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  1. Thanks for the replies, well I enjoy so much Dissidia but been playing other things. I don't know if it's that long to 100%, but at least I know just needed one or two afternoons more to finish all online trophies, it was fairly quick and fun, sad I dropped it because I started playing something else and now it'll take longer since I need to remember what I was doing and how to play, haha. Thanks again for the replies, glad he was just a bit paranoid and this wasn't official information~
  2. How are the news on Final Fantasy Dissidia NT? I hear a friend telling me about the possible server shutdown and I remember last time was with him he told me they already confirmed it I think in July or August, but came here to confirm and didn't see it listed on the main post, so anyone could tell me about it?
  3. TL;DR at the bottom. I like to push my characters to the limit, as I love every character I create. Since the start and before I knew her name, just from the intro I was waiting to find Malenia. After finally meeting her, I switched my stats to dex 99 and Faith 60 for Hand of Malenia and my Faith points solely for her beautiful spell. Instead of creating new characters, I love to build the same through different runs. That's one thing I loved about the Greatsword of Artorias on DS, my favourite weapon was also the one who gave me a reason to push my character to the limit. Now in RPGs one nice things is feeling the development and strengthening of your character, and this is something you lose on further NG+, I remember I did so many on DS that there was a point the + became glitched and you didn't knew which one you were in. Back to the point, since the first run I have Hand of Malenia at +10 together with her armor that I never removed. Besides stats, which my STR went from 80+ as I was using the "Dragonslayer" you find in Caelid to 16 where it currently is, my armour on the first run and weapon were at their maximum potential they would ever be. So thinking about further runs didn't make very exciting the idea of, now instead of character progression, it would be like going back in development over and over. Of course, as it always happens, from a mix of your skill and stats, the first NG+'s are way easier then the first one, but thinking bosses just get life and attack multiplier and you same with the same potential you had on the first NG takes part of the fun, takes away the character progression completely. So I thought about one of the worse mechanics all gacha games have in common. The multiple copies of characters/weapons you need to get to max their potential, all these dupes you can only get in the gacha (for most games). That, which is the worst on gacha games would be an amazing addition to Elden Ring and any RPG with NG+ features. Basically, both weapons and armour would have 5, 10, 20 or whatever slots they want (I can see Disgaea adding 999.999) each slot is unlocked with each new cycle, and with a second copy of the armour/weapon, you can consume it to strengthen it. That way, in each NG+ your weapon and armour would keep getting stronger, and give more reason -and fun- to make further NG+. This is not as much as because it gets harder every time, just because I think when you lose the ability to develop your gear further, while the game keeps doing it, loses a big part of the fun, character development shouldn't become "static" on an RPG that keeps evolving through new cycles. Plus it would give a very nice incentive to make further cycles without feeling you're just stacking enemies multipliers and making your character more useless everytime. Also always bothered me that, of all, Demigod armours don't give any skill related to them. Like, Malenia's should either give a bonus to consecutive attacks, Faith, or rot, more casting speed to Scarlet Aeonia or anything related to this. Instead, it doesn't give any special stat. Still I never took it away since I love her and her armour is so beautiful, but just like some heads and bodies give stats or special enhancements, Demigods, of all, should give something related to them. TL;DR: Implementing duplicate mechanic on armours/weapons, unlocking an additional enhancement slot with each cycle to further improve your gear with duplicates. Giving you a reason to make multiple NG+ runs and not breaking one of the cores of the fun in RPGs, keep developing your character further -as you reach your maximum gear potential in the first run- especially when the world around you keeps doing it cycle after cycle.
  4. It also happens to be one of my favorite videoclips ever. Both the song, the images and the way she express herself with her body gives me a feeling I can't describe but that makes me always come back to it.
  5. Japanese version, both physical and digital are fully translated to english btw. I mean it's the same version that will release in the west.
  6. Thanks! Yeah it will be, and I better start saving because starting July up to the end of the year I have Nagatoro, Jahy, Lila, and two breathtaking Ryza figures po's that I don't know how I'll pay unless I stop getting games, haha. Another one I couldn't get on release is Fatal Frame or Kimetsu no Yaiba, but I'll take this chance to play pending games I already have while saving for the figures~ This was the last they opened for pre-order which I was waiting since the garage-kit, yet since I have the rest pre-ordered already there is no way I can get it releasing on July, and it's one of the sexiest most well sculpted figures I've seen. They need to stop releasing Ryza figures because I can't resist any of them, they do know how to recreate her thicc body and beautiful feet to perfection. About the game I've always loved shmups, I think for similar reasons that Japanese 2D fighting games are among my favourite genres. The art and backgrounds are so colourful and pretty, and the music is usually great too, plus being arcade games you're playing and having fun from the start. For hardcore players of the genre they also have very deep mechanics, especially with the score system in the case of the shmups or the combos, frames and mechanics in fighting games. This one is very easy for a shmup, Cave ones achievement lists on 360 were the tougher where you had to do the 1CC (1 Clear Continue) and they're the real bullet hell. With this one you can even relax while you play, haha. I still need to find out how to get the remaining endings, haven't checked the trophies yet, I will once I unlock all the gallery and don't know what to do from there. If I discover how I'll post the ending conditions in the main post. I've tried choosing a different stage order but didn't change a thing.
  7. I was waiting for the game since the day its Twitter account opened with a little info that didn't even show the art, yet due too many figure pre-orders I had to delay it. Today, I've recieved a sad new, my swimsuit Lila goddess delayed to April, but as always there tends to be a bright side to things, and I immediately realized this meant I could already get the game I was looking forward to so much~ I've done some illustration drop fragment testing on the levels, I was doing it for myself as I just like to test this kind of stuff, so It might be messy as I switched levels a lot, but still you can ignore when I say I switched and just see the info by the level as a whole. The first digit is the stage number (1 being Fin Fantasy, 2 Sugar Sports, 3 Gothic Nightmare and the last 3 are fixed) the second digit is the difficulty and the third the risk rate. so 5-5-1 is Monster Crysis on Extreme with Risk Rate 1. On the third stage I also added the treasure drops, which are between parentheses. I haven't noticed any difference in illustration fragment drops neither by difficulty or risk rate, so as the game says, it might only affect treasure. But I've noticed a difference between the first stage and the rest, so maybe higher stages have lower drop rate. Here's the table: 1. Illustration Fragment Drops: And here are my own tips which I've collected from playing for a day, so I'm not an expert on the game but I've played a lot and learned a few things so they might be helpful: 2. Characters and Mechanics: Kicks Use the kicks, get used to them from the start. Fully charged for certain boss stages and high HP enemies (pumpkins, cars...) or just pressing the button to move to the closest enemy when you need to avoid some bullets if you got in a bad situation. Elma has the strongest ones, they also deal so much damage to bosses while avoiding the bullets. For instance, for the first boss third phase, you can deal so much damage to her while avoiding all the barrages by using them. I also like to abuse Elma's kicks on the second stage slime boss second phase to finish it quickly, really useful on difficulty 5, on lower ones it's easy to avoid them normally but still faster with her kicks. Kanna If you need a heal, use the breath with Kanna, she won't do much damage but will heal all characters for quite a bit. You must assess if that extra heal will translate to more damage with the other characters instead of using their breath. Also I love how each of the 3 characters compliment each other so well. Kanna has great homing bullets, but these are a bit weak at lower 'Dragon Jewel' level, so when there's many enemies, or stronger ones appear, they might take time to die or leave without dying, wasting a potential drop and ending your chain. She also has a has a shield that not only protect us from some bullet, but they also become our own and fly back at enemies. The feathers that she releases while shooting do this when they touch enemy bullets. Be aware Kanna has the lowest HP while Tohru the higher one. Tohru Tohru has the most concentrated fire, plus little homing bullets, but you'll have a hard time trying to kill all enemies on screen with it when there's so many of them unless you memorize where every enemy appears, and even so it's always better to use the most fit character for the situation. She also has the highest HP. Elma Elma's bullets spread across all the screen and have a decent damage, yet since they're so spread, especially at lower 'Dragon Jewel' level even weak enemies might flee sometimes, but she also has two blue sigils -more with higher Dragon Jewel level' that damage enemies when they're touching them, and you can switch their position every time you press the shooting button. She shines the brightest when you use her kicks. So you'll be switching a lot between all of them during the stage to keep the chain going and using the best suited to deal with each enemy and situation, it adds so much fun to the game. Also you can check the Memoria Pieces as it will tell you in which stage each illustration drops. Point System: I'll add this in a bit. 3. Trophies I didn't intend to make a guide, at first I was just going to add the drop information, but I'm having so much fun playing and testing stuff for the game and I kept adding more stuff here that people might find useful. Not gonna add all the trophies since most of them are straightforward, but just the ones that I have tips or notes that might be useful. Wholehearted Thought Trophy: You can use the restart for this and it will count. I beat the game using Elma alone, but by the wording of the trophy "Clear the game without switching members" instead of "Clear the game using only one character" it might mean you can use the others when one dies as long as you don't switch them yourself by pressing square. If you're having trouble you might want to try this first, I'll test it in another account to confirm if this is how it works. 4. In-game Tips I've compiled the tips the game gives, most of them super obvious, but since sometimes they're gone before you can read them, here's all of them: I hope this helps in unlocking all the cute, sexy and busty art by Coolkyousinnjya-sensei, which you might have seen most of it if you follow the manga and magazine, but they're still so fun to collect~ Most of this information was just me writing it down in a word as it came from my head, the whole kicks and characters was a single paragraph, and I've separated it by characters and category after I made this post, so sorry if it's messy.
  8. Anime nipples might be coming to PS4 -the imposible clothing kind, in this case-. Sega Saturn was one of the consoles with the widest catalog for anime-style games, and anyone who knows japanese, or even without, that gets a japanese one will have an amazing library to play. Among these as you guys know many were adult games, from eroge to games like Haunted Casino that had super beautiful girls losing the little clothes they had as we win the games. Some games that I always wanted to get were Steam Hearts and Sengoku Blade, I player the later on emulator since these were pretty expensive and I always was priorizing a limited edition or figure pre-orders since I could get Sengoku Blade anytime from eBay. That is until Psikyo games started to make it to the Switch. I was so hyped for that, Switch had one of my favorite catalogs before it even released, as they announced SMTV, together with NMH3 or Xenoblade Chronicles 2. I was so hyped for Psikyo too since I love shmups, the Switch is perfect to play these, and Tsukasa Jun is one of my favorite artists ever, he does super beautiful and sexy designs. I finally could have a retail copy of Sengoku Blade without spending that much money -though I still want to get one day the original-. Well, just now I went to AmiAmi to check the latest figures and was surprised to see they're releasing a Psikyo Collection to PS4 which makes me super happy to play all these shmups with trophies. We got Deathsmiles and Kobayashi among others too, so I'm getting the same feel I had with 360, which was the only Microsoft console I had just because the shmup library, every Cave game releasing exclusively there plus Lost Odyssey, the reason I got it to begin with. TL;DR So yeah, Sengoku Blade is coming to PS4 among many other shmups and I really hope they don't touch anything, which I doubt they will on games like these. So hopefully we can enjoy views like this one: I wonder if the Mahjong ones will make it one day, haha.
  9. I love Parasite Eve. As a trivia, it's probably the game they say the word semen the most.
  10. This place greyed out at the western part of the Lake of Rot: I mean it's probably nothing but being so detailed and inaccessible makes me curious to see what's there even if we need to use hacks and is just an empty pool of rot.
  11. Don't play a game if you won't enjoy it. Just get free trophies ones if that's what you want. I'm not sure the degree of missability of trophies though, as I think I got everything besides the other endings, so again, someone who miss anything is someone who isn't enjoying the game and just rushing thought it, which is a shame for one of the best games ever made. Also, there's multiple endings so you need to play the game several times. Though again, since you don't seem to like it, probably you'll just use a savefile trick. Not even completing the quests which is the most potentially missable thing are related to trophies, the trophy list is super easy. And pretty good quality too, trophies for doing the game content, instead of making you waste your time repeating the same process over and over like stupid grindy ones. Well, the fact you seem to be using a walktrough in your first playthrough already tells me how you care about the game, you just destroyed one of the best experiences a videogame can give you, as discovering everything by yourself, getting surprised by unexpected places and events, is one of the most wonderful things of From Software games, espcially Elden Ring due to the world design. You could have saved the potential 100+ if you just wanted a platinum and do 20-40 easy plats in that time.
  12. After having ended up writing over 40 word pages while playing, from item descriptions, dialogues and my theories as I was playing I still have many questions open, one of which is about the origin of Rot. I started wondering about this when doing the Malenia and Millicent questline, and the Unalloyed Gold needle Miquella's made to interfere with the influence of outer gods. Also the map of the Lake of Rot says "the divine essence of an Outer God is sealed away in this land." I don't know if it just refers to Astel or if it's about the outer god which is the origin of Rot which Malenia suffers from birth. As far as I know there's no explicit information about the outer gods in the game, such as their names. The ones mentioned are the "Rot Ancient God" and "Readerless Fingers". This perfectly fits for Outer Gods, as Miquella's Needle was made to "ward away the meddling of outer gods" and it's used for this purpose to sever the link with the Frenzied Flame which originates from the Readerless Fingers. Also the "Blue Dancer Charm" says that a bling swordsman sealed away an "Ancient God, a God that was Rot itself". Right now this blind swordman doesn't right a bell, but must be the one who sealed him in the Lake of Rot. So there's a lot of lore about the ancient lords but it's pretty undeveloped in the game, do you think we will meet them in future DLCs? If Miquella had to develop means to sever their influence instead of erasing the cause of Rot, I wonder if they can even be interacted with. Then again, even if they're called outer gods, if someone sealed the Rot one in the Lake of Rot it doesn't necessary mean they're outside of this world or plane of existence. I better stop now, since as I write more and more questions come out, like, how was this swordman capable of sealing it? Who was he? Why did he do it? If the god was a threath, why was that, what were his intentions? Their power is still there even if they're sealed so maybe it doesn't have an intention, he is just Rot itself, so his very existence is the same as the nature of rot, the decay of everything. And why can't they be killed even by the Rune of Death? Is it because they're "outer gods" and their life isn't tied to the Erdtree? So even if some are in this world they might have come from outer ones, if the previous statement was true to begin with... I'll stop and continue playing, haha. I hope we learn more about these and other things in future DLCs. Also if the game lore gives more info about them than I have I'd like to see after I complete a second run, as I've missed some of the quest since I played totally blind and didn't search for anything, even up to today, I haven't even checked the wiki of the game, as I enjoy discovering everything by playing, but the outer gods interest me so much. As a funny note, since the first time I step on Stormveil I noticed you lose 25% of the runes on death. And it was the only place this happened, I started to wonder if there was a super secret boss, which devours runes sealed there. Once I saw the basement, and that face that looked like the Prince of Death/Godwyn, I thought it was him, and tried to die and "feed" him runes to see if he awakens and you can fight it. The weekend with a friend jokingly I dropped in front of his face a Lord's Rune and hide to see if he catches it while "no one" was looking. But I've looked at the reason since I already finished the game and I was so curious, turns out it was a much less exciting reason, haha. Edit: There's something that must have called everyone's attention at the Lake of Rot too, the western unaccessible area. On the whole map of the game, upper or underground, something like this doesn't happen. As much you can see the mountain sides from elevated zones like in Liurnia and the Mountaintops. But the design and detail on the one in Lake of Rot is very bizarre. Also it does a fade effect that I haven't seen on any other zone. Together with the columns you raise, only for some items which I found really weird as the normal thing would be these are to reach some place, and there's indeed a place these are perfect to reach, yet they don't go all the way, as if they were thinking in adding this zone but stop midway. The large pool at the south-west make me specially curious, like, it could be the place the God of Rot is being sealed. I'd love it we see someone who plays on PC hacking the way over there with a super jump or something, to see if there's anything or it's just a pool of rot.
  13. Any clue about how to get in Nevermind guys I've found out, went again to since it's so obvious this must be it, don't know how I missed this the first time and especially the second when I came just looking for it.The first time probably I just found the dungeon boss first, but well I've finally found out.
  14. Was going to ask about this and just saw this post on the main page so it's already answered. When I launched Elden Ring today it said I didn't have a subscription yet I activated a 365 one on 13/06/2021. Hope they fix it soon.
  15. Yay I've finally found the sewers! I did a last run on the capital and didn't find them, so I started doing some other stuff like the remaining dungeons in the snowy lands, then went back to Leyndell, not to search for the sewers but because I didn't explore the surrounding area at the north-west of the city, and there I found the one which might be the only merchant I missed, and he had a note about them! After this the only big mystery to me is how to enter the "Converted Fringe Tower", I've done all the rest, but for this one I really have no idea what to do. What I assume is that this one doesn't have a riddle and like others you need to get in from another place, as I really can't see anything that looks like a clue to solve any riddle. But there isn't any way to climb it, I had think the only possibility would be to enter by an underground passage, so I've looked at the cliff, especially since there's tombstones and there could be a cave that leads inside but there isn't anything of the sort.