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  1. I'm thinking about buying this game ever since Hero got announced for Smash, and since this game is about to be lauched on the Nintendo Switch, I was wondering on what version to buy. I've always been a sucker for thophies but the extra content on the Switch is really tempting. So, which one should I buy?
  2. I'm currently only missing Hanzo's pixel spray for my platinum, and I'm starting to get frustrated about that single trophy, everyone telling me that it used to be way easier isn't making it any better. Any tips to make it somehow easier?
  3. Am I still elegible for Naked rank if I don't have Rising's plat?
  4. R O L L I N G
  5. So, if I buy a new one, my PS3 will work correctly again?
  6. How did you repair it? Did you buy a new HDD?
  7. So I was about to play and the whole screen went black, I turned off the console and when I tried to turn it back on, it showed me this text: "cannot start the appropriate system storage was not found" I tried to go to the recovery menu and it still showed me the same message, and then I tried to take the Hard Disk out and put it back in and the same. Every time I try to turn it on, shows me the message. H E L P
  8. So Naughty Dog is turning 30 and for celebrate it the decided to make a limited edition precursor orb. Personally I love Jak and Daxter, it was my first PS2 game, and it's good to know they remember their old franchises, because, let's be honests, Uncharted and TLOU it's the only thing everyone knows Naughty Dog for, not even for Crash Bandicoot. Cool they remember my favourite duo of all time. What are your thoughs on this?
  10. Love this guys ♥
  11. Metal Gear Solid 2. Just need the damn dog tags in Raiden/Plant chapter, complete all the VR missions and complete all the Snake Tales.
  12. Thought Destiny was going to be a good game
  13. Silverlml