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  1. Hi i already posted in here and i thought i will never make it . I tried again and said to myself just fuck it let's do this and see what i can achieved. I finished one event after another,some events are tough as hell and i spend a lot of time ( oldest car was tougher for me). Even the last two in Scotland, i finished those without too much pain.Thanks for the topic,it was a great help.
  2. Hi everyone i have the same issue chapter 1 done ,i missed 2 ennemies. Do i need to redo the complete first chapter ? The radar is limited right,he disappeared about maybe 20 or 30s i'm not sure ?
  3. Hi i just started the game and i seek some advices or tips for almost all trophies Something specfic to look for or something to keep in mind for the playthrough Thanks
  4. Hi i read some of your advices and it seems some very good players are here . I can t even beat the second challenge on very hard so it seems i need training Do you have some tips for the driving to be faster ?
  5. I have a huge problem with the boat;i have a lot of problems for landing my boat.I spend 10 min for the first stop. Anyone has the same issue ? EDIT : You need to stay maybe 15 seconds before you can go out
  6. Hi i have a question about the PVP , it's active and we can find games easily or we need to boost these trophies ? Thanks for your answers.
  7. It's not working even with all patches. Season objectives disappeared after Spain,i had completed 13 of them.I'm pretty fucked right now.
  8. I am interested on buying this game but i have 2 interrogations the first one is how is difficult to plat this game if this is the first time i play this franchise ? The second one are controls,you play the game with the stick or the directional keys ?
  9. Hi i started a career and i am in WRC 2 category but no trophy.Maybe i need to be in WRC 2 PRO ? This trophy unlocked only in season mode or did i miss something ? Thanks for your replies. EDIT : Got the trophy with changing my team next year
  10. Okay pretty simple,thanks for the information.
  11. Hi everyone,there is a problem about one trophy for the season 2. Why nobody got this one ? Glitch or something else,i tried to find information but no luck.
  12. Hi everyone,i will start this game soon and i want to know how many playthroughs are needed. Can you do all the trophies in 1 or you need multiple new game + ? Thanks for your replies.
  13. Hi everyone since i started my new game + playthrough on iron mode,in every sneaky encounters my game crashes if i start to stealth and after i m spotted (2 times now) but sometimes no crash i just don't get it. Does anybody have this glitch ? It's annoying as fuck because no checkpoint in iron mode !
  14. Hi i just see your post and profil.I am a little interested in this game so i want to ask you a question the game still black screen on very easy and easy ? They patched it few times 1.09 on steam.I read that this glitch occurs on demat version of this game.
  15. You are right after i checked once,I search on google and if you don't change the language of your system in English you have japanese trophies.