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  1. When you try to make a Korean Account, Korean PSN will ask an i-PIN account which is linked with Korean SSN. You need an i-PIN account only once when you are making Korean PSN account in first. And you can make more than one Korean accounts with an i-PIN account. So, the solution is borrowing an i-PIN account from any Korean users. This is not illegal outside of Korea even not violating PSN's TOS.
  2. I played Korean version but trophies in PSNProfiles are not support Korean Trophies. I hope this helps you who is playing Korean version. I refer to Official Korean site. ドラゴンクエストⅡ 悪霊の神々 드래곤 퀘스트 II 악령의 신들 Bronze 王子が仲間になった 왕자가 동료가 됐다 サマルトリアのおうじがなかまになった 사말토리아의 왕자가 동료가 됐다 Bronze 王女が仲間になった 공주가 동료가 됐다 ムーンブルクのおうじょがなかまになった 문부르크의 공주가 동료가 됐다 Bronze 航海のはじまり 항해의 시작 はじめてふねにのった 처음으로 배를 탔다 Silver でんせつのつるぎ 전설의 검 ロトのつるぎをてにいれた 로토의 검을 손에 넣었다 Silver ゆうしゃのあかし 용사의 증거 ロトのしるしをてにいれた 로토의 증표를 손에 넣었다 Silver でんせつのかぶと 전설의 투구 ロトのかぶとをてにいれた 로토의 투구를 손에 넣었다 Silver ルビスのおまもり 루비스의 부적 ルビスのおまもりをてにいれた 루비스의 부적을 손에 넣었다 Silver でんせつのよろい 전설의 갑옷 ロトのよろいをてにいれた 로토의 갑옷을 손에 넣었다 Gold シドーとうばつ 시도 토벌 シドーとうばつ 시도를 물리쳤다 Silver ハーゴンの呪いが解けた 하곤의 저주가 풀렸다 サマルトリアのおうじのびょうきがなおった 사말토리아의 왕자가 병에서 나았다
  3. Hi, I'm selling easy platinum games and I will ship to worldwide: Also, selling Korean PSN digital card here:
  4. There are a lot of stack games released. I think a lot of stacks game titles in still need localization or organization. I'm using Korean, Japanese and English for searching stacks games but I can't search some titles with Japanese Kanji, Kana or Korean over 2 more characters. I think this is technical problem, so I suggest that all game titles change to English because Japanese, Korean or other languages based game titles can change to Roman(English) easily and it may see better view on trophy page. I attach example image for suggestion.
  5. Sold out
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