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  1. There's, almost every single day, a post on Reddit from PS4 users asking about this, do you guys think that will be of any help to make them listen eventually? Or is there any other move or channels the players should use for this purpose? I think it's pretty unfair we're locked on PSN on a game like this, where you need to spend energy everyday, make dailies, etc. Personally I've never missed a login and daily stuff, but you need to be really aware of how much time you have before the energy might cap, and if currently there isn't any events or much to do in the game, I'd rather use the tablet that starting the PS4 to use my energy quick, not to talk about the loading times when playing with PC users, or the possibility of seeing this beautiful game on PC with a much superior playing experience when there's many things going on in the screen such as spam of skills both from players and enemies at the same time. There's as many reasons to get the freedom from cross-save as different users. I personally would still play most of the time on PS4, and I'm still hoping they expand the trophy list with each Archon-related zone, being the first to release after launch Inazuma, but I don't feel comfortable having this kind of game locked on a home device. I also think it would benefit Sony, since people who started the game on PS would probably be just like me, and take advantage of that freedom for energy and stuff, but mainly play here, but it would also bring people who started on Android/PC who might want the trophies or whatever.
  2. Oh thanks a lot for that piece of information, I didn't want to research too much since, especially for games that feature CG art like visual novels, I don't like to spoil any of it, so I don't like to check news sites or Twitter, I found the statement while dodging game art, haha. So thanks a lot~
  3. Backed this a long time ago and noticed it already released, but I remember the game was also planned for PS4 and Vita, yet while it already hit Switch and Steam I'm wondering if they had to cancel the release on Sony platforms due to the erotic nature of the game, they clearly stated that they will not censor the game in any way nor cut their creative freedom, -which is admirable, unlike that Agony and Lust For Darkness did at the start, yet them redeemed themselves, at least on Steam- so yeah, I was wondering if this won't release on PS4 or Vita or it will just take more time for these platforms. That is a great statement too, I wish every company would not blindly accept their censoring and at least raise a voice of common sense, when in most cases -especially for japanese developers- there isn't anything to censor and the age ratings are totally inacurate and false, and Sony just decide they don't want these games on their platforms. Here you can see the platforms, but doesn't look like they updated it for a long time: http://projectsensegame.com/buy.html
  4. Oh I see, I wonder why. It's been like this since I can remember, but decided to ask today since I want to get them to replay on PSN, doesn't appear on PSPrices or the official store for Spain so I'll get Vol.1 with an alt account. Thanks!
  5. So I was wondering why the Vol.1 is delisted while 2, 3 and 4 are avalaible. I can just buy Vol.1 from my USA account but I'm just curious, doesn't make sense to have the first part removed while the others are there.
  6. Always wondered if there's a word for when you're so full of bliss -if that's even the word to describe the feeling- you'd die in total peace in this moment, that's what I feel when I listen to albums like this one:
  7. I think it's nice seeing someone who, without prejudice still tries to give a chance to the franchise while the previous didn't match his personal tastes. A lot of other people who didn't like a game from a franchise, or even a company will not try the rest. He even gave the concrete reasons as to why he didn't like, survival-horror and stealth, we have seen many games losing their past essence, simplifying mechanics, etc. such as The Witcher or Mass Effect series, so nothing wrong asking.
  8. So I have the physical copy of Iceborne, and I let a friend borrow it a couple weeks ago, I did Fatalis and everything so I have many Iceborne related stuff, now I wanted to finish my crowns for the base game since I just need 4 crowns for the platinum, but when I launch the game it says it's missing Iceborne, so would something happen to my savedata if I load without it or can I play normally the base game while my items, gear, etc will be intact? I can just wait to get it back if there will be any issue with my game.
  9. They don't even appear on PSPrices, I was mirroring my digital games list there, didn't have any trouble finding the Atelier series, and other PS3/Vita only titles, until I reach Dragon's Dogma and MK9, they didn't appear on PSPrices, so I checked my entire download list on the PS3 and the first Dragon's Dogma isn't there, not a problem since I have it downloaded as I never deleted it, but even if it was an issue with my download list, I don't get why they don't show on PSPrices.
  10. Back when trophies were not a thing, I remember enjoying Heavenly Sword, Jericho -loved the atmosphere, some scenarios reminded me of ShadowMan- or Genshin Genji: Days of the Blade. MGS4 was another, but luckily this was patched, sadly after I beat it more than 10 times with a friend that didn't own a PS3 at that time. One that always bothered me, especially since trohies were a thing -if I recall correctly-, and it even had the list done since it released on 360 too, is SH5: Homecoming. While not a SH, it was a decent horror game to have a good time at night.
  11. Is there an up to date thread for all delisted PSN games? I wanted to mention a few I noticed in the past days, these were checked on the Europe store. - Dragon's Dogma (PS3) (Removed from download list even if you owned it) - Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (PS3) (Removed from store, yet I can't confirm if they removed it from download list too, as I didn't own it digitally, but I assume they did the same as with the previous) - Mortal Kombat 9 - Little Witch Academia I can't confirm for MK9 as I own it physically only, yet going through my download list yesterday I can confirm they didn't only remove Dragon's Dogma from the store but also from your download list even if you owned and downloaded it in the past, just as they did with P.T.
  12. Such lovely figures, Mashu with halloween outfit is so irresistible~
  13. Yeah same about physical, I'm more or less a collector so I've always valued physical over digital. The thing is I have many sealed games brought day one, like KH3 or Vesperia (which I beat back on the day on 360 a couple times) and have many pending games such as the Atelier series that I don't own yet for the reason stated before, so basically I put them on the whishlist in case there's a really good sale before I had the change to get the physical, so I get them pretty cheap so I can play them anytime while knowing I'll get the physical version when I can. As a figure collector partner you know we have to make sacrifices, haha. Right now I have a Kasumi Yoshizawa on the way, another Kasumi pre-ordered for next month, plus Kisshot sculpt by lexlyzerosix -he models such sexy feet females, a 1/4 Slan and the last one I pre-order a couple days ago it's too lewd to mention, haha. Plus Nier limited edition and others if we talk about games 😂
  14. Yeah I know about that, since the change I moved my wishlist and PS3/Vita library to PSPrices, and there is where I found yesterday it didn't find Dragon's Dogma, it only shows Arisen, and only the PS4 version. So I guessed they removed it, checked on PS3 just now and yeah, it doesn't find any Dragon's Dogma, so they must have removed it at some point.
  15. I can't find it on the store, any reason as to why they removed it? Luckily I own the game and didn't even delete it from my PS3 since I didn't finish it yet, but I was just wondering, and also, while the game has online functions, it isn't required for the platinum, right?