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  1. You should be able to make Elixir M and Elixir L with the same materials as Elixir S. Just use any elixir alchemy materials. As for mining, you need the use the Legendary Pick-Axe and have a high mining skill - I believe 60 - to get L ore. Once you get your mining skill high enough, you can switch between the three types of pickaxe to determine which ore size you get.
  2. As far as I know, you should be able to fish anywhere in that dungeon to get the exclusive fish. Regarding alchemy, which potions are you talking about? The category of alchemy material you need should be fairly obvious based on the item name.
  3. Yeah, I don't mind at all. I'm glad to help. There's another trick I've been using the past couple days to make farming go faster. Using Remote Play on a computer combined with the PS4Macro tool, a lot of farming can be automated. Basically, the PS4Macro tool lets you designate an input or series of inputs to be looped indefinitely. For example, just last night I set it to spam healing skills and Shattered Earth while I was standing in lava, which auto-farmed Magic Restoration, Magic Destruction, and Earth Magic skill for me. That's how I ended up able to unlock all abilities. The only thing you really have to look out for is Remote Play disconnects. I figure this could hypothetically be used to farm just about anything in the game, including monster drops, if you're willing to set up a complex enough macro.
  4. One recipe requires 2 and another requires 3, for a total of 5 to make both of them. Since you have to make them 60 times each, that's 5 x 60 = 300. And the equipment sounds like it'll be waaaay worse.
  5. I finished up the Fishing Journal already, but the thought of having to catch 300 Legendary Fish to master all the cooking recipes is almost enough by itself to put me off from attempting the platinum, and the equipment crafting is even worse. I'll probably just finish up the non-crafting trophies and move on to another game until I hear word of a patch. Anyway, regarding Fyued, I only lost 3 or 4 games of the ~450 I played and got draws on only about 10% of them. Even playing against opponents with stronger decks, I really didn't have much trouble. The main thing is predicting how the stacks will end up when they're finished. For example, once the stack on the far right is finished, it can only be attacked from the left side. At that point, your best bet is to try to make it yours and have a left number high enough that nothing your opponent has can capture it. There are two ways to do this: wait for a 2/3 stack and place your own card on top with a strong left side (that doesn't lose to the second card in the stack if that belongs to your opponent) or have the second card in the stack be yours with a strong middle so it captures whichever your opponent plays on top. There are pros and cons to both strategies, but the first one is generally better if you can pull it off. If you can't do either of those, your next best bet is to intentionally place a card with a weak left side on top so you can capture it back if it gets take. Using that method, it's hypothetically possible for a beginner deck to beat an end game deck, but it's still heavily dependent on luck. Remember, the first card that gets placed on each stack usually doesn't matter much, so use your weakest cards for those. @MooseSketts I just noticed you added info from my previous post into your initial post. I'm glad you considered it helpful enough for that. The extra info I posted in this one is pretty much just what I said before in more detail, so there's no need to add it, but there is one more thing I'd like to add for us trophy hunters. When your opponent's hand is first shown at the start of the match, if they don't have a shiny or any other card you want, just force quit the application and start it back up. The game should autosave before starting each match, so you'll still be standing next to the same NPC and you won't have lost any cards. In the long run, it'll probably save you at least a few hours of time cumulatively.
  6. I think I was the first person to finish Fyued on PS4 and I really didn't have much trouble with it. I'll copy-paste some tips here I mentioned to someone on the game's Discord. I'll try to keep an eye here in case anyone replies, but messaging me on PSN is probably a better way to get my attention. Most importantly, save your best cards for the end. The endgame is way more important than the opening moves. Be careful about "completing" the three-card stacks since they can't be changed after that. I like to bait the AI into placing the second card on the stack, then finish it with a third card that either can't be captured by any of the opponent's cards or, if I can't do that, a card that I can just easily take back if I do lose it. If the AI has a shiny card, they'll usually play it last, so plan a couple turns in advance how you're going to trap the card into being take-able and still win the match. As for deck-building, I like having three cards with a powerful left side, three cards with a powerful right side, and three other misc cards (powerful middle and/or well-balanced). Dark cards work well for most of the game, but you should use at least a couple strong light cards once you get into the later areas. And setting aside Fyued, yeah, the crafting seems like an insane grind in this game. I have over 200 hours in the game and I'm not even close to having made one of everything, let alone enough to master it all. Really hoping that requirement gets changed in a future patch.
  7. Is there a specific requirement for getting critical hits other than just attacking with the enemy standing in a red tile? Or just a time when it wouldn't count for a critical, like if the enemy is turned the other way or something? I definitely got more than 5 hits in red tiles in my last battle and the trophy didn't pop. I also didn't get the "critical hit confirmed" popup (or whatever it says) at all during the battle. Having a lot of trouble getting this one and I'm near the end of my first playthrough. Edit: I won the battle and I'm fairly sure my characters were not blinded. This also wasn't the first battle where I tried for 5+ criticals. Edit 2: Ok, I just got it after many, many battles where I definitely hit in the red zone more than 5 times. The only thing I can think of that might have been different about this one is that I did it exactly 5 times. If that's not it, I have no idea what the problem was before.
  8. Just got my last 10 recipes. It took me about 3-4 days of mostly nonstop (except for sleep) monitoring the cafe. I used OP's suggestion of leaving only a dish that cannot be made on my menu to save ingredients until the important customers came. Here were the dishes I used for each of them, albeit with some slight change over time: And this was my order of major milestones: It took me several hours before anyone started asking me for their story food, then another several hours before I was given a recipe. For most of them, I estimate that I gave them over 20 instances of their story dish before they gave me their recipe, but a few of them took less than 10. I made huge progress on my third day, starting with 2/10 recipes and another ~5 characters asking me for their story dish, and finishing the day with 9/10 recipes and only about an hour left after i woke up the next day for the final one. In short, you have to put a good amount of time in before you start seeing serious progress.
  9. I've definitely beaten more than 12 tamers and I have yet to get A Dozen Down. I wonder if the definition of "dozen" was changed recently when I wasn't looking.
  10. If you've earned all the other trophies, the one you're most likely to be missing is enchanting the dirk. You need to put it in fire, hit it with the hammer twice, then put water on it or submerge it in water. That was the only one I was missing after getting most other trophies. I'm pretty sure this isn't true. According to this list of missable major puzzles, one of them is to find the two "artifacts" in the dark catacombs, one is to look at the stars in the observatory, and there's one for each of the alchemy recipes, and I definitely did not do any of those (except maybe one alchemy recipe) during the playthrough where I got it.
  11. Did you do anything special to make it show up? I've been farming the food spots in Bio Labs for a couple hours and it hasn't shown up for me. Of course, now that I'm posting this, I'm sure I'll get it in a few minutes before anyone can reply. Edit: Finally got it, but now I'm not sure which other food I'm missing.
  12. To unlock NG+ mode, simply hold for a bit and the option will show up. This adds a room before the tutorial letting you toggle some options that can make the game easier and faster. There are also some that make the game harder, so don't just go turn on everything without reading. Without this cheat code, NG+ is only available after beating the "story" part of the game. Edit: I'll be more specific about which ones you should leave off. Classic Mode is the only one that definitively makes the game harder/slower. I think Random Creature Mode is more likely to make the game harder than easier. The rest I suggest turning on unless you plan to do a lot of breeding, in which case you might want to leave off Ignore Gene Strength. While extensive breeding could make the game easier, it will take a lot of time to actually make it worth it to leave this off, so I still suggest turning it on. tl;dr: To make the 100% easier and faster, hold when you first start the game until you unlock New Game Plus, then start with that option and turn on everything except Classic Mode and Random Creature Mode.
  13. Hey, sorry if this has already been asked/answered, but where is the data about my game lists stored? I got a new laptop last week and I'd like to transfer over my lists from my old one.
  14. It's been long enough that I doubt anyone who posted still needs help, but I'll throw this out there for anyone reading in the future. There are some dishes you can eat that give the ability Hidden Passages Visible, though this only highlights the entrances and doesn't show the entire paths. The two hardest ones for me were in Marino Strada and Dawn Ruins. The Dawn Temple one is through a secret path that gets indicated after eating the aforementioned dish, but otherwise, is hard to find. It isn't very visible in the wall and it leads to an area far enough away that it isn't shown on the map until you walk through part of the path. The Marino Strada one can be accessed on a barely-visible path in the area where you fight the boss. It will not be highlighted by the food effect, so it ended up being the only one I looked up rather than finding myself. In the lower-left of the boss area (pretty much the opposite side of the area from where the boss is), there's a barely-visible path through the water that leads to another map area with the chest.
  15. This is my first time playing any game in the Langrisser series on console and I don't understand how to get the secret scenarios in Langrisser II, such as the one that branches off Scenario 6. All the information I found online was for old versions of the game. As far as I can tell (please correct me if this is wrong), the secret tiles aren't in this version of the game, which seemed to be the old way of unlocking them. So how do I reach them? Edit 1: Found this thread on GameFAQs. Haven't tried it yet, so I'll post here once I'm able to confirm/deny if it works. Edit 2: Ok, so ignore the first three steps in the link I posted. Those are answering someone's question about getting route E. The screenshot is where you need to go for two of the three secret stages. Stage 8 is basically the same regardless of which route you're on, except that the secret spot takes you to two separate stages. The third (well, first) secret stage stems out of stage 6 and I haven't found that spot yet, but I doubt it'll be hard, so I'll update this post again when I figure it out. When you're on the correct tile, Elwin will say he wonders where it goes and that they'll find out later. Once he's there, leave him there and finish the stage. At the end of the scene, Elwin will be curious about the door and you can choose to investigate it, taking you to the extra stage. At least, that's what I can confirm for light path stage 8 as I haven't done the others yet. Edit 3: For the secret stage after stage 6, touch the headless statue and flip the switch. It'll open a door on the left. Approach the door for Elwin to comment on it and finish the stage while he stands there. Again, select to enter the door at the end of the post-level cutscene. That should be about it. Hopefully this helps someone.
  16. There's a little exploit I found. Not sure if I'm the first to find it, plus it's pretty small anyway. When using the teleports/portals, pause the game and don't unpause until you've fully teleported. This will save you the amount of time it would have taken off the clock. I'm only on Stage 3, so I'm not sure how useful this is throughout the game. Edit: Just saw on another forum someone posted something similar, but it turns out the pausing trick has a lot more use than I thought. You can even use it to skip some parts of levels and move through things you aren't supposed to be able to.
  17. I like your strategy for Legacy of Bhaal, but it didn't work for me personally due to how I built my character. I had a lot more luck using this as a guide:
  18. Apologies for the late response. I see you've already gotten the platinum, but I'll answer anyway in case someone else sees this and has the same questions. I got a Tome of Descending from that traveling goblin merchant near the beginning of Distant Garden. I think it was within the first 10 floors, even. As for Make 'Em Sing, I'm guessing you had forgotten to use a Mic with the fairies. Other than that, there's nothing special about it.
  19. Seems there are a few glitched trophies in this game. Z Cup Zenith popped for me when I definitely had not achieved Z with every character. I'm thinking it just counts the number of times you reach Z instead of counting for each character. Art Afficionado isn't popping for me even when I reach 100% in the Curio Codex, which I've done twice now - I downloaded my save after I achieved 100% and the trophy didn't pop the first time. When you go into the Curio Codex, the top of the screen says "Object Codex," and I'm not really sure what else the Object Codex would be, so I'm guessing that's it. Edit: When you get your last curio, you may need to place it before it registers. When you're sure your Curio/Object Codex is at 100%, use the flower dial and your trophy should pop. I haven't achieved Faith in Friends yet, but my friend has. He said he reached 327 story scenes and it didn't pop, then it did a little later after doing some more requests and still being at 327 story scenes. Edit: The max amount of scenes appears to be 329, but you may have to mess around for a while before the trophy pops. Try switching characters to Hinata, talking to students, doing requests, and opening and closing the menu. It should pop eventually. Bugs aside, I'm having a lot of trouble getting young Flora's TFT scene. Any suggestions would be appreciated. I also need a Tome of Descending and several more True Omega Swords (or whichever is the 3-star version you need in a bunch of synthesis recipes). I'm planning on doing one or two more runs of Clock Tower for those, but if anyone knows a quicker or more reliable way to get them, that info would also be appreciated. Edit: Young flora doesn't have a TFT scene. For some dumb reason, doing TFT with Flora at school counts differently than doing it at the end of a dungeon, and both are the older version. Edit 2: Tome of Descending and Frail Grandsword may only be available in Distant Garden from the roaming goblin salesman. Unfortunately, this makes them rare and very much missable in a single adventure. Not permanently missable, but you may need to go through Distant Garden multiple times.
  20. Having trouble in one specific part of Town. Also the Monastery, but I haven't put too much time into that one yet. Edit: Just figured it out myself. I don't see a way to delete this so I guess I'll just leave it here.
  21. Good news. The update is supposed to be coming to the English version soon with extra songs as an apology for the wait.
  22. I got the game from Limited Run Games and it doesn't seem to update, so I can't verify this with the version I have, unless I'm missing something. But I'm wondering, for people who have the downloadable version, how do the songs added in the free update affect trophies like Played Everything! and Heart-Sync?
  23. Ok, thanks. I got a reply on another forum about the Hong Kong version of the game, but I'm also glad to hear I'm not missing out by getting the physical English version instead of digital. Thanks!
  24. What about the v1.1.1 update in August? Did it never come to PS4/Vita?