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  1. Okay thanks for your reply.It's very surprising they didn't translate it.Not the money maybe.
  2. Hi so your trophy list is in japanese too.They didn't translate in english ? It's the first time i heard that.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm seeking for the DLC UNDERWATER LABS,he is already out for the XBOX360 but i see nothing on the PSSTOREor in the game himself but i see some people playing it. So my question is how do i get this DLC or when i can download it? Thanks,
  4. Hi i have a question about this game,a lot of guys in forums says the game has a input lag. I want to know if the game became unplayable or very tough to play with. Thanks for your answers.
  5. Hi everyone,i have a question about the matchmaking games. Is there enough guys to play in matchmaking games or it's already dead ? Also can we do the hidden challenge and the rest of the trophies (even the 10 wins in every variant) with only 2 guys or we need absolutely 4 ? Thanks for the reply.
  6. Hi everyone,i seek a little help about these 2 trophies.I just don't get it how to do these 2 trophies,i manage to break their guard but they never do other attacks because i kill them too soon i guess. I'm not to sure so if someone know how to do that,it would be very helpful. Thanks by advance. EDIT : Just got it,it was easy just spamming in a new game the first few ennemies and in 2/3hours everything is done.
  7. Hi, i just see your post and i have the same problem as you, you have the plat now so how do you unlocked it ?,
  8. Hi i try with your tip but no luck for me no trophy even with the four A . Anyone have another tip because i'm stucked for now...
  9. Hi i am interested in this game but i read a lot about those framerate problems. Some patches are out 1.04 the latest version so i want to know if it fixed this problem?
  10. Hi i have a question about this game,someone in french forums says that the 250 wins can be boosted with only 2 players in private but not all the wins count (1 or 2 of 10) and also only with the digital version. So someone know if it's right or wrong ? Thanks for the answers.
  11. Thanks for your answer,it's very useful to me.
  12. Hi everyone,i have a question about the challenges DLC.In the videos they seems doable but hard.In comparaison on some other games like Blazblue or Marvel vs Capcom 3 or Street,they are harder or less harder ?
  13. The Guided Fate Paradox Never see that until now.