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  1. I slept on it and got the last two levels in fifteen minutes, only failing once. I remember reading or seeing something about how your subconscious practices games like this while you sleep if it's fresh in your mind - this instance would definitely support that theory. Those last 50 or so asteroids I was definitely on the edge of my seat though
  2. Well I'm stuck on level 19 and get get any further...this game is not easy. I'm going to give it another go tomorrow or else I'm going to throw my controller through my TV.
  3. Looks like that's a fix (?). Glad it worked for you!
  4. I played on my main game save, no data deletion. I was doing the lost souls cleanup, and had made sure I got a number of other deaths too on other leves, then I saw this method and did the deaths in Cemetary Hill in that order (I used the lava pit to get down to one bottle of health, then went for the unique death). I didn't quit the game at any point, and I did complete the levels. When the trophy popped, it was right when I got it the last soul to rest, not when I finished the level, don't know if that means anything.
  5. After many different attempts, including the timer run-out, I gave this a try - mine popped after the fire too! Thanks so much!
  6. You knew Kojima would do something like this. Oh well, I don't have to Plat them all!
  7. Amazon accidentally sent me my preorder of Horiizon Zero Dawn five days early, could be some cases of things like that. I didn't complain.
  8. This looks really good!
  9. Zoom in/out would help too. For such a visually intriguing game they really dropped the ball on the map.
  10. It's a trophy site, genius. People are going to bitch about trophies on a trophy tracking site. Hilarious watching people whine about people talking about trophies on a trophy site. What are you, 16 years old?
  11. Means you don't need to follow a guide while playing!
  12. Getting close to finishing this one, love trophy lists that let you just play the game without having to worry about collectibles and other things. Not the most engrossing but relaxing and enjoyable, plus an easy plat 📢 And yes the tiles are purdy!
  13. Definitely not alone, what a crap game.
  14. Chapter: The Shores of Hell Map: 9 Frag Limit: 25 (Highest) Time Limit: 5 or higher 4 rounds, took less than 5 mins each.
  15. Took literally 15 minutes with 2 controllers.