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  1. New update 1.6!! today solved problem with glitched Cartographer and all Gold brick trophy. 5minut play and new platinum trophy after 2-3 months of waiting... Give a reply if worked also for others.
  2. How exactly You do this after update 1,5? 1. teleport from map point comp to map point comp from touchpad map and activate? 2. fly around 1 character to every 18 map point comp "by foot"? 3. how You activate comp? Press X to activate and then teleport to the same map point by pressing another X or 4. ...activate comp by press X and then press O to back exact location? 5.other way I did,t try Patch 1.5 makes now that map computers re-spawn activation circle endless times after activation but for me this didn't help. Got 99,9% completed, missing 1 vehicle to 100% and gold bricks trophy also didn't show 255/255 in my save file. Last time I bought and started play LEGO game( have every title platinum,except DIMENSIONS and WORLD) just after release when it didn't get patched and any glitch in game are not known my game is CUSA08476