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  1. Yeah I remember that, and it did kind of make me go wtf? But, you could see how he would be distracted when you consider... It didn't stick in my craw, though. The game is great and I did enjoy the story.
  2. I think I am kind of obligated to play this one...
  3. Does it look like there will be any story DLC?
  4. Anything turn based (except South Park...but that's because it was SP). RPG's. Fighters (Street Fighter, etc). Sims-type. Souls-type too, but that's more because I am not good enough and can't enjoy them.
  5. I like HP Lovecraft and was born in '72. It's my original name - I rarely play online but when I have it's often become the topic of conversation. First they're like, how the hell do you even say that? South Park made it a little more well known. Lovecraft wrote in the 1920's and a bit later so he gets the first on that one 🤓 One of my all time favourites too! "Heeeere Funboy.....heeeeere Funboy... Jesus walks into a hotel..." Brandon Lee would have been a big time star. Brilliant performance. .
  6. Wow - thank god for this site. I had this in my cart, it's on sale, I actually almost bought it!
  7. The irony that Crysis is still unable to run on the latest platforms is hilarious. I had a rig that could handle this back in the day - was hoping to replay it and Plat an old favourite. Looks like I will have to skip this unless it can be fixed (which does not look likely).
  8. I'm an 80's kid, I had all these action figures when I was a kid. I really hope this doesn't suck...
  9. I highly recommend reading "Drood" by Dan Simmons (my favourite author). It's about him (Collins) ...sort of. Amazing book, I was really drawn into the world.
  10. This looks really cool. I love the art style, this is definitely on my radar.
  11. This game looks really interesting and I love the aesthetic, but man this is making me not want to touch it. Is it really a 10 hr grind in a mini-game? I don't know why developers do this with trophies, do they resent having to put them in so they are punishing us?
  12. After a quick glance at your trophy list I would say get on Horizon for #70.
  13. IT'S THE 'RONA. PSNP got the 'Rona!