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  1. I'm having a way worse time with this than I did with Fallout 3. With 3, I didn't really have problems until my save file got to about 12 MB. With New Vegas, I'm getting hard freezes every 15-30 minutes with a 5 MB file. It's infuriating. I can see now why the completion percentage is so low for this game.
  2. Yeah, it's weird that someone who plays a lot of games came to share an opinion about gaming on a gaming enthusiast site. What was he thinking?!?
  3. One thing I'll add to what I said earlier: I think I've been more rewarded for my completionist mentality than I've been punished by it. Honestly, I've had some of my favorite gaming experiences because of it. For example, I never would have done the Splosion Man co-op levels (sadly it's only on xbox) if there hadn't been achievements tied to them, and they're freaking fantastic. Same for the Uncharted 2 and 3 co-op missions, GTA5 doomsday heist, and more. And I've met tons of great people going for trophies and achievements like that who I still keep in touch with and game with years later.
  4. For me, it's just the way I play games. I'm sure one will come along that I'll play and not be able to get the 100% in, and that will be fine.
  5. There have definitely been games in the past where the DLC trophies didn't appear until release date. And there have been some where they appear months in advance, lol. And oops, I quoted the wrong person!
  6. I'm a 100%er. One thing that helped me was finding a lot of like-minded people when I went for the Uncharted 2 MP trophies. Luckily I've managed to keep in touch with and game with them ever since. Just like in life, some completionists are normal, fun, cool people who just like to play and master games, while others are a bit mental. Try to find people from the first group. They can motivate you to conquer "harder" games that you can be proud of, and they can help you on some of those damn Naughty Dog and Rockstar MP trophies. But yeah, I would never avoid an Uncharted or a GTA or something like it just because of the MP trophies. Not only are the MP modes fun in those games (especially the co-op), but the single player experience is too good to skip. I will say I usually give a new game a week or two before I play it just to make sure there aren't any trophy glitches. That's probably a little sad, but it is what it is. I have chanced it before though - I mean, at the end of the day, it's just video games.
  7. Use the TMP for the first three and the rifle for the last one. It's not bad at all once you learn to go very light on the trigger with the TMP.
  8. Wind Shrine counts as a battle area. It's great for Primm. For Sprite I would just use magic in normal battles. You'll easily max out Sprite's magic when farming for orbs and rare drops.
  9. Obviously you figured it out, but in case anyone else is wondering, you have to finish the level (you can't just save and exit after getting the 10th minikit).
  10. Are you guys sure you're not getting the right rewards? On mine the screen always shows the day one reward graphic, but I actually get the right amount of coins awarded every day. For example, today was my day 5, and while the screen showed day 1 with 600 coins awarded, I actually got 1800 when I did the math.