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  1. this trophy is luck based like many others, difficulty settings does not affect the outcome. I play with sliders with human contact, timing and solid hits to the max. and play with pitching difficulty at all-star and I've broken a lot of bats. Also if you play on beginner all the pitches come down right in the middle. My advice: hack at every pitch you see. you can use Circle for contact swing, maybe that will help. I hope this helps and best of luck.
  2. Hi I just got my platinum for Far Cry 5 so I can go back to master hunter (every FC platinum) thanks
  3. Hi, Can the online trophies be boosted? Thanks
  4. I played the whole thing again and platted it just a few minutes ago. The charge attack doesn't work it has to be with a level 2 o 3 ram. Thanks for the tips anyway
  5. Thanks man, well time to do the whole story again. Good thing I love the game. We trophy hunters are grinders so it's not so bad.
  6. hi, I have the fully upgraded ram and the optional objective in sequence 8 mission 2 asks you to ram the royal african pearl with an upgraded ram. thing is it is not completing the optional objective. Does anyone know a fix or suggestion? or am I F%^&ed and need to restart the whole game. thanks
  7. Thank you!
  8. Hi, Is it possible to boost by renting a server? Leveling up, ribbons, etc? If yes, how many people do you need to start a match? Thanks
  10. I can confirm it works perfectly on the digital US version. Here's a video to help when to change difficulty
  11. Hi, If you are going for the plat and following the guide in the OpFor trophy it says that you need to complete Prelude to War on Hardcore everytime. This is not true you can start WWIII directly with the faction of your choice. I hope this helps anyone going for the plat.
  12. Hi, I would like to sign for master hunter Far Cry Classic Far Cry 2 Far Cry 3 Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon Far Cry 4 Far Cry Primal Thank you and Regards
  13. Bethesda and id uploaded a post about the next update and it says that the glitched trophies will be patched As soon as the patch releases I'll update the guide.
  14. I'm able to save at the safe house I didn't get "now you can save" prompt, so it did count?
  15. Hi, Some safe houses that I've gone to had no enemies and I never got the prompt saying "you can now save at this safe house" is it glitched or does still count towards the trophy? thanks