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  1. Is the Special Edition Bonus content included as well? I can't seem to find that theme and pack of avatars.
  2. The thing is, we'd be able to play each month's PS4 Plus games on the PS5, right?
  3. Yeah, my guess is probably the saves can be transferred over the PS Plus cloud storage.
  4. Not that much anymore, honestly, but I'll be back when season 2 comes out.
  5. Weird, I never heard of it. I just got the trophy yesterday after my 5th win without any trouble.
  6. # 276 - Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockdown Enjoyment : 10 / 10 Difficulty: 8 / 10 I had so much fun playing this, definitely looking forward to the next season I managed to get the infamous Infallible trophy winning 5 Hexagon finals pretty much back to back. Even with the exploit it's still a pretty challenging trophy, at this point there's always gonna be some really tryhard players in every final and there are so many factors that can totally screw up your streak, like I lost a 4 winning streak to a server error after trying to leave a game and there was other time when my game just crashed while I was playing the final and when I got back my kudos went up ruining my wins again -.-
  7. Ultimate Fall GuyAcquire all other trophies
  8. I got the trophy yesterday after a few days of trying, I was lucky enough to get Hexagon pretty much back to back five times, which is by far my best final. For some reason my game crashed once the moment I left the game via options menu and when I got back into the main menu I got kudos, also me and a friend both got kudos at the end of a round when there was a server error, so I guess unfortunately both of those two things can easily ruin your streak, and the longer you keep leaving matches to save your winning streak the more chances you’ll get to find one of those. I get kicked out because server errors pretty much daily, so yeah, it’s better to play it safe and leaving the few games mentioned above but I wouldn’t recommend taking too long either just in case you end up losing your streak because of the game crashing or a server error just like it happened to me twice...
  9. I already preordered on Amazon.
  10. Nintendo saved the year, I still can't believe the rumors were real
  11. Edit: wrong game, my bad.
  12. # 275 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered Enjoyment : 9 / 10 Difficulty: 5 / 10 Best campaign in the series imo, they did a great job with this remastered. I really wish the multiplayer was available as well since I don't enjoy the new modern warfare game at all :/
  13. I’m pretty sure you can only get the cod points and the rest of the bonuses in the account you made the purchase in. There shouldn’t be any problem with the game and the DLC themselves, tho.
  14. I got the trophy without any problem, it popped for me on the credits after finishing the last mission. I played every mission in order and every time I died or failed an objective I just restarted the mission in the pause menu. I didn't start a new game either, just loaded S.S.S.D on mission select and continued until the end in two sittings.
  15. Kingdom Hearts 2 Metal Gear Solid 3 Devil May Cry 3 God of War 2 Dragon Quest VIII