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  1. I always planned my trophy milestone, and after not playing the Vita for a few days I loaded my Danganronpa UDG and got a certain trophy with missing timestamp, it seems I played without an update or something weird and got my first and only missing timestamp trophy. It totally changed my behaviour towards trophies and this site, I would come many times a day to check my profile, but after that I just couldn't even enter the site, I didn't want to see my messed up milestone. After a while I posted on these topics and they implemented that thing where the missing timestamp won't be your first trophy, I was pretty excited I could enjoy PSNProfiles again, since even if I can't come here daily anymore as I did before its still my favorite trophy site. But that didn't solved anything, my real first trophy from Mirror's Edge was there again, but the rest were still the same messed up trophies after getting the no timestamp, anyone know why that is? Would there be a way for missing timestamp trophies to appear always as the lattest trophies on the list? That would solve everything.
  2. Mine too, thank you everyone who has bring this issue to light and to Sly for fixing it. I'm so glad for myself as well as everyone else who has this issue, which is a lot of people >.< I was affraid since I wouldn't look at my profile as much as before since everytime I saw the milestone with missing time stamp was a reminder of all my effort planning some of the trophies there gone to waste. I didn't do it for showing rare trophies or something like that, these were just easy trophies but from games which I loved, so I loved having my milestone the way it was.
  3. I don't think this is a good idea. There was a short time I wanted something like this, but when I really thought about it the scenario where someone compromises your account could delete your trophies would ruin your account even if you get the account back. Also had bad experiences back in the 90's when my sister always deleted my Ocarine of Time savedata. This isn't a problem for me now but I'm sure it would both help people who want to clean its trophy list and also give a lot of problems to people getting certain games deleted, I can see the posts popping out as soon as it got implemented. Still, if they do it right, like putting a password asside to your account one to delete them, and having a period of time where you can recover them such as what happens when you delete a character in many MMOs, that would be cool. I understand you have to accept your own profile, but it really bugs having games such as MW2 or Lord of the Rings Conquest with a couple trophies just because some friends played them on your PS3 when you still didn't cared about your profile (mainly because at that time not every release had trophies implemented).
  4. Could this be done? I had the same issue a few days ago playing Danganronpa, I noticed my milestone messed up and the responsible was this single trophy (http://psnprofiles.com/trophy/3845-Danganronpa-Another-Episode-Ultra-Despair-Girls/10-Burning-Your-Bridges). When I tried to sync my PSVita wasn't updated to the lattest version apparently, and probably that was the cause. Didn't know this could happen and since the milestone really mattered to me and most of the trophies there were earned on purpose It really bugs me to watch it now while before I enjoyed the feature a lot. I've checked a lot of posts about the issue and checked many user profiles with really high level, and many of them had a no timestamp for the first trophy. For what I've read there's a lot of users with far more level than me who cared about their milestone and this issue happened to them. I'm sure they would love the feature you mentioned, but probably not many of them saw this specific message. This wouldn't affect people who actually got their first trophy as no timestamp if each profile can turn on this option or leave it alone. Being by moving no timestamp trophies to the last ones instead of first ones, or by what you mentioned. I think if this is doable it's worth it both for all the users who have and will have this issue on the future and also so the Milestone correctly fulfills its purpose, since for most milestones with a no timestamp they aren't showing the real Milestone and thus isn't fulfilling it's reason to be. Still I'm surprised since you said it as if it was a really easy feature to add, but I don't think it's that simple if something that would clearly help a lot of users it's not added. I hope we can hear more about the matter >.<
  5. Hey. I Was playing Danganronpa AE: Ultimate Despair Girls and for some reason this trophy (http://psnprofiles.com/trophy/3845-Danganronpa-Another-Episode-Ultra-Despair-Girls/10-Burning-Your-Bridges) unlocked with No Timestamp. I remember if you got a trophy on the 360 while offline it didn't had the time you got it, that was a bother the days I had issues with the connection. But I know on PSN even if you're offline you still get the clock hour for that trophy. Still this wasn't an issue since I don't have any problem with the internet right now. I noticed though that I didn't have the Vita updated, it reminded me when I tried to open the trophies so I did update it and then sync. Anyone knows why this happened and if there's a way to fix it? It appears as my first trophy and messed everything up.
  6. This is from when the game came out, but here's my character, Arcueid.
  7. Thanks for the reply, I didn't know the PS4 version had any differences besides the DLC. I will get that one then ^.^
  8. So I was about to buy it for PS4, just because I like the share function to save funny moments while you play, but I saw in the store the only DLCs available are for the PS3 and Vita versions, does it means the PS4 version comes with them, including the pay ones? If not I'll stick to the Vita one, also, where do you enjoy to play it most? PS4 or Vita? I know the first one was for PSP but I don't know what to do >.<
  9. Wow thanks both of you, that was a lot of help! Finally can start it now. I was soo looking forward to it >.< If I make any mistake in my way to get the platinum i'll post it here so no one else falls on the same error, but if that's all there is it should be fine.
  10. Oh that's a shame. my main concern are missable trophies. When I play a game for the first time I just check if there's any missable and then play it only worrying about these and only use a guide for the rest when I beaten it, I like when trophies pop without knowing why rather than using a guide from the start and spoil them. But I always check missables because it can lead to a really big waste of time, I suppose most people do it this way. So, anyone who played Atelier Rorona Plus could tell me if there's lot of missable trophies? If you know if there's a guide for this version it would be great too, I couldn't find any >.<
  11. Hey! So I was wondering if the trophies from the Plus version changed a lot from the first one, since I can't find a trophy guide for this new release, I was wondering if I would be safe using the normal guide or if some of the new trophies addeded are missable. Thanks!
  12. Isn't the other way around? The percentage on PSN should be much lower, at least it is on the Vita, and that's what makes sense. Since it tracks from everyone and there's tons of people who will play a game and leave it forever after a few minutes, since this site only tracks someone when you enter his PSN ID on the main page, and this is a site about trophies, the majority of IDs registered are from people that at the very least finish their games, leaving the others out. So while PSN it is better to check the real completion percentage of a game, ironically that info it's the most useless, I only would use it out of curiosity about the real rate. Being more accurate the percentage you get here if you want to have an idea of the difficulty of a certain platinum/trophy. I saw Nier trophies on the Vita and had 1~%, while it's an easy platinum but a bit time consuming, and here you can see it got a 8%, which is more accurate acording to it's difficulty, there's a lot of easy games with ultra low rates on PSN.
  13. I purchased the game on the 360 when it came out, but now i'm more on the PS3 again so I wanted to buy it, I was hoping it would get a price drop this Halloween, there isn't a game more fit than this one for the halloween offers. Plus the sequel just came out so it would help sell both of them. I think it's really weird there wasn't an offer for the first one, I spent all the weekend out and I couldn't check the store but I don't think they made it just for the Halloween day, there wasn't a price drop neither on US nor EU PSN?
  14. Nice collection of books, I will check some of these I like Lovecraft so much, I've read a collection of his complete stories and Shadow over Innsmouth, but haven't checked the Necronomicon yet >.< I also readed a biography about him, really enjoyed it.
  15. There's a lot of topics like this one with many kinds of media, but I had yet to see one about books, which are among the most pleasurable things in life for me and i'm sure for most of you too. So let's share our literary tastes. It doesn't matter if the last book you've read it's a book you readed so many times already, all of us have our favorite books and a single reading isn't enough, they'll be with us for the rest of our life. Also since most books aren't like movies, which you can see in one sitting, if you preffer it this way, you could share the one you are reading now instead of the last, everyone is free to do whatever they feel like. I like a large range of literature and genres, from greek tragedy, philosophy and mythology to epic fantasy and science fiction, the last book I've readed belongs to the latter. The cyberpunk novel Neuromancer, by William Gibson.