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  1. Hi everyone since i started my new game + playthrough on iron mode,in every sneaky encounters my game crashes if i start to stealth and after i m spotted (2 times now) but sometimes no crash i just don't get it. Does anybody have this glitch ? It's annoying as fuck because no checkpoint in iron mode !
  2. Hi i just see your post and profil.I am a little interested in this game so i want to ask you a question the game still black screen on very easy and easy ? They patched it few times 1.09 on steam.I read that this glitch occurs on demat version of this game.
  3. You are right after i checked once,I search on google and if you don't change the language of your system in English you have japanese trophies.
  4. Yeah, i search profiles on PSN and the trophies are on japanese even for usa or europe players so they didn't translate them.
  5. Hi everyone,how hard is this game? I plat trials of blood dragon and it was tough but doable,i did also trials evolution on 360 but never did an extreme track. What's your thought about this plat ?
  6. Okay so i unlocked the trophy.If you have this glitch,it's probably because your second player is a real account change it to a guest account first match trophy...weird glitch anyway
  7. Yeah i know it's not glitched for everyone but for me yes....this is why i asked if someone has the same issue.
  8. Hi everyone,i have an issue with this trophy.I already did all the factions but no trophy .I did also once again two factions but no trophy either. Someone has the same problem ? I have the digital version of the game. Thanks for your answers.
  9. Hi everyone,i have a question about the 3 games in the persona dancing bundle. Every list is in japanese or they traduce in english all the trophies ? Thanks for your replies.
  10. Okay thanks for your reply.It's very surprising they didn't translate it.Not the money maybe.
  11. Hi so your trophy list is in japanese too.They didn't translate in english ? It's the first time i heard that.
  12. Hi everyone,i have a question about the matchmaking games. Is there enough guys to play in matchmaking games or it's already dead ? Also can we do the hidden challenge and the rest of the trophies (even the 10 wins in every variant) with only 2 guys or we need absolutely 4 ? Thanks for the reply.
  13. Hi everyone,i seek a little help about these 2 trophies.I just don't get it how to do these 2 trophies,i manage to break their guard but they never do other attacks because i kill them too soon i guess. I'm not to sure so if someone know how to do that,it would be very helpful. Thanks by advance. EDIT : Just got it,it was easy just spamming in a new game the first few ennemies and in 2/3hours everything is done.
  14. Hi, i just see your post and i have the same problem as you, you have the plat now so how do you unlocked it ?,
  15. Hi i try with your tip but no luck for me no trophy even with the four A . Anyone have another tip because i'm stucked for now...