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  1. The cave didn't work for me, I move one server to another and still nothing, pick 20 times each and no luck, only got parts of a history (really good by the way), but no collectible... but when I go to the spot in the video works almost 100% of the time, I change servers one time only
  2. If someone need to farm arcanists collectibles I found a really good spot:
  3. Thanks man, I got the platinum yesterday and came here to tell all about the respawning points that gives you coolness and chains in every level... it's kinda of lame that we had to do that even if we finish the level flawless... but anyway, got the platinum and your tip is what works...
  4. Hello everyone, I'm struggling to reach rank S in 4 levels: Miami, Beverly Hills, Grand Canyon and Chicago. Anyone have tips for this? I'm using the MG's... there are better weapons to get higher combos? I usually get S on damage and KO points, but the chain and rush seems a little random... I don't figure it out if was better to get the different or higher chains. I was getting high chains (60-70) on Phoenix and only got A's, but when I focus on get one of the each chain, like on of the 10 chain, one of the 20, 30 and 50 I got a S... However when I try this on Beverly Hills it doesn't work. I noticed that killing the UFO helps, intercept missiles, but cleary there's something else that I was missing on this stages.
  5. Thanks
  6. Does anyone know how do I change the difficulty of the game? I finish it yesterday, but didn't saw where I could choose other difficulties. And someone knows what is more important to rank S? Speed, damage, destruction, combos?
  7. Had the same problem here... I conquest a fort and capture another legendary lieutnant but she still doens't appear on my list, different of what happen to you... Quit, reload and still don't work for me, on the other hand everything I bought on the club I could equip right away.
  8. Oh, that's really bad for you guys on the EU, but I'm glad you had the means to get it with this workaround method. I'll start the game soon then. Thanks for the reply.
  9. It's an excellent game if you like twin stick shooters, hope you'll like it and get the platinum 👊
  10. Somebody got the trophy recently? I wanna start the game, but if it's not possible to achieve the platinum with another controller or online (which I prefer) I'll not even start it, because I hate this kinda of thing when the developers doesn't fix, what I assume, to be a simple thing/issue.
  11. Despite not be my rarest one, Neurovoider platinum trophy only have 12 achievers (myself included). It's a very fun and difficulty game. I recommend it.
  12. Mine was the platinum for the ModNation Racers: Road Trip on Playstation Vita back in 2015. Amost reaching 200, just 7 more to go. \o/
  13. I guess will still be grindy, but better than nothing... Depend on how you play, how long you can play, the mode and skill you can get a decent amount of XP, I guess will not be possible reach 50, but maybe 40 with some luck to find games (sometimes I found more difficulty find a game than keep myself alive hahahahah). Good luck.