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  1. I'm back around on my PS4 again after a few months of being busy But, feel free to add me to just play games (I tend to get every major release) or just be friends in general PSN: RedsSFO
  2. Looking for more friends I have: inFAMOUS Tomb Raider (Need help with the multi) FIFA Add me if you want to play games or just be friends or party chat sometimes! PSN: RedsSFO
  3. I would like to have more friends on my brand new PS4 . So far I only have Killzone and the PS Plus games, but bound to get more within the next few months (including INFAMOUS!!!!)
  4. Anyone, feel free to add me. Just ordered a new PS3 (my other one broke a few months ago) and it should be here in a week or so. I'll be able to accept/send friend request on my Vita currently, but yeah just looking for some friends to talk with or play some games (should be getting Last of Us, Dark Souls 2 eventually, Uncharted series, etc.)
  5. I don't rent because I usually play a game for an hour or two and then come back to it a few days/weeks later. It would make it useless to rent.
  6. I have been keeping my games, but recently I have been selling them in preparation for the PS4 release as I have a feeling that I won't be playing my PS3 much when that comes out (honestly, I will probably sell it close to release and just use my vita until it comes out). Also, going back to school soon so I can't be lugging all those games around. I am no game collector or such, I just like playing games for fun!
  7. Crash Bandicoot 3! Loved that game as a kid.
  8. Jak - Jak & Daxter series.
  9. RAZR Maxx. Been using it for the past year.
  10. Probably the Ninja Gaiden series. I bought all 3 of them and didn't beat any of them. I got too annoyed and eventually just gave up. Fun games, but too dang hard for me the casual gamer :/.
  11. At home all of the time, I don't bring it when I go to other places. I also usually use it in my bed relaxing or in the bathroom .
  12. I was last using a Tommy Gun from Godfather 2, so that should be dandy!
  13. Nope even though I have a low completion percentage, I am perfectly fine with it.
  14. killcount23221 i have a pointy elbow
  15. Bioshock Infinite by far. One of the coolest/strangest endings that I have seen in awhile!