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  1. Is it me or is the trophy "Fighting in the shade" glitched? It requires you to shoot 1000 arrows, which should be 50 times emptying your quiver but after 6 hours it still hasn't popped.Do you have to shoot 1000 arrows in a single match? Does it mean hitting people with arrows a 1000 times? I'm using the bow and arrow since it explicitly says arrows and not projectiles.
  2. Going into 40 player matches as vanguard was enough for me to get the trophy. Thanks for the tip.
  3. Does anyone else have the problem that it's very inconsistent to start a wallrun in-game? I don't know what I'm doing wrong but sometimes when I jump at the wall he start wall running but more often he just smacks akwardly against the wall mid firefight. Is it the angle or is it just the yankiness of the game? *Figured what the problem was, I missed the part in the tutorial that you had to hold the x button to wall run.
  4. I think you can remove this game from your hard drive. Since we get the updates in bulk compared to the pc version that is light years ahead, makes me believe the ps4 version is more of an afterthought. I doubt they'll ever add new trophies, whicht isn't so bad. It could be worse, looking at you killing floor 2.
  5. Finally got it. I could only get that snake infront of the chest while holding down static shot, I guess that there's a small window where you can actualy hit the snake. I used the beam wrath skill for the two at the catacombs entrance. Hope this helps
  6. I finally got a large gold crown kirin! Got it from a two silver gold investigation
  7. I got really excited when i saw that my kirin size got updated, only for it to be a slightly lager silver kirin. As much as I love monster hunter I really dislike the rng of the game when it comes to crowns and gems. half way through the grind the fun ends and I just see it as a waste of time. I doubt I will continue playing monster hunter world after this is said and done, unless they release a large amount of content.
  8. I just need a large kirin, but everytime i find a kirin that may be a gold large i get people that keep jumping into the lighting.
  9. I'm glad sims 4 is finally on the console. The trophies don't look as bad when compared with sims 3 and its wish system, still going to take a long time to get the plat.
  10. The game looks fun, but I'm skeptical about it. I'm afraid its either going to be super buggy/ unbalanced or not going to live up to the hype. Also, does anyone know what they mean with beating every boss in their last level?
  11. Dumb question, but how do I navigate the setting menu? Every time I go to the setting menu it doesn't show any settings and I can't access the remaster setting. Apparently the 1.02 update causes a bug in the setting menu and you can't change it to 1999 mode.
  12. I got the tophy by staying on the appearance selection menu ( where it says top, bottom, hair, accessory ect.) idle for 10 minutes.
  13. They didn't get any of the checkpoints of the capture circle. Got it. Won a quick play match on hanamura, enemy did touch the point but didn't get the first checkpoint of the circle.
  14. I won both rounds on competitive and on volskaya. Enemy touch the point but didn't capture it.
  15. On capture maps and payload. Although the quick play map was a payload. might be that the trophy won't work on competitive.