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  1. The update arrives next week, October 26:
  2. Pretty cool, I didn't know Horde mode was gonna be a thing, it could be really fun.
  3. Pretty sure he means this site's % rarity and not PSN in general.
  4. # 303 - Melty Blood: Type Lumina Enjoyment : 8.5 / 10 Difficulty: 4 / 10 Pretty happy I finally got to try the Melty Blood series, loving the game so far. The trophies were pretty standard for a fighting game, nothing especially difficult at all, probably a good game for starters in the genre as well. I'm definitely gonna be grinding ranked matches for a long time with my girl Akiha Tohno
  5. Perfect Clear RateGet a Clear Rate of 100% in Single Play Mode using any character.
  6. You get a green moon instead of the yellow one but it still counts for the percentage. I beat Akiho's last two challenges at lower speed and got the 100% trophy fine.
  7. Do they? I just tested it, completed the last two combos for Akiha at 30% speed and they're showing as completed but with a green moon instead of a yellow one. Also when I check the total clear rate for her missions it's showing as 96.2% so it probably doesn't count. Edit: My bad, I realized I somehow skipped one of her beginner combos so now it's showing as 100%.
  8. Weird, the only guy I know that didn't autopop the Transcendence trophy had all three raid chapters unlocked after transferring his ps4 save, so as soon as he completed chapter 3 again he got the trophy.
  9. I wouldn’t even bother with matchmaking. It should be doable if everyone had a mic since you need to coordinate, especially for chapter 2, but that’s not gonna happen most of the times. My best advice would be to go to the Ghost of Tsushima discord and look for a group, there are tons of dedicated players there that will help you with everything without any trouble.
  10. Have you tried completing Chapter 3 again? That should pop it for you.
  11. # 299 - Gravity Rush Remastered Enjoyment : 8 / 10 Difficulty: 3 / 10 I played the original on PS Vita back in the day, it was always one of my favorites. Pretty cool remastered version, although I turned off the motion controls first thing. The 60 fps are so appreciated in a game like this, I found it easier overall than the original version, I don't think I had to restart a single challenge mission more than once. I didn't have the chance to try the DLCs before but I didn't miss too much, the missions were pretty underwhelming but the new outfits and a few extra challenges are always nice.
  12. Get good says the guy who didn’t start the game until the exploit was available lmao.
  13. Isn't playing the ps4 version with the performance patch exactly the same as playing the ps5 version anyway as well?
  14. Do you get the new ps5 trophy list just for owning the game on ps4 or do you need to purchase the director’s cut version? What about if you get the director’s cut upgrade from the PSN Store (the one that’s just 20$)? Is it cross-buy ps4/ps5 or is it just the content for the ps4 version?