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  1. #26 Sound Shapes (PS Vita) Enjoyment: 8/10 Difficulty: 3/10 Got this four weeks ago but never ended up posting it. Who knows when I'll get my next platinum, I have no motivation. Anyways, I enjoyed it as much as the other two times I played it. It also ended up becoming my new fastest platinum, so there's that.
  2. Currently playing Dragon Age: Origins before I go back to working on the Kingdom Hearts II and Birth by Sleep platinums.
  3. Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix - Working on data battles and gummi missions before I start my Critical run. Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep Final Mix - Just finished Terra's story and plan to start Ven's next.
  4. Physical and digital spanning multiple accouts. (mostly two accounts though)
  5. Platinum #25 The Last of Us Remastered It can't be for nothing
  6. I'll definitely pick this up eventually, it's my favorite Final Fantasy. (followed closely by VIII)
  7. I bought the Kingdom Hearts HD 2.5 ReMIX CE (which was delivered last Saturday) and currently don't have a PS3. I'll hopefully pick up a PS3 again sometime soon.
  8. - The Last of Us Remastered - FIFA 15 (PS4) - Flower (PS4) I'm mainly focusing on TLoU Remastered though.
  9. Platinum #24 Transistor Plat()
  10. I really like it and was happy when they gave Hawke a voice in DAII. So having more voice options is always a plus for me, even when the VA desn't necessarily deliver a line of dialogue as you expected.
  11. Platinum #22 inFAMOUS Second Son Platinum #23 inFAMOUS First Light
  12. Personally I have no problem with Troy lending his voice to so many games. I've enjoyed his VA from the first game I heard his voice (Tales of Vesperia) to the latest. (inFAMOUS Second Son)
  13. DA:O - Human male warrior - Romanced Morrigan - Alistair became king - Morrigan had a old god baby with my warden DAII - Hawke was a male mage - Romanced Isabela - Killed the Arishock - Allowed Anders to live - Carver became a Grey Warden
  14. Hello Kaph, I haven't experienced any problems like that while playing The Last of Us Remastered. However I have experienced similar problems when I played other games. I ended up moving my PS4 to a more open area and it stopped making a really loud noise, I don't know how much space your PS4 is in but you could try that if it's in a tight space that doesn't allow it to breath. That's just a suggestion, if it is your disc drive I don't know what to do. Sorry if I wasn't any help and hope you figure it out.