears! Forum gods strike again
  6. I need some advice for level 24. I get to Temple Temple (weak to water) with 6 minutes remaining for S Rank. I use evan for water and my stats are: Magic Damage with Wyrms Talon 2268, Harpa Sword 2221 and Godhead Sword 2261. I use Godhead Armor, Dead Knight Boots, Ring of Hubris IV (Magic Dmg +160) and Masters LIttle Helper i can only get down half his health in the 6 minutes - clearlyI have something massively wrong with something. Thanks Edit: Finished Lvl 24 in a time of 5:07:61 with the same build as above. Not sure what happened differently!
  7. thanks for the steps.... worked for me. Trophy popped when first used in the fight
  8. does anyone know any decent cod zombie groups based in australia? i have all zombie trophies on ps3 but im reluctant to start bops3 until i find a group committed to all dlc
  9. Hopefully this will make me clean up some of the PS3 games.... Backlog 1. Wolfenstein New Order (PS4) 2. Dishonored (PS3) 3. Resistance 3 (PS3) 4. Batman: Arkham City (PS3) 5. Final Fantasy: Lightning Returns (PS3)
  10. Sign me up.... my AU ranking and % complete stay about the same so wont be earning points there.
  11. All fixed - thanks for the info
  12. I'm seeing something odd in Joe Danger. Joe Danger is showing as 10 of 12 trophies owned. But when i view the trophies for the game 3 are showing as unearned. "Trick Master" is showing as unearned but I have earned this trophy.... could this be the problem Trophy log showing this error.... "A synchronization issue was detected with this profile. All of paulcoe's games and trophies will be updated within the next minute to fix this. You can try this page again in a few minutes."
  13. I didnt think I had any hidden trophies. How can i find out which trophy is hidden. With almost 200 games and over 6500 trophies I would like to avoid going through them one by one.
  14. It takes a lot of hours - cant remember the exact amount - but certainly more than 150 and could be close to the 300 quoted earlier. I played most evenings for a few hours (longer during a boosting sessions) and it took 4 months with some good friends and a strong boosting community (we even got banned for boosting just after they released the trophies ) It has many different styles of trophy too.... some that take ages and a complete grind even with boosting (getting all the kill and win based trophies), some that require luck (getting all 99 treasures) and some that need skill and very good (cooperative) team mates (defending the statue, no deaths on crushing). All this combined makes for a very long drawn out process. Good luck to anyone starting out on this nightmare