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  1. It's exactly my problem @Midgar777, different challenges but same issue. I guess I'll delete my save (after making a backup) and start again for the trophy of Tara's Nabad... I don't trust do it again with the save there.
  2. That will suck, but looks like it will be the way... Didn't found anyone with same problem. I'll try another thing: I completed the campaign and challenges on ultra violence, but now I'm on easy for the collectibles... Maybe this is what mess up with the tracker (I don't think so)... I'll switch back to ultra violence to see if the challenges will be available again. I doubt, but if works I'll tell you guys.
  3. I'm doing a mission select for things I didn't pick up in my runs... But I can't redo the incomplete challenges. Anyone's having this issue? Even challenges I'm sure I got it's showing as not complete now. I didn't pick up everything in Taras Nabad first time, but complete the challenges... now I go and pick everything, but only one challenge is marked as done and the other two won't register even if I meet the requirements.
  4. If anyone struggling to fight the Unchained on obsidian dark form, I made a video with a viable strategy using the hallowed sword +5
  5. For those who speak Portuguese here's my review of the game, if you wanna check it out: https://www.conversadesofa.com/analise-mortal-shell-ps4/
  6. My spatula on rock bottom is still missing, but with the option to fight bosses again the last one give me an extra one and I got my platinum. If anyone missing one or got the 100 and no trophy try to do last boss fight again.
  7. Man, I really don't know exactly, but there's a two or three switchs that turn the light on and off, one is in alma mater near the Uthos boss (I turned the switch in the monolith world too, so I'm counting it as 2) and one near the catwalk on Port Issoudun. I don't recall if there's another one. I get the trophy when I surrender my data, but don't know if this affect the trophy or not, but that's how I get. This game has a lot of secrets yet, so maybe other actions I took may or may not has contributed to it too.
  8. Anyone having trouble finding it to do the Architect sidequest, here's two locations I'm able to found it. A little sidenote: In Observatory the zombie shop cicle between itens, so fast travel to other locations until he has it in his inventory.
  9. Well, there's a lot of trophies tied to things nobody knows the requirements yet. Like the "show me what you got" and "I'm still worthy". 3 trophies are tied to NPC sidequests (I got one), two bosses I didn't found and there's one for find 66 coins. Like many soulslike it'll depend on the community to find things and explain what they did to get certain actions to unfold.
  10. I think is worth it. I'm on the fourth boss on NG plus and besides some minor issues with camera (typical of soulslike's) and some weird hitbox for some enemies I don't have much complaints. The graphics could be more beautiful, but suits the atmosphere. There's a lot of secrets to uncover. I didn't find two of the bosses on my first run. If someone speaks Portuguese I wrote a review for it (that's why I'm on NG+): https://www.conversadesofa.com/analise-hellpoint-ps4/
  11. Well, I received an email saying that my problem was fixed but it didn't work retroactive at least. Reacho out THQ via Twitter within a video of the issue but they didn't bother to give it an answer:
  12. In my case I didn't get the one from Slip Slide Away in Rock Bottom. I hit it in time and Mr. Krabs even congratulated me, but it didn't count, it's gray on menu so it not registered but it won't reappear. Make another save, grind till get the 25 spatulas required to open Rock Bottom, go there and get it without problem this time, thinking maybe the game will register the add spatula (saw one guy tell it works for him with the Squidward one), but didn't get the trophy.
  13. It's the only one I missed too. I don't wanna do it all over again and get the same bug (or another), but I don't know if they gonna fix it.
  14. Quem fala português e estiver interessado em saber se vale a pena jogar o game em 2020 eu escrevi um artigo sobre com todo o histórico desde o lançamento do jogo, se quiserem conferir: https://conversadesofa.com/do-lancamento-desastroso-a-redencao-vale-a-pena-dar-uma-chance-a-star-wars-battlefront-2-em-2020/
  15. Some people are suggesting that the problem is with large gates... I don't know, I jump over one, but I opened it after, so I'm not sure. The horse statue in dead horse is another thing people are saying is missing, I can't remember if I catch it, but I got the trophy of that area and the 100% landmarks trophy, so technically it can't be it, but I can't be sure, after all it's buggy. I was thinking of doing it again, but I'll wait for the patch