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  1. This looks really cool. I love the art style, this is definitely on my radar.
  2. This game looks really interesting and I love the aesthetic, but man this is making me not want to touch it. Is it really a 10 hr grind in a mini-game? I don't know why developers do this with trophies, do they resent having to put them in so they are punishing us?
  3. After a quick glance at your trophy list I would say get on Horizon for #70.
  4. IT'S THE 'RONA. PSNP got the 'Rona!
  5. 1st - Fallout 3 (see #100) 50th - Alien: Isolation - my first plat on PS4 and one of my proudest. Also absolutely loved the game. 100 - Fallout 4 (see #1) 150 - Call of Cthulu - check my PSN ID I am at 187, and I think maybe #200 will be the JP version of Control. I got the disc from PlayAsia back in December. Done the NA version and that game is truly one of my all-time favourites, I love everything about it (yes the framerate drops suck but I can live with it).
  6. Well thank you for the encouragement, I may go at it again but I think I have over 100 games in my library I haven't even installed yet. Damn those PSN sales... Agreed on the game itself, I would put it in my top 10-15 all time. I didn't know much about it when I bought it, but it became clear a couple hours in that this not just another shooter. Very underrated and I am soooooo hoping for a remaster. (My first console was a ColecoVision I conned my Mom into buying in 1985! 🎮)
  7. I'm a huge Stephen King fan so I use Randall Flagg a lot. Also Roland Deschain.
  8. Played it in 2013 so yeah it was a long time ago. Still have the disc so I could. The sandstorm section on level 3 (I still remember clearly) I just could not get past. You have to protect 2 allies, I just could not get it done. I'm not the best gamer in the world so it may have been easy for you...but I'm an old geezer so I will use that as an excuse as well 👅
  9. I got one and just blocked it. Same font/style but I can't remember what it said, could have been that. Can't do much more than that. It's a weird message, no linking or solicitations for anything.
  10. This looks right up my alley, deep dark sci-fi. I may pick this up in the next few days.
  11. Spec Ops: The Line One of my favourite games. Unfortunately FUBAR difficulty does just that to me. After many, many failed attempts I had to finally admit I was not going to git gud enough to beat it. You gotta know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em. (Really hoping for a remaster)
  12. For 1998 that would be way ahead of it's time!
  13. #183 - Master of Light Complete all other Trophies in Spirit of the North Fun little game, not difficult although the controls can make the platforming a bit of a pain. Visually very nice and overall an enjoyable game. Wait for a sale but I do recommend it. 5/10 - Enjoyment 3/10 - Difficulty Maybe 6-7 hrs.