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  1. I only just got my first platinum. am addicted now, and wanna get a good 12 to 15 more in 2012!
  2. I could have written this sentence myself ... exactly like me, I have no idea how.
  3. Cut back? Hehehe, cut it out completely
  4. That's far too much sleeping time
  5. Assassins Creed 2, two days ago, my very first platinum. But the first of many more to come in 2012!
  6. I had my Play Station for two years before I got interested in trophy hunting. It has only been since last month I really got into it, and I can't honestly say if it has brought more fun into my gaming or taken away from it. I'll have to go for it for a couple more months before I can honestly say.
  7. During the week one to two hours a day and on the weekend 3 to 4 hours a day. But when I am all alone at home and have holiday I can play 10 to 12+ no problem!! And Mood has a lot to do with gaming in my opinion .. it also changes a bad mood into a good mood rather quick