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  1. I personally play for fun and if a trophy pops a trophy pops I don't care. The only platinums I even think about going for are only series of games that I really enjoy. Other than that if I play a game and don't like it that game will stay at a low percentage cause I don't care enough for it and it is obviously not worth my time. Games are meant to be fun and if I am not having fun with a game I will quit playing it and it will stay at whatever percentage I left it at.
  2. Did you update the trophy list on your system though. This site only registers trophies updated from your last updated trophy list on your system. So if you earned 20 trophies in a game but didn't update your trophy list on the system it will show the same amount on the site no matter how many times you update here.
  3. Really loving going with different choices on my vita version of The Walking Dead than I did on my PS3 version. I freaking love this game, can't wait til they come out with the second season of it.

    1. Mr Incredible

      Mr Incredible

      I'm trying to make different choices as well. But ultimately the story is the same. I kinda wished it was like Heavy Rain.

  4. Ok I see your points and may have taken a couple of my comments too far, but I do stick by some of them. I was having a rough day and just tired of hearing people complain that they have to actually play the game for more than a day to plat it. It's an MMO by no means is it supposed to be a quick game, plus they wanna make sure they can get some subscriptions they gotta make some money.
  5. See this is the damn problem trophies have created. Almost nobody play games just to play them for fun and enjoyment anymore, it's all about how quick I can plat this or that. I will admit getting some trophies are rewarding, but people are pathetic over trophies anymore. I am not against trophies and will know I will see anger over my comments, but I don't care. Trophies ruined games and are destroying devs. You either have simple trophies to keep gamers happy or you throw in challenging ones and potentially push some gamers from buying your game. Games like this one are meant to be enjoyed who gives a shit if it even has trophies. I wish they wouldn't of given it trophies, I would still play it.
  6. Battlefield 3 double XP til monday, think this is all I will play rest of week. Gonna try to get as close to 45 as I can.

    1. MissileUser


      Getting from 0 to 45 in 5 days with x2 double xp? easily!

  7. I am in the fantasy league to and if you go on their website and log in and go to the psn profiles league there is a forum in there we could post on.
  8. My team is "Ritron FC" and I just joined league so I am in.
  9. I am a ManU fan forever but am also a fan of Arsenal. As much as it pains me to say I do expect ManU to be in top four for sure this coming season but due to the inept decisions of Moyes so far I don't see them doing well outside of England in any european competition. Also I don't care how bad Moyes is desperate to keep hold of Rooney, let him go. All he is going to be is a distraction all year and plus Moyes and Rooney don't even have a good relationship before Moyes took over. As for Arsenal I see them taking 5th in the table. They are a very talented team and have a great bunch of players, but can not figure out for the life of me why they lack in the big games. I personally don't see Arsenal winning silverware until Wenger is out of there as manager. Also as for the fantasy league you can count me in too.
  10. I buy the games that I really like, but anymore any new games are mostly crap so I do gamefly and it lets me get caught up on some older games that I never got around to. Then after awhile I can try some of the newer games when they become available and not forced to buy crap games.
  11. At what time is this supposed to take place. I would be interested in joining but need to know time to see if I am available. I am only available on that day from noon to 3:30 pm EST and later that night from 10pm to 3am sunday morning.