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  1. Asura's are only delisted on certain regions, on my store, EU they're still there with the bundle with all DLCs for 6 or 7€.
  2. So as planned I purchased it yesterday, this is a comparison between mine and the 64gb one I purchased: Here's a picture of the 64gb one with my phone: And the 8gb one which I own since I got the Vita around 2012, I haven't take out a single time since then, as you just need the cable to move stuff or do backups, and only used my EU account: The 64gb memory certainly doesn't look as bad as in the owner image, it's even hard to see these marks with the naked eye, and probably I was over reacting, maybe these are just normal when you take it in and out as the memory works perfectly. Meet him yesterday and bring my Vita to test it, then at home I downloaded 30GB of games and DLC, probably won't need much more, only left to download is Atelier Plus that are only digital and Night Cry, since I mainly buy physical. So after a day downloading stuff and playing I can say it works great so I'm pretty happy with the deal, never saw a 64gb one for 55€, which is more or less the price of a 32gb one, and crazier yet it was just in my town.
  3. Loved everything of the game when released for PS3, with that mix between the original Nier and Ico to craft such a beautiful and fun game, always had the Vita and PS4 versions ready to play, and I just saw there's an online trophy, so I was wondering if the online still works.
  4. Been waiting for this game, the initial release date was August 2020 and was announced for Steam, PS4, Switch and Xbox One, the game released on Steam but no trace of it on PS4, the official website even has the PS4 logo: http://5pb.jp/games/ogretale/en/ Yet I can't find any news, and I'm surprised google doesn't show a single post on Reddit or anywhere else of people asking what happened with the release, I specifically looked for these to know the details and there's zero of them, that's why I create this one to see if anyone knows the details, the official site doesn't have any info and the only links to social media don't link to any account,, they're to promote the game.
  5. I have been researching about this, and often you find the message "If you think about it, only people who have a failure complain, yet for people who it works they won't comment or open a post saying my 64GB sd works fine" and that's totally right, based on that, the number of failures is in fact pretty low. For a more concrete evidence not based on opinions or perception, this is a pretty nice thread they made testing all the cards and their failure rate, the rate is barely the same for all of them: It might be helpful to help people decide now that the SD cards will have a sale boost due to the stores closing down. Tomorrow I'll see the card in person, and if the pins are fine and don't have any issue when I test on my Vita I'll seal the deal.
  6. Thanks! What do you mean 64gb ones being unreliable? Should I get a 32gb instead? They're at the same price, he's selling it pretty cheap but didn't know 64gb ones could give any problem.
  7. I was looking for sd cards since mine is just 8GB and wanted to upgrade since forever, and found a 64gb one on my town that I can get tomorrow on hand for 55€, he says it works and it's like new but just look at the pins: I took out mine to check and it's like it was the first day when I got the Vita on 2012, but that looks like it has undergone a pretty rough treatment. I don't understand how people can mess up things so bad, especially a SD that is supposed to be on the console. I really don't understand how you can do that without it being totally intentional. So what do you think about it? Will the state of the pins give trouble?
  8. By that you mean it just patched as you launched it, or that you did something specific in order to work? Edit: Oh right, worked for me too! Just launched the game and found the 1.3 patch, so it's definetely fixed for everyone too. While I'm from Europe I have the NA version so I was having the same issue.
  9. What does not being able download the patches mean? Luckily I never deleted Malicious and for Drag-On Dragoon 3 while I have the Asia version and the DLCs from the store I already did the 100% and if the DLCs have issues I'll have to play them by other means. Still, , let's say I'm missing trophies from the base games and one of the DLCs, being unable to update doesn't necessarily means I can't earn trophies or download the DLCs right? Just means if the base game had any trophy or progression glitch then you won't be able to, but this would be only the case for a minory of games on the list, or am I wrong? Also, does this happen only on PS3 or also on the Vita? For instance the list has Jet Set Radio Digital, which is both on PS3 and Vita. If it's happening on Vita too it would be nice to link to each other posts in case they are separate. PD: Looks they closed the thread that was the most updated, was writing this reply there but got closed before I sent.
  10. I looked at them and yeah they look complete, I had previously made a list of games and DLC and all of them appear while seeing these 15 pages plus ones I had missed. I wish Sony at least did some last Vita and PS3 sales before closing, it's the least they could do...
  11. The link was right but somehow it linked to Vita, I've deleted and pasted it again and now it should work fine.
  12. Thanks to mc-love-kev user I learned you could filter PS3 and Vita games by DLC on this site, which is great to have a look at with the imminent shut down of the stores. But I was wondering if they're complete. I wasn't surprised to see Vita having only 6 pages, as I rarely came a cross a Vita game with DLC besides Muramasa or Gravity Rush. But it is strange to see PS3 have only 15 pages, especially since these are not by unique games, but they shows many game different times since it's a list of all DLC packs, and FPS which I barely play, I know can have many of them, or Uncharted games. So just curious, better for me if it's only 16 pages, just wanted to make sure before I check all of them, thanks! Here the links: https://psnprofiles.com/games/dlc?platform=psvita https://psnprofiles.com/games/dlc?platform=ps3
  13. Thanks! I have experience with the 50~€ to buy Disgaea DLCs, and I see they never were on sale so I'd had purchased them at the same price anyway eventually, thanks~
  14. So this is one of my games pending to play for the longest, and with the inminent shutdown of the stores I need to get the DLC, there's 6 DLC packs, but I can't see anything that looks like it in the store, maybe they removed them from the Spain store? All I see are single characters as DLC: https://psprices.com/region-es/game/39694/disgaea-d2-a-brighter-darkness
  15. Thanks mc-love-kev that's exactly what I needed. The first thing I did was look at my own list and each title filtering by Vita and PS3, but I needed a full list to take into account games I still need to play or that I didn't even knew but will play eventually.