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  1. Yeah, seems like you can use the glitch to get the trophy, I haven't tried myself but some people confirmed it. Es expert challenges are definitely tricky, especially the new ones with the update, so there's no need for you to bother if you just want to grab the trophy.
  2. Yeah, I didn't even know it was coming to playstation so I thought about playing it on Switch but since we got a PS5 trophy list I couldn't resist and already preordered it
  3. Looks pretty challenging, can’t wait to play this
  4. I finally got Octopath Traveler which currently has a 50% off sale. Pretty excited about that one, I mostly play my Switch docked but I’m considering playing this one in handheld. @Eyjabria I tried to check my stats on the website a few days ago but it looks like it’s not available in Europe :/
  5. Agree, I didn't have any party members, only MC with a Yoshitsune build.
  6. I did my first run blind in Normal difficulty which took me 100h and then NG+ with a guide skipping everything another 40h. You have to play New Game+ anyway to get some trophies so doing a first run blind is perfectly fine and way more enjoyable for a persona game.
  7. Yeah, it seems like you don’t get any lives back when you leave and rejoin anymore.
  8. Everyone who's in the game at the moment you kill mamaback gets the trophy, doesn't matter if you left before.
  9. # 282 - Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War [PS5] Enjoyment : 9 / 10 Difficulty: 7.5 / 10 Too many crashes on PS5 but finally I was able to make it I'm definitely enjoying this game more than Modern Warfare 2019 last year, pretty excited about the future content since right now is pretty bare bones. I reached max lvl in less than a week so grinding weapon camos is the only thing I have left to do while waiting for the new season. The trophy list is not too bad compared to previous games, I actually enjoyed Dead Ops Arcade which I never bothered with before.
  10. PlatinumAwarded when all other trophies have been unlocked Platinum and 100% on PS5
  11. So I guess it's just better to play it safe and don't leave during the boss fight even if it's just one guy left alive.
  12. So if any player dies during the bossfight it won't get the trophy?
  13. Any tips for Dead Ops Arcade? It's an absolute crashing mess for my group on PS5...
  14. Not to mention it’s pretty much a guaranteed crash on ps5 when you reach high rounds...
  15. I guess I’m finally getting Ni No Kuni Remastered (9,99€)