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  1. I've been playing a lot of tower ranked matches this month and managed to get Celestial VIP status, currently over level 500 with my main Millia It was surprisingly easy to get there, as long as you have some fundamentals in fighting games and understanding of your character's win condtions it should be pretty doable with some work.
  2. You can only purchase the DLC maps with real money, the in-game currency (cod points) is just for cosmetics. Yeah, your only option if you want the 100% is to purchase the season pass, Classified map is included there as well.
  3. Glad to know there’s some love for Millia, I swear she’s the least played character, I’ve only faced like 3 Millia players since release. This was my first entry to the series, Millia was the first character I tried in the beta and I stuck with her since I love her playstyle. She’s definitely not easy to play and has to work way harder than the top tiers in this game, but I’m glad I didn’t give up on her. Not the best character to start the game with, It was tough for me playing her the first days, I felt like I was getting destroyed by pretty much any other competent player but I’m currently at Celestial floor in the ranked lobbies, so the hard work definitely paid off Let me know if you wanna play some mirror matches, would love that! Also to the OP definitely pick up this game if you’re remotely interested, it’s so much fun and the netcode is a blessing I’m not sure about the upgrade for the physical copy, I preordered the ps5 digital version and didn’t even realize it included the ps4 version as well.
  4. Yeah, you probably would benefit from playing with any skill based matchmaking filter that most of the current FPS games like Call of Duty currently have, that way you would get matched against people that really struggle like you and that would make a highly more enjoyable experience for you, at least for now. Unfortunately since you can freely browse through the servers in battlefield I don’t think SBMM is even possible in it. You really can find all kinds of skill levels in the same game. Are you experienced with any other FPS? Or is it that you just struggle with this one? I only played for a few weeks when it was free on ps plus and the lobbies were full of mostly new players as well, so I found it quite easy. I would constantly get placed at the top of my team with an insanely high score per minute, my KD was just ok, I believe around 1.30 but just because I’m the kind of player that just rushes from one flag to another and really just playing alone without a squad, which is honestly not the most efficient way to play this game, but yeah, I don’t think KD tells that much in any battlefield game since you can be revived over and over again if you stick with your squad, not to mention players that would exclusively play on vehicles at any cost, especially tanks which are pretty busted or just stay with a sniper at the edge of the map. Tactical conquest was the mode I enjoyed the most definitely (the one that focus in infantry instead of vehicles), also the medic class is definitely the best and most efficient one. SMGs are pretty strong and easy to use in this game, so my advice would be to focus on that class mostly.
  5. Defeating the round 9 boss in Arcade mode is definitely the platinum breaker, everything else is no problem at all.
  6. I tried with my actual main Millia and had no luck, the AI doesn't care about her mixups lol I came pretty close several times with Sol but I ended up using the same strategy @Karhos posted with Anji: It could have been faster with optimal combos of course, but I don't care too much about this character, just wanted to get the trophy out of the way. Spending metter in roman cancels is easier and probably better than using overdrives, since you can still continue your pressure if he blocks and you can break the wall with them as well. Sometimes my overdrives wouldn't connect and I would eat a punish for it, so probably not worth the risk if you're not that confident with the inputs. Also you can punish his tps if you're able to react quickly, I noticed if you stay just out of range of his slashes he usually teleports behind you right after it so you can just grab him. I'm not sure if I'm gonna bother with the ps4 stack, definitely not looking forward to repeat this. For now I just wanna keep labbing with my main Millia and play ranked matches, the game is so much fun
  7. Nice, pretty excited to replay this whether or not we get another trophy list.
  8. Messiah Will Not Come[ARCADE] Defeated the powerful boss at the end. This was hard, I tried with my actual main, Millia, but I couldn't do it with her, the AI doesn't care about her mixups and her hp is one of the lowest in the game, so I was dying in pretty much two interactions. Had to kinda cheese my way with Anji which definitely made it easier, but still, you barely can mess up to beat it.
  9. # 294 - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Enjoyment : 8.5 / 10 Difficulty: 5 / 10 Excellent campaign, zombies are so much fun and the setting is on point, even the multiplayer is not that bad at all, I quite enjoyed it. Honestly, the biggest problem with this game was that it came out at the wrong time, just the year after bo3, and it was also released alongside cod4 remastered, which is the reason why most of us in the community didn't care about it. I got the 100% as well, the zombies DLC maps are definitely worth it for anyone that enjoyed the base map.
  10. Do you have crossplay on? It should make it easier to find a match. You can also choose which server you wanna play on if you wanna change the region, although the high ping might make it unplayable.
  11. The final boss in arcade might not be that easy, tho.
  12. This isn't that much of a combo heavy game, unless they change stuff from the beta. You really can't do that much unless you spend meter on roman cancels.
  13. Yeah, this is gonna be one of the easiest lists for a fighting game. Still, the game is so much fun. Loved the beta, can’t wait for release.
  14. So we completed stage 2 but we didn’t make it to the bonus goal this time either.
  15. I think we didn't make it to the bonus goal so no extra rewards for stage 1.