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  1. Personally, I view them as a pallete cleanser. They are often good if you only half 30 mins to play or after you have finished something else but aren't quite ready to go to sleep. I have also used them on occasion to hit targets but overall I'm not big on them. That being said, I don't have an issue with people who play easy games all the time. At the end of the day, I play games how I want and they can play games how they want. I am also not particularly into being a completionist, boosting, exclusively playing hard games, high ratio games or games of a specific genre only. But that doesn't matter. People play however works best for them. I have also had changes in my own playstyle over the years I think it just makes sense to focus on yourself rather than others. For example, I used to do difficult things in games and play basically everything on the hardest setting, but now as I get older and have less time & ability I stick to normal and rarely do anything above a 6/7 out of 10 in terms of challenge. There are two trophy hunting strategies I don't think I will ever personally understand though; 1) Playing through a game with a guide (I don't mean like collectables or missables or whatever or checking a specific thing, but literally a word for word guide) 2) Buying a Visual Novel but skipping all of the text
  2. I would have said the opposite. All trophies is just beat all games with all characters (if the game has multiple characters). It is about the least amount of effort I would reasonably expect anyone to put into the collection with the exception of "Beat each game once". Would have liked to see some challenge runs but ultimately I am just really happy to play through these games again and have a western release of Kid Dracula. Love Castlevania! Hope everyone enjoys =)
  3. We are an active guild looking for members. Trying to get to 30 active players. Not expecting tons of hours or very high level players like some of the top guilds, but regular players who contribute to guild progress. Let me know your invite code if interested 😀
  4. Not sure how many members your guild has, but if you are interested, The guild I am in has started and intends to be a very active guild for people who intend to put a decent amount of time into the game. Not expecting super amounts of hours like some of the high levels, but regular play and contribution is all that is asked 😀 We currently have 3 members and hope to get up to 30 active members
  5. @RatalaikaGames Seem to me to be a good, small publisher who promote and support very small indie devs with a good business model. It seems to me that you haven't through this comment. The games that Ratalaika publish are not shovel ware as others above have said. As someone else said, they own a few of the games on Switch, where there are no trophies. They are enjoyable first, with an overlay of easy trophies and multiple versions. If I had to guess, Ratalaika work with very small devs who are trying to out different genre and game ideas in small projects (Almost all Ratalaika games are a different genre), whilst still getting paid for the effort they put in. Clearly, there is a small market for these experimental games so the price must be kept low and any overlay that can be used to attract a wider target audience is well worth it. So you make simple indie games for a low cost, making sure to have stackable and Vita versions to attract the wider audience of trophy hunters as well as those who would be the games regardless. This doesn't JUST "Easily Generate money" for Ratalaika. It also; 1) Brings an audience to their games who see that it isn't the same Shovelware you see on the Steam store for example 2) Raises Rataliaka's name as a company who support small devs trying experimental ideas, which may strike it big with an unknown name in the future. 3) Gives very small devs a way to get paid more than they normally would for their experimental games, which also gives them more money and assets to improve their craft in future. If Ratalaika make a living off this model I am happy for them, plus as they pointed out, their games can be made more challenging if you wish. Just because the trophies are easy doesn't mean there is no challenge in their games.
  6. Hey mate! FINALLY signed up to this site again lol, how's it going? :)

  7. I don't necessarily agree that you can simply use a definition to nail down a nuanced issue. However, if you were to use simple definitions, you would come to the conclusion that not all time-consuming games require effort or skill. Difficult = "needing much effort or skill to accomplish, deal with, or understand." OR "characterized by or causing hardships or problems." OR "(of a person) not easy to please or satisfy; awkward." Effort = "a vigorous or determined attempt." OR "a force exerted by a machine or in a process." If you included all of the above definitions or "Difficult" & "Effort" (and by extension vigorous and determined) then it is easy to see how SO4 would meet the criteria. However, this is due to the fact that planning out the battle trophies, creation lists etc could fall under "Effort". Other time-consuming games do not follow this pattern. Not every time-consuming game would need to fit those definitions. Regardless of the above, I would say in terms of gaming the definition of "Difficult" that fits best is "characterized by or causing hardships or problems.". By this definition, it becomes harder to categorise SO4 as difficult (though certainly not impossible). Again, not all time-consuming games would fir this criteria. (As an aside, I would say the reason that definition fits best for gaming are due to how retro games used the term "Difficulty") Lastly, just to hit home the point that definitions don't always work cleanly where the discussion involves a specific area, below are two official definitions that do not fit gaming. Farm = "an area of land and its buildings, used for growing crops and rearing animals." OR as a verb "make one's living by growing crops or keeping livestock." Grind = "reduce (something) to small particles or powder by crushing it." TL;DR - With regard to SO4 specifically, unlike many other time-consuming games, an argument can be made that some aspects could be considered difficult. Difficulty does NOT equal time-consuming, however many factors must be taken into account when weighing up a game. Overall, I strongly disagree with those who would place SO4 at the top end of the scale for difficulty, however I also disagree with those who place it at the lower end of the scale, claiming it is JUST time-consuming.
  8. Mostly a AAA/big release gamer and mostly a completionist. Will play pretty much any genre though and is willing to try a game if got for free on PS+. Possibly a little bit of a nostalgic gamer from the PS2 era and enjoys rock band style games.