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  1. A trophy list is mandatory for all games.
  2. Does anyone know if completing a trophy requirement on PC makes it unlock on PSN when connecting to a PS4?
  3. Let's play it safe.
  4. The game does have some problems with trophies popping later then they should. Perhaps the 30 min one came with a delay, not the 24h one too early. Not that it matters too much, but personally I don't believe OP cheated on this.
  5. Done. @omarbanzaiTagged you by mistake on my phone and can't seem to undo it, sorry. @Sagaan I would give Dark Souls another shot.
  6. Why don't people even bother reading some basic rules?
  7. Nioh pls, I don't have the money for it now.
  8. The trophy for cometing NG plus on Ultra Hard has been achieved by 2300 people, which should make it an ultra rare with about 1.70% completion rate. Instead the game says it's a 10%. At first I thought it only counts people who actually own the DLC, but it's not really a DLC so the base game includes it. Even if it only counted people who earned at least a trophy on the DLC it wouldn't make sense, since there are only 2 trophies and both stand at around 10%. Any thoughts on this?
  9. That would be really useful. When I discovered the site I was actually surprised you can't sort people by platinum count.
  10. ^ Mirror's Edge all the way, it's a unique and refreshing game.
  11. Says the one who stacked on Sound Shapes platinums. Go home, troll.
  12. The original game was crap anyway, just don't buy it. The fact that it had no motion capture two years after Beyond Two Souls came out was a bad joke.
  13. Why would you? There are no trophies related to base building anyway, if completion is what worries you.
  14. I'm sorry, but you are both wrong. Your statements may have been correct in the past, but Sony changed their policy regarding trophies some time ago. Since then, any game can get a platinum, hence the jokes like my name is mayo. Source:
  15. The game's developers decide whether it gets a platinum or not. Sony has nothing to do with this.