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  1. I got the trophy last week right as I finished my 50th race. Are you actually making it to the end of the race on time instead of letting the timer run out?
  2. Yeah, that would work as long as you set your PS+ account as your primary account on your console so you have access to those games while playing on your new account.
  3. Nah, pretty sure it’s only quick play and competitive.
  4. Infinite ammo totally makes a difference for the hard maps since the enemies are way more spongy. I believe you need to get an S rank in all regular maps first regardless to unlock the perk anyway. You can keep your combo from start to finish in all maps, enemies are never too far apart, the game is not asking you for a perfect run either.
  5. You probably know it already, but there’s an unlockable perk when you’re playing as Chris that basically gives you infinite ammo and makes all the maps pretty much a joke. Take a look at the fellow @Optinooby playlist, he made an amazing guide that’s pretty easy to follow:
  6. If you're good enough to get the rest of the trophies you won't have any problem with that one.
  7. Probably a free update with the option to buy the new story and characters if I had to guess. I doubt they'll keep the previous game as it is currently, wouldn't make much sense.
  8. https://www.dexerto.com/apex-legends/apex-legends-controller-players-are-totally-dominating-pc-ranked-in-predator-1949106/ It's gotten to a point where you have top mnk players just straight up switching to controller because it's just too consistent and easy to learn, so yeah it's a thing. One clipping at close range is deadly when aim assist is as high as it is for apex or warzone. I usually play in the pc pool and you can clearly tell who's on roller because when you're looting you can't move your character at all so you have to stand still, that's easily 3/4 players in any pc lobby.
  9. It just depends on the game, for Apex Legends or Warzone the aim assist is so strong that controllers are way more popular than m&k even at pro level. If that's the case there's not much problem with crossplay since most of the pc players are playing with controllers themselves.
  10. You can get the 100% again on ps5 without any problem, only thing you’ll need to link your psn account to a different battlenet (another phone number needed) if they don’t fix the friend zone trophy with the next update. It seems like the 2cp mode is not coming back into rotation with the new season either, but it usually shows up in the arcade playlist so you can get those trophies there. Reaching level 55 in the battle pass each season (which lasts two months) to unlock the new heroes without buying the premium battle pass can be pretty annoying if you’re not that into the game, best way to level up is definitely doing daily and weekly challenges, they also do double xp weekends here and there so it’s not that bad. I actually finished this first season at level 210 lol. They will be releasing some challenges to unlock the new heroes in case you missed them in the season they came out. We’ll see when season 2 drops how grindy those challenges will be, but that might be the best option for people that don’t want to put much time into the game.
  11. I got both trophies back to back as Roadhog without any issues, I didn't die at all either defending or attacking tho.
  12. Next season starts on August 9, that's the only hope.
  13. I missed a collectible close to the end and had to start all over again, so I did close to 2 full playthroughs. I only died once, and when I did i just went back to the main menu and loaded my save from there instead of selecting retry as others said in this post. Honestly I didn't pay much attention to the xp, but I still got the trophy at the end without any problem, even if it actually glitched on you or you just wanna play it safe completing the game from the start takes about 2:30h, also you can keep uploading your save to the cloud if you think it's necessary.
  14. Weird, I just finished the ps5 version and didn't have a single issue.