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  1. Tier 1Unlock all Trophies
  2. Legendary Phantom ThiefEarn all trophies. Oh man, this game
  3. I wasn't expecting something like Golden was to Persona 4, but this is definitely disappointing.
  4. Same, Infinite warfare was the only CoD game I ever skipped and this will be the second one. The 2v2 mode was kinda cool but it gets stale really quick, but man, I didn't have any fun at all playing multiplayer, not even when I was completely dominating, it just didn't feel like a CoD game at all, the 6v6 game mode was absolutely awful, the only good thing was the 32v32 which I don't care at all in a CoD game...
  5. Salvation Lies AboveIn Tag der Toten, Ascend from Darkness And that's the 100% ^^
  6. I did level up some DLC weapons and the trophy popped for me when I was finished with the 25th one, but I made sure I only maxed the DLC ones that I owned, I'm not exactly sure if they count for the trophy even if you don't own them. Anyways, it's hard to tell exactly, a friend of mine got the trophy with his 27th weapon...
  7. It depends on how you decide to approach it, following the platinum walktrough on PST would be the most optimal route, that's what I did and took me about 12 hours reading all the text. However, like I mentioned in my post, I lost one flawless service bonus so I had to do another full playthrough which took me maybe 3 hours skipping everything, so yeah, that's up to you. (I'm talking about VA-11 Hall-A for anyone interested)
  8. # 256 - VA-11 Hall-A Enjoyment : 9 / 10 Difficulty: 3 / 10 I was deeply invested in this game, I found the story, characters and the cyberpunk setting amazing! The trophy list is pretty straightforward for a game like this, there's just a bullet-hell like minigame that is required to complete for one trophy and God, it is annoying. It took me almost an hour to beat, but hey, at least the music was great (the entire soundtrack is amazing!) Unfortunately I missed one flawless service bonus just at the beginning of the game when I was getting used to the mechanics and I didn't realize so I had to do another full playthrough, thankfully it just takes a few hours skipping through the text. I'd definitely recommend anyone interested to give this a try, such an unique game, I'll probably get the Vita version as well while I wait for the sequel next year
  9. Jill of all tradesGet all achievements
  10. Why would you ever pick a second set of joycons over a pro controller? I was reluctant to buying one myself, but the joycons are so uncomfortable for my taste, so I ended up getting a pro controller and I never touched my joycons again
  11. What a great time for us Switch owners *-*
  12. # 253 - Heavy Rain Enjoyment : 8.5 / 10 Difficulty: 2.5 / 10 I never played this one before for some reason, but I'm glad that I finally did, defnitely a great experience,
  13. Nice, unfortunately both Shaw and Scarlett and only available in regular Blackout, I've found the Alchemical set in Alcatraz a bunch of times but I've never seen the special grenades available in that mode, so I don't think you can get him there. For the Alchemical Set go to the boxing gym, there are wraith fires and acid bombs spawning next to the ring pretty much in every game, the item itself it's only available in the mystery box, but it's not that bad to get, maybe 1/10 times? And it always comes with 4 of those special grenades, plus a few ones that you can get next to the ring as I mentioned before. Also, I'd be a good idea to always have a vehicle with you while you're looking for the Scarf and goggles, I died once after I got the item trying to find a car or something :/
  14. For the Pulp Magazine go to Alcatraz, it's way easier to get there. The problem with regular Blackout is Hellhounds now spawn in every zombie location and they never drop any character mission, making items much harder to get now since you'll only be killing like 4-5 zombies for every mystery box you unlock :/ I don't think Ambush is affecting the Scarf and goggles, since vehicles are available there, they are just ridiculously hard to get now. Best thing you can do is get into a game with a bunch of friends and each one of you stay in a different zombie location so you can rotate the box as quickly as possible.
  15. Nah, I got them on regular solos. They dropped for me in the boxing gym and in the graveyard.