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  1. Alright thank you everyone!! Just to clear it up a bit; I got the game free with plus and now I am thinking about buying the upgrade with season pass included. It's super cheap and a has an crazy amount of trophies. Being able to 100% was a real deal-breaker for me.
  2. To which DLC does the season pass apply? As I understand not every DLC is included there. I'm mainly wondering if I'll be able to get 100% from the current trophy list.
  3. Got it accidentally with the PS Plus version. Go to Single Event>Sprint>India>Munnar I used the Audi R8, since it was the fastest car I had.
  4. So Uncharted 3 is an obvious one for you, you even have all the treasures already. I am currently working on it as well, and trust me, the hardest difficulty really isn't too bad. Or finish up Borderlands, you're pretty close there and the game's pretty great.
  5. Lord of Cinder here. I have Dark Souls, Dark Souls 2: SotFS and Bloodborne. Working on Demon's but that world tendency is killing me...
  6. Put me down for Mercenary and War, war never changes. 100% in: Fallout New Vegas, Fallout 3, Fallout 4 Platinums: Metro Last Light Thank you for doing these.
  7. PSN ID: UMPiCK24 PS systems: PS4, PS3 Blanks: Sorry, but no. And let's make it fun why don't we? Send your favourite game in the message please Or don't. Up to you. No worries. Mainly to fill that feed with some active hunters, but I am up to boosting/what have you. Currently playing Rocket League!!
  8. This is one of the worse bosses in the game, kind of like the Four Kings were in DS. You really need to have high VIT or else it's incredibly hard. When I first tried, all the spiders killed me in one hit. The boss is weak to lightning, so use Bolt Paper. There's usually plenty of people throwing out summons there, so you could try that. As far as fighting itself goes, I'd recommend a hit and run tactic. Run to his side, use a charge attack and retreat. Just watch for the spider so they dont create a cluster around you, other then that ignore them completely. You can defeat all the 3 phases like this.
  9. Brimstone + Ludovico's technique. It creates a large ring of death and completely obliterates everything in it's way
  10. I just got this game on sale in the 12 deals of christmas, and when at checkout I chose the option to download multiplayer first (smaller download). When I wanted to play story, it was still downloading in the menu, so when that finished I went to play the Prologue. After the end of the chapter, it's downloading the next one, but the problem is it always starts on 0%. If I quit the game, the download stops and resets so I have to start all the way on zero. It takes about an hour for each chapter to load, and there doesn't seem to be a way to check the progress other then completing the chapter. So I am asking if you had this gappen to you as well and is there any way to download the whole singleplayer portion of the game from the XMB, without starting up the game? I can't even play the MP while it's downloading, it's pretty much a loading screen, which downloads only the next chapter.
  11. The kill mom X times (8,9,10,11) trophies stopped unlocking for me when I went down to Sheol/Cathedral but otherwise, the rest are working as they should. EDIT: Ohh I forgot that the "Halo" (kill Mom with Bible) didn't unlock for me
  12. This would be greatly appreciated ^-^
  13. Looks pretty good, but I am getting a strong Dark Souls vibe here. That's good, but can also be very bad if executed poorly. I'll definitely wait for the reviews.. Thanks for posting
  14. There's so many great titles, I really think that gaming was something completely different. Have so many great memories, this was the first system I've played on. so my favourite ones would be Golden Eye, Oscarina of Time, Mario Party, Super Smash bros, Banjo Kazooie. Those two were the best games ever to play with friends