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  1. Could videogames be the only "hobby" where people instead of having fun and feeling love for what they play have a bad time and get burned out since the addition of trophies? Just enjoy games and make trophies a second priority, the other way around will only take you away from the reason you started playing games to begin with.
  2. I think something went wrong with my DLCs, I've purchased all the costumes and thought it was normal they weren't on my inventory at the start, but I've finished the fourth day and there wasn't any NPC selling them, I thought they might be in the dresser inside the clothing shop but they didn't show up any of the times you go back there. These DLCs don't have download option, so you get them and that's all, don't know if starting the game on PS5 might give any issue, still I got the DLCs in the PS5 store. When I chose "Manage Game Content" it is empty, it doesn't show the epilogue nor the costumes, not sure if that's relevant. So where are you supposed to find the costumes? In case you only get them when you start a new game I've tried that too and doesn't work. Unless you need to both start a new game and reach a certain point. I didn't purchase the costumes before starting the game, I did when I was on the second zone. Edit: Oh nevermind, while I purchased from Amazon.es I've checked and it was the USA version, so I've downloaded the stuff from that store and worked.
  3. Thanks a lot! I've checked a couple of YT trailers before making the post but they only show the new art, so I had my hopes lost. I'll be getting it then and fully enjoy it~
  4. Just like what happened with Yu-No, which is one of my favorite games/vn ever, the new designs doesn't convery me anything, I feel they were made by someone without a soul, don't feel there's a human behind that, regardless of your style, as a human being your feelings are embodied there, but the only feeling I get is they must been made by an advanced IA, they're so generic and empty, they can't tell you anything while I can't spend so much time looking at one of Urushihara's portraits and even learn about the character and their feelings from it. So basically the question is if you can switch or chose at the start of the game between the original Urushihara art and the new one.
  5. I have 468 games liked and subscribed for price drop alerts, if you're under that number it's a bug but if you're way over it might be a limit.
  6. Well with Danganronpa Decadence being exclusive to Switch, and another franchise that was born on PS, had every title on it and now it won't, I don't have any more doubts. Now I wish they added trophies on Nintendo. There was a time I saw my Nintendo consoles as a place to relax and have fun without worrying about trophies, but at the same time and with the experience I have now, I love the idea of starting over to have a 100% profile without dozens of piled up games.
  7. So Demon Gaze EXTRA will release both in Switch and PS4. I'm surprised, while it originally released for the Vita, there's plenty of cases of both franchises and re-editions leaving PS after their stupid new policies. Demon Gaze had loli characters in very revealing outfits, bath scenes and such. I'd like to know how the future of PS games looks like to stop giving them all my money for multi-platforms if they keep doing this, but then I see news like these and I get confused.
  8. And then they release Sable's Grimoire with removed content when it's totally fine in the rest of platforms. I hope they come to their senses soon, against who they're trying to look good when they're the only ones butchering and kicking out games of their platform? It's weird how at the same time in the previous years that Steam and Switch made huge steps and while Steam has tons of uncut eroge in every shape, be it visual novels, RPG-Maker, 3D adventure games, etc. and even Switch has Waifu Uncovered that shows 2D nipples or Little Perky Things Sony decided it's a good idea not simply stay the same but going the opposite way...
  9. It doesn't help that Prinny games and NIS Classics are releasing as Switch exclusive, so I already feel the company is gone. What I'd give to play their classics with trophies like La Puecelle or Phantom Brave and so on. And any new about the localization of Labyrinth of Galleria: Coven of Dusk? I enjoyed the first one so much and was so excited about the new entry since the first announcement was revealed.
  10. About I-No: “I-No‘s design becoming more obedient is not censorship. We changed the presentation to have even more people play as her.” So they basically confessed and admited it was censorship. Of course same with Ramlethal, but in Ramlethal case her overall design, these red bandages and all make her looks so badass and is still my favorite, no reason to censor her torso though.
  11. Yeah I know it released in Japan, but if it won't release in the West it will be the first time they don't make it to PS here and it's among my favorite franchises, one of these that make me chose the platform they release. When Disgaea and other JRPG started making it to Steam the only point to remain on PSN was liking more the trophy system, but still both platforms had them, but if they are leaving then that's a total different thing. I hope it comes to PS when the complete edition does. I'll get 6 on the Switch but I'd like to have it on PS too since it's where I have all of them.
  12. If I was certain of how many japanese/anime style games will be moving from PS in the future I'd be fully moving to Steam/Switch for all multiplatforms which I get on PS. But it's confusing, I'm looking for upcoming released, and found for instance Hinomaruko, which is similar to Senran Kagura games releasing both for Switch and PS4. Yet one of my favorite franchises, Disgaea 6 already left, and I don't know what will mean for the next games team Disgaea will release. Not sure if this will go worse, stay like this or get better in future releases. I'd love to know what the future of japanese games in the platform looks like.
  13. Yay! It got a sale, together with games I was expecting even more than that one for a long time, Momodora, Cofee Talk, Minoria and Maitetsu that I already buy back in the day for PC but wanted to have it on PSN, love this sale~
  14. That's just that when I clean tabs I make a folder for the ones I have open the most, so I did a folder for Anilist so I could close all these tabs and have there the anime I'm going to watch next. Yeah it happens a lot, I ended up using downloaders to download the whole gallery of the artists I like, haha. I said I had 900 because if I said the truth it would be even more weird, in fact I have 3 Chrome windows open at all times, the 900+ are from my main session, then there's a second window with 383 related to games and the third with 246, which started with mods but now it's a mix with everything. My dream is to clean all of them until I have only one window with no more than 50 tabs, I clean between loading times, Genshin Impact is useful for that since it takes so long to load.