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  1. The Real Deal Red Dead Online: Achieve MVP 3 times (in a round with at least 4 players).
  2. Posse Up Red Dead Online: Form a Persistent Posse.
  3. Utopia Complete Stage 10: New Devon
  4. Oh man, I'm just hoping for a ranked mode like Mario Kart.
  5. The End They’re not us! Amazing story and atmosphere, although it has some performance issues on the ps4 I couldn't recommend it enough.
  6. Can't see my friend list but at least I'm downloading some updates...
  7. Don't Think, Feel You defeated all of one character's Challenges! I got blisters on my fingers!
  8. # 222 - Fallout 4 +100% Enjoyment : 9 / 10 Difficulty: 3 / 10 Probably not as great as its predecessors but I still had a ton of fun with this one, especially with the Far Harbor and Nuka World DLCs. Shout out to Oxhorn's YouTube Channel, I've been binging all his Fallout 4 Lore videos for months, they're amazing!
  9. Platinum Trophy Collect all other 50 Trophies for this Trophy 100%
  10. # 221 - Under Night In-Birth Exe: Late Enjoyment : 8.5 / 10 Difficulty: 3 / 10 (if you have some experience in fighting games) Such an underrated fighting game, I really enjoyed it. There's nothing too difficult here: the combo challenges are pretty doable and survival mode is a joke with the cheap Hilda method Definitely getting the extended PS4 version!
  11. Great month for me, I'm interested in pretty much every game.
  12. Thanks for Playing! Done all that could be done inside of Under Night In-Birth Exe:Late! We thank you very much for playing our game.
  13. ハッピーバースデー いずれかのキャラクターの誕生日にゲームを起動した Already beated each character's combo challenge. They aren't any difficult at all if you have some experience in fighting games.
  14. You can be earning your score from the start on normal mode until you reach 5M and get the King trophy and then on the same run you can swap to Apocalypse and just die in the first obstacle gettting the Meteroid one, since with that bug it still counts as one run and the game thinks you've beaten more than Region 4 there already. I guess it all depends on how you choose to do it, you can stick to normal mode until you get 5M points getting the King trophy and then immediately swap to Apocalypse and die in the first obstacle getting the Meteroid one (both of them between a few seconds of difference as I did) or you just can complete a few regions on normal mode (not even reaching 1M points) and get into Apocalypse mode for the Meteroid trophy, if so, of course you would still need several more minutes to make it to 5M points. Why would I want to do anything weird with this game? It's completely gifted following the bug method ._.
  15. Franciscoo- Race The Sun Reason: Trophies King and Meteoroid have only 11 sec gap. it's impossible. I used the well known Portal Void bug which is specified in the guide:<br /> <br /> /> <br /> That got patched with the last update, so it's only possible on the Vita or PS3 where you can play a game without their updates.<br /> <br /> I played it on the Vita with the 1.00 version and got everything with ease using that method, as pretty much everyone on the leaderboards did, getting all trophies in around 1 hour.<br /> <br /> So I don't know what's the deal, I don't remember exactly what order I followed for the trophies, but I know that your score carries on from one mode to the other, so I should have gotten 5M points and die the moment I played Apocalypse.<br /> <br /> Following that gltich, the moment you enter Apocalypse and die for the first time you get the Meteroid trophy for beating region 4, so I should have gotten both 5M and my first death on Apocalypse pretty much at the same time.<br /> <br /> I'm kinda shocked with this because I didn't realize anything weird while I was playing it, every trophy is pretty much gifted thanks to that bug...<br /> As I said, I don't remember exactly at this point what order I followed for the trophies because the bug is kinda messy but the explanation for those two timestamps should be that I was pretty close to 5M playing normal mode, then I switched to Apocalypse mode and reached the 5M at pretty much the same time I died for the first time there getting both trophies close to each other. (the score doesn't reset even if you switch modes with that bug)