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  1. This is a pretty high-profile release for this to be happening though - I would imagine this one will be fixed soon.
  2. Wtf? The game has been out over 4 days and it's not on the server?
  3. Ha, I thought I wasn't doing it fast enough, thanks. Love the style of this game, but the controls are finicky (for an old codger like me! I suck at precision timing).
  4. This happened to me, and I spoke to her 4 or 5 times and the file spawned - thanks!
  5. FC3 FC5 FCP FC4 FCBD FC6 FCClassic FCND Haven't played 2.
  6. This helped a lot thanks - the spin-o-rama move is what changed it for me. I only used it once, at the spot around 40-43 seconds, but it got me through a spot I kept getting dinged on.
  7. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves cats. I enjoyed it a lot, a few tricky sections but they did a great job IMO.
  8. PowerPyx already has a full guide up (surprise surprise).
  9. If you're new to Playstation or gaming the higher tiers would be worth it. But I've played most of the games in the library that I'm interested in, and any that I haven't are very cheap second hand. Sticking with the basic package.
  10. Not going to include PS3 ports, and there's still some I have not played (Witcher 3, Prey, Odyssey, Vallhalla) or are not my thing (Souls games, RPGs). 01 - Control 02 - Titanfall 2 03 - Alien: Isolation 04 - God Of War 05 - Shadow Of The Collossus 06 - Horizon: Zero Dawn 07 - Doom 08 - Jedi: Fallen Order 09 - Uncharted 4 10 - Nier: Automata
  11. I don't hate people. I just feel better when they're not around. - Charles Bukowski
  12. It is. It's incredibly tedious, and it tries way too hard to be complicated, it's just confusing. I don't have endless hours to try and figure out what the hell is going on here. Sometimes I guess small teams can pull it off, but I would rather pay more for a triple A release than crappy games just because they are cheaper. I really wanted to like this, but I can't recommend it at all. SotC was a unicorn, we won't ever get an experience like that again. edit: I gave it a few more hours - it just gets worse. What a major disappointment.
  13. I am not very far into it, but I can tell this is an even easier plat than the first. I think it'll end up 35-40%, but wouldn't be surprised if it went higher.
  14. 😂 Translation: Delays will be announced starting summer 2023. For part one. Then another 4 months for part 2, etc. Call me when the series is fully released, I am sick of episodic BS and unfinished games. It'll probably be a free PSN game by a year after release anyways. And maybe they'll have it patched by then.