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  1. Some people are suggesting that the problem is with large gates... I don't know, I jump over one, but I opened it after, so I'm not sure. The horse statue in dead horse is another thing people are saying is missing, I can't remember if I catch it, but I got the trophy of that area and the 100% landmarks trophy, so technically it can't be it, but I can't be sure, after all it's buggy. I was thinking of doing it again, but I'll wait for the patch
  2. Same problem here...
  3. If anyone are looking for a good weapon, here's how good great scythe is (with help of power within and dexterity)
  4. If anyone needs some tips (sorry for the typos on tip number 2):
  5. Thanks man. Appreciate.
  6. I got my review code for tinyBuild too, but the PR didn't know nothing about the trophies either. Guess we'll have to wait... It's such a rich game but with so many performance issues that really make me sad.
  7. Tomorrow Pathologic 2 will be out for a month and still can't sync the trophies and at least on Twitter the devs didn't answer. Someone had some information about it?
  8. Me too.
  9. Guess I'll wait for the patch, did a very similar run and still got 84.960... Had a slowdown in the transition of the last area, like a frame drop and don't know if this was what affect my run... My PS4 looks like going to need some repairs soon.
  10. Could you share the link? I tried to find by your user but you know, just found about baseball hahahahaha
  11. I'm having a little trouble to get the mobility one, almost got it but don't know what I'm doing wrong.
  12. Got It! I can't believe It...
  13. Got it, but when War finish the bladestorm it was like I can't input other command until he reachs the ground, I already try to double tap, hold... still nothing... I guess I'll try the course... the first one I think I could reach (if I manage to pass the first part hahhahaha). Just a random question, are you from Brazil? (I am).
  14. One question, there is any coin in the course of the puzzle? The hold the jump button doesn't unfold wings a second time for me... He just perform an uppercut even I'm holding x till almost broke it hahahah
  15. One question, there is any coin in the course of the puzzle?