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  1. Yeah, it's mostly wifi warriors playing online.
  2. I currently have close to 200 crowns saved, I hope the new currency conversion won't be too bad :/
  3. You press the touchpad to access the menus and it's the second icon starting from the right, the one showing a hut, there you can see the full list of requests.
  4. # 316 - Sackboy: A Big Adventure Enjoyment : 8 / 10 Difficulty: 5.5 / 10 Definitely had a great time with this since I've always enjoyed the LittleBigPlanet games. I didn't think the last trial was that bad at all, there's plenty of time to spare so it doesn't even need to be rushed. I got it done in 8 minutes and didn't even know about optimal shortcuts: I would totally recommend this to everyone looking for a fun 3d platformer, there are plenty of levels and they even added online multiplayer which is always fun.
  5. I guess not, same happened with Days Gone.
  6. You get banned for leaving in the casual playlist as well, best option is just voting to concede.
  7. I didn't get that trophy to autopop when I transferred my save from ps4 but I got it without any trouble while I was doing my ps5 playthrough for fun. I was playing the story from scratch until I got to that point instead of chapter select, but I don't think that matters for the trophy, maybe you have some kind of stick drift in your controller?
  8. I just did the statue method the moment I got there on 8/24. Went from level 30 something to 99 in about 8-9 hours (on ps5) Probably it would have been enough to leave it at 90 something since I still had to grind for pretty much everything else at that point but I just wanted to get the bond stuff out of the way, once you get the muscle memory down I was doing it without even looking at the screen.
  9. It’s basically because of the Legends mode trophies, which is the online coop mode of the game. All the single player trophies including ng+ and the Iki island dlc are incredibly easy and everyone should be able to get them without any trouble.
  10. Also don’t forget to activate crossplay to get a bigger pool of players while you’re queuing.
  11. I saw some people posting that same problem on Reddit and they said they were able to load up the game through the Cold War menu, so give it a shot if you have either Cold War or MW2019.
  12. Cold War zombies are pretty good, you’re definitely missing out if you enjoy zombies and skipped that game. Sure, the Easter eggs are not what they used to be anymore if that’s what you care about the most in the game, however the gameplay and all 4 maps they released in Cold War are great, definitely a solid experience. You also have as an extra the new direction they tried with the Outbreak mode, if you think you might enjoy that experience. If you only care about trophies unfortunately only the release map has a set of achievements, tho. Vanguard zombies on the other hand are the absolute worst they’ve released so far. We better get some traditional rounds maps in future updates, otherwise I don’t think there’s any redemption for zombies in this game...
  13. Check your weapon camos to confirm if the kills are tracking, I believe we don’t have leaderboards yet to see stats in zombies.
  14. Just finished the campaign a few hours ago and got the trophy no problem on ps5. You should get the trophy fine as long as you complete again the few missions that are not showing as completed on veteran for you.
  15. Most likely the zombies related trophies for total kills as well.