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  1. Oh so even if I use one that fits an adapter with an smaller card just won't work on OFW, then I'll have to find an official one.Thanks!
  2. Talking about the Vita, got it around the time P4: Golden and Muramasa came out and I've always used the 8GB card that came with it since the official ones were too expensive and most of my games are physical, but by now I have many digital games on it, plus DLCs that I'd like to have at the same time, and I was wondering if smaller cards such as this one would work well with the adaptator: https://www.amazon.es/Tarjeta-SanDisk-microSDXC-Adaptador-Velocidad/dp/B073JYC4XM/ref=sr_1_15?__mk_es_ES=ÅMÅŽÕÑ&dchild=1&keywords=ps+vita+card&qid=1603387160&sr=8-15 Also, in case it works, what's the max GB that would work on Vita OS? Would these give me any issue compared to the official ones, or do you recommend other brand than Samsung? I spend my money on limited editions and such, and I think it's a bit too much to spend 100€ on an official 64GB card if it's not any better than other options. I mean, I think Samsung ones are pretty good and a 64GB one is 10€, ten times less than an official Vita one which I don't know what's good about them. I always buy official stuff, but these are just too overpriced.
  3. Yeah a friend just told me before making the post about the 3DS stores since I was talking to him about this, I didn't even check on mine (we're from Spain) I just googled it and saw it was shut down on 42 countries so I assumed it was gone for us too. I get physical copies except when that's not possible, and for 3DS that would be SMTIV in which I have around 300 hours, it came out physically on America but digital only on Europe. Just checked and yeah the 3DS store is still working on Spain for now which is great. I found it really weird 3DS would shut down before Vita, still 42 countries is a lot of them...
  4. Yeah I know about that. I was talking about the second step, if they're removing the PS3/Vita media from the web store, I was wondering about the future when they shut down the stores on the systems themselves, the PS3 and Vita just like they did with 3DS, I was wondering if shutting down the stores on the platforms would mean they'll also discontinue any kind of online service, such as trophy sync. I'm talking about years ahead -it could be when the next PS system/serive releases or even before, seeing they even did it with 3DS- when the PS3/Vita stores shut down.
  5. So with their move about removing the PS3 and Vita products from their website, I started to wonder a few things. First, is it necessary to remove PS3 and Vita related media from the web store? And by necessary I mean if it would reduce for them any kind of server cost, or they're just doing this so people start getting used to not seeing these outside the respective systems for a potential closure of PS3 and Vita stores for good? And the second question is, would closing PS3 and Vita stores on the platform itself, would mean they will stop the online service, meaning you can't sync trophies from them anymore? Of course there's content that would get lost for good unless you save it well, such as Vita DLCs, for instance Muramasa DLC trophies, and the possibility of playing these DLCs too just for the fun of it and because is part of the game. But these -DLC-, specially on Vita and the genre I play most which is JRPG is rare, but still better than just stopping the trophy sync, which would mean everything on PS3 and Vita would stay frozen for good with the % you had at the time of closure. So just wondering from my ignorance if you think there would be any risk of these services being discontinued due to a potential upcoming -maybe with the next console/service- closure of these stores or these are totally separate things and they wouldn't see any benefit from shutting down the online entirely.
  6. I'm still confused about the past PSN level limit being 100, and now 999. I swear there was people with PSN level 170 or so, maybe I'm confused with the number of Platinum, Yet looking at the leaderboards the top users are over level 1000 anyway, so I don't get it. And yeah I ended up with a funny level
  7. Thanks for the quick and helpful replies! I have been so immersed on Genshin I haven't even checked the Friend List, now I see everyone has these crazy levels. I'll look about it, but personally I think this is a really risky move, the perception about levels will change so much. I was 28 and I was hoping to get to 30 soon, but if I'm like 404 now it's like, the number is so high I don't care as much about my level. I think the rate you leveled up the standard way was a more satisfying one with each level more rewarding, if you level up so fast I think is a real mess. Also, while not capped at 99, it was more RPG'ish, where max level tend to be from 99 to 200 or so, I don't know, a pretty strange move, we'll see how it goes.
  8. So, all I have been playing for the past days on PS is Genshin Impact, just a couple minutes ago I see a message on Whatsapp from a friend showing me my level shows as 404, I checked and I can see it too. PSNProfiles show my level correctly, but PSN doesn't. My trophies are okay, I have 6266, but the level and I think % too (Shows 62% yet I just hit level 28 the other day and have just played Genshin). Since I been playing it, I've done play sessions of more than 20 hours, especially last one, woke up at 22PM and went to bed at 18 or so. I could think this could mess my PS4 in some way, but I don't think it would explain others seeing it. Also, there shouldn't be any risk someone with a modded PS4 used my account as I don't share my password with anyone. I wonder if this is a common issue or a really crazy one, I'm hoping you guys can throw some light here, I've never experienced anything like this on any system. The biggest change I've made on my account was a few weeks ago, I never had any hidden games since trophies were introduced, yet I was unhappy with a couple games, CoD: MW2 and Dragon Ball Raging Blast that a couple friends played like 10 years ago on my home and profile. I took the chance to hide other games Imissed online trophies, such as Uncharted 2 and LBP, but that's really everything I've made to my account. Thanks for the help!
  9. Usually I listen to full albums, but suddenly my mind and body had the urge to listen to "Up from the skies" and have been in loop for a while, enjoy~
  10. Adoro la versión completa del banner actual 😍 Y esos gifs de Felicia, es difícil concentrarse en leer los post, en especial en el que esta de espaldas xD

    1. Honor_Hand


      Uff, esa imagen de Felicia que tengo ahí es espectacular. Tiene un delineado y unos colores perfectos y llamativos. Y su cuerpo está para comérselo completo, sí que sí. 😘


      Ahora, ese gif en donde está de espaldas haciendo lo que está haciendo, ahí por allí también una versión NSFW un poco más gráfica, por si te interesa buscarlo por allí. ;)

    2. YonahFuriae


      Oh, gracias por el dato, acabo de encontrarla :awesome: 

      Y si, sobretodo llama la atención el color rosa en el banner, jaja.

    3. Honor_Hand


      Hay otros gifs por ahí también en 3D, pero esos ya son más modelos para R-34. :awesome:


      Tengo que representar a la diosa gatuna de la mejor (y más segura) manera posible en cualquier lugar a donde vaya. x3

  11. For me The Witcher 1 was the greatest experience in the series. They managed to create a true witcher experience, while I love many things about TW3, some core mechanics made me deeply dissapointed from the start. Starting by making alchemy an instant consumable thing, that you can use anytime during combat, which will impact how you experience being a witcher for the whole game. In The Witcher 1, sadly not on normal since the game difficulty didn't force you to use it, so to get the greatest experience you should play TW1 in the hardest setting. Here you'll be forced to learn all the potions and make good use of them, you can only create and consume them on fireplaces, and they lasted around 10 to 15 minutes. Basically the game truly makes you read your next target enemy entry, and before entering its lair or area meditate which ones will be your best potions to complete the hunt. Another thing that dissapointed me very deeply since the first second is when Geralt automatically unsheathed it's weapon... This is really a terrible decision that again, and in addition to the previous, completely kills the unique Witcher experience, and makes the game just any other, generic open world RPG without any uniqueness. Not only that, but being a Witcher should be pretty important in The Witcher series, right? You need to chose if you're using a silver or steel sword because that's your work and you need to know your enemies -I know they fixed this with a patch, as I've played the game plently and noticed at sometime they added it as an option, yet too late and should be by default- in fact, in The Witcher 1 there's a huge narrative resoruce in the ending sequence, that if the game didn't make you chose by yourself everytime, getting the meaning of it burned deeply, that sequence would've lose all it's narrative impact and meaning. Sometimes the smallest details can bring the greatest, more dramatically changes as a whole experience. I also enjoyed more the narrative on the first one, it has pretty crazy and mind blowing twists, has the different routes you can take and builds up quite amazingly the arrival of The Wild Hunt. Been a while since TW3 released, was one of my most anticipated games of all time, and beat the first two again of many before the release day, I enjoy the game as an RPG, you can't negate it's quality, but I can't enjoy it as a Witcher game or experience because these decisions to make it more casual and sell more I guess. Edit: Gwent is amazing! I think like 40% of the around 300 hours of playtime had been obliterating NPCs on Gwent, haha.
  12. Yeah that's what I meant, you said it was only for Dante's so I was wondering why you don't go back to your account since they are back and you can have a 100% profile, I don't know how much games you had on your main though but I see you just started this one.
  13. If it's just for one game, why don't you hide it? It's not your fault they closed their servers, and that could happen anytime again. Also, wasn't Dante's Inferno a false alarm? Weren't they back already?
  14. That's what I've finally done. I wish I did that before beating MW2 on Veteran and doing other miscellaneous, or playing Raging Blast 2 since like I said I just don't enjoy these games, for "shooters" I'm okay with Resident Evil since I like zombies, or Fallout since it's more an RPG than anything, Vanquish, etc. But just regular shooters aren't my thing. Before I didn't like the idea of having games hidden, but I guess since I've come to a point of considering, and even already started the new account, I don't feel bothered about it, I don't see these games anymore and don't need to waste my time on them, I can just play what I like and enjoy, so I'm good now.
  15. It's really complicated to state the reasons I wish to start again. Been trying to find them out for the past days. Another issue is, since I was set to get a 90%+ on this account, I'll be replaying most of my games, so I thought it would be a watse not making a new one. For some reason, for many games I've done the hardest and longest part, for instance for The Witcher 3, got all Gwent Cards, beat on Death March, and then when I just need miscellanious trophies like the combat ones for the 100% I relax and start a new game since there are many I wish to play. Other I did the platinum pretty fast like FFVII Remake, VII, VIII, P5 Royal. But for instance for the normal, I wanted it to be my 50 platinum, was ready for it at the end of the second playthrough, yet by mistake I got Shenmue one. Games I'd play over and over are P4G, all Nier, all Team Disgaea games (Disgaea, Witch, Labirynth)... But making a new account would force me to focus first on all BB, GG and other fightning games to get online before servers shut down. So again I'd be without playing pending games, I'd lose others I wouldn't do again like Fallout 3 since both here and on 360 already did all trophies + DLCs, I'd force myself to do others I wouldn't repeat normally, again done two times here and on 360, which is FFXIII. Would lose 280h in MH which isn't much for what I used to spend on the series but I love my character... What makes the decision harder is that I know now is the last chance, I'm gonna go all out from now on, and I would hate if keeping my profile would made me feel bad about these games again in the future, or if starting over would be a crazy thing and waste of time, eventually finding myself buried in time even more... I always wasted like 12 weeks thinking it over.