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  1. I ended up with 05:30.76 with only a few tries, these levels were so much fun! Climbing Run was definitely my worst, I don't get how people can go that fast in that one.
  2. I saw some people posting that same problem on Reddit and they said they were able to load up the game through the Cold War menu, so give it a shot if you have either Cold War or MW2019.
  3. Cold War zombies are pretty good, you’re definitely missing out if you enjoy zombies and skipped that game. Sure, the Easter eggs are not what they used to be anymore if that’s what you care about the most in the game, however the gameplay and all 4 maps they released in Cold War are great, definitely a solid experience. You also have as an extra the new direction they tried with the Outbreak mode, if you think you might enjoy that experience. If you only care about trophies unfortunately only the release map has a set of achievements, tho. Vanguard zombies on the other hand are the absolute worst they’ve released so far. We better get some traditional rounds maps in future updates, otherwise I don’t think there’s any redemption for zombies in this game...
  4. Check your weapon camos to confirm if the kills are tracking, I believe we don’t have leaderboards yet to see stats in zombies.
  5. Just finished the campaign a few hours ago and got the trophy no problem on ps5. You should get the trophy fine as long as you complete again the few missions that are not showing as completed on veteran for you.
  6. Most likely the zombies related trophies for total kills as well.
  7. I believe you still have to complete the first 55 levels in multiplayer just by playing it, then when you enter the season prestige the progress is shared between all different modes including warzone and mw2019 / Cold War.
  8. Yeah, same, definitely not looking great. Only good thing is they decided to make Ninja a perk for release.
  9. Nope, you have to defeat the mamaback again.
  10. That’s the reason why Cold War performed well actually, since it got linked to Warzone one month after release. MW2019 doesn’t really feel like a CoD game at all, hell, do you guys remember they even removed the mini map in one of the first betas? It’s an interesting case, because most of us that have been around since the golden age of the series really disliked the changes and pretty much skipped the game for the whole year, however it’s pretty well received overall for any other FPS player really. I personally find MW2019 multiplayer to be by far the worst in the series, even worse than CoD Ghosts. However I’m pretty happy with Cold War, they did a great job with the new content each season. At this point I just accepted SBMM, it’s not going away any time soon. I went from a 3.40kd in black ops 4 (the last cod without strict SBMM, just the team balancing bs for solo players) to around 1.50kd in mw2019 / Cold War. If you just accept that you’re not gonna dominate every single lobby like you used to in the past decade and take every game like a “competitive” experience it’s super rewarding when you actually manage to do well.
  11. The game is still gonna do great no matter what since it’s linked to Warzone. For the last year pretty much the whole meta in Warzone revolved around Cold War weapons, and if you didn’t have them completely maxed out in your loadout you were in a serious disadvantage. Now that we’re approaching the end of Cold War life cycle we’re seeing most of its weapons are getting nerfed, it’s pretty obvious they’re preparing us for a Vanguard meta when the game drops. Sure, you get access to all the new weapons in Warzone even if you don’t own the games, but leveling them up in Warzone is incredibly tedious, so most of the player base will just purchase Vanguard for that purpose.
  12. It took me about 2 hours on the easiest difficulty, nothing to worry about.
  13. The update arrives next week, October 26:
  14. Pretty cool, I didn't know Horde mode was gonna be a thing, it could be really fun.
  15. Pretty sure he means this site's % rarity and not PSN in general.
  16. # 303 - Melty Blood: Type Lumina Enjoyment : 8.5 / 10 Difficulty: 4 / 10 Pretty happy I finally got to try the Melty Blood series, loving the game so far. The trophies were pretty standard for a fighting game, nothing especially difficult at all, probably a good game for starters in the genre as well. I'm definitely gonna be grinding ranked matches for a long time with my girl Akiha Tohno
  17. Perfect Clear RateGet a Clear Rate of 100% in Single Play Mode using any character.
  18. You get a green moon instead of the yellow one but it still counts for the percentage. I beat Akiho's last two challenges at lower speed and got the 100% trophy fine.
  19. Do they? I just tested it, completed the last two combos for Akiha at 30% speed and they're showing as completed but with a green moon instead of a yellow one. Also when I check the total clear rate for her missions it's showing as 96.2% so it probably doesn't count. Edit: My bad, I realized I somehow skipped one of her beginner combos so now it's showing as 100%.
  20. It looks like an interesting list, there's a trophy for beating the game under 35 minutes.
  21. Weird, the only guy I know that didn't autopop the Transcendence trophy had all three raid chapters unlocked after transferring his ps4 save, so as soon as he completed chapter 3 again he got the trophy.
  22. I wouldn’t even bother with matchmaking. It should be doable if everyone had a mic since you need to coordinate, especially for chapter 2, but that’s not gonna happen most of the times. My best advice would be to go to the Ghost of Tsushima discord and look for a group, there are tons of dedicated players there that will help you with everything without any trouble.
  23. Have you tried completing Chapter 3 again? That should pop it for you.
  24. # 299 - Gravity Rush Remastered Enjoyment : 8 / 10 Difficulty: 3 / 10 I played the original on PS Vita back in the day, it was always one of my favorites. Pretty cool remastered version, although I turned off the motion controls first thing. The 60 fps are so appreciated in a game like this, I found it easier overall than the original version, I don't think I had to restart a single challenge mission more than once. I didn't have the chance to try the DLCs before but I didn't miss too much, the missions were pretty underwhelming but the new outfits and a few extra challenges are always nice.