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  1. I just finished The Girl Next Door, am trying to make my way through the Top 10 most disturbing books, along with the goriest books. The books are certainly unnerving, but it helps me get a glimpse into what is disturbing, in preparation for my book.
  2. Hamburger Lady by throbbing gristle, thebson is literally a panic attack in song form, but, it helps with writing my book and me getting into the writing zone.
  3. I was very excited for Fallout 4 and had a feeling it would be my favorite. Must say it did just that, and more. It’s now associated with this euphoric moment of my life, that wonderful few months where everything in life was amazing. It was also there for me when I wasn’t so happy later on. The Fallout 4 and Nuka World trailers still bring a tear to my eye.
  4. I love my parents dearly, but am definently glad I stopped living with them and pretty much got kicked out when they moved. Living with them was a nightmare because of how paranoid they would become, i wasn't allowed to buy an airsoft gun because a cop would come into the backyard (for no reason) and shoot me, even though we lived in a nice neighborhood. back in HS, if I bought a computer I could only use it for homework even though it would have been spent with my money. one time I forgot to take out the trash and my stepdad dumped the trash on my bed. My friend started to worry because of all the weird punishments they had for me, he was partially worried something was wrong with their brain. Living with them was was one of the main reasons why I started smoking, the stress of having to deal with your parents threatening to kick you out everyday or then saying they will sell my stuff (even making my price all of my collectibles) i am very glad glad I moved out, at first I cut contact with them, but our relationship grew better after awhile.
  5. So just the USB part broke and that's it?
  6. No, it always smells like weed and other weird smells (friend says it smells like Sasquatch ass) in the hallway, luckily my apartment smells normal. another problem is it was never really fixed up. It's safe, but I'm just glad I'm moving to a nicer apartment in a few months
  7. Farming in Kingdom Hearts Final Mix kinda sucks

  8. Need two more people to join Propaganda in FC4 Battles of Kyrat

  9. 100% for PvZ GW

    Still deciding if I should delete it

  10. I ended up revisiting my list, and deleted my F ranks improved my list: Goal: S - 40 A - 42 B - 17 C - 5 D - 4 E - 0 Current: S - 5 A - 32 B - 9 C - 9 D - 4 E - 57
  11. Hotel manager at Disneyworld, CEO (already am though), or a DM for a retail. favorite song?
  12. #12 LEGO Jurassic World


    Never thought I would get to platinum trophies in less than 12 hours (previous being Plants Versus Zombies: Garden Warfare).


    loved the game though!

  13. It may be to help kids know which items are destructible
  14. I think users should be able to vote if someone was reliable during a gaming session, and make it so that there can be a minimum ranking for joining a gaming session. (for example: 80% required to join session). I feel like this could help with people flaking out and whatnot