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  1. Hi I have a roxio game capture and would like to know what is the best settings to use? I don't have the HD one so dose anybody know a good setting so the game is not so blurry looking and loos good ??
  2. no tried but when i hit change the tv went black but would not save the change would not go to the next part of the set up
  3. I just got a roxio game capture and tried to hook it up i got a ps3 compatible A/V component cables not sony would that make a different my ps3 will not work when i set the tv to AV2 rest of AV is my dish hook up no single to tv untill i put the HDMI cable bake on the ps3 HELP!! what did i do wrong
  4. THANKS!!! found on on amazon
  5. And post it on youtube someone knows how and I would like to learn just for family to have fun
  6. thanks for all the help
  7. how do you get your psnp to show in post?
  8. I just got the jack of all trade trophy today got the pitcher play style in the corn field trophy pop if you got a play style in the first mission it may glitch if you did and remeber what it was earn it agian on a diffent one
  9. HI everyone I have been playing games for a long time stated with the ps1 ps2 ps3 and atari looking to have fun meeting new players