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  1. This may not be the case, It may make more sense to stack classes IE Titans for shields. Hunters seem to be all DPS based and the blade dancers may be a slight burden on a raid team. Looking at the subclasses, Sun Singer warlocks seem to be the most desirable for raids, you can have one reducing incoming damage, while another shortens cooldowns. my ideal raid team would be (for single targeting on a boss) 1. Titan : Defender (with the Armor of Light ) 2. Titan : Defender (With weapons of Light) 3. Warlock : Sunsinger (with song of flames) 4. Warlock : Sunsinger (with Radiant Skin) / in a hard mode raid I would want them to switch to fireborn in the event of a wipe so that they can res, and hide. giving everyone a chance to revive. 5. Hunter : Gunslinger (with Gunfighter) 6. Hunter : Gunslinger (with gunfighter) For a boss with heavy adds, I would want to switch out the hunters for classes with ranged AoE abilities like a blade dancer using Razor's Edge, or a voidwalker using shatter or lance. As no one has yet to see any of the raids, or their mechanics it's hard to say right now but it seems like stacking is the best way to go as some sub-classes don't provide the raid utility desired. Then again, this may change when we get a look at the loot. I'm personally hoping for a PVE weapon that has a chance to heal people while attacking.
  2. I'm not looking forward to the PVP trophies, however I'm sure theres many not looking forward to the PVE trophies. This game was obviously not intended to be an easy one to 100%. My only worry is with " Triple Play" from what I've seen many don't seem keen on the idea of playing as a Titan, so unless theres a way to boost this I can see many matchups being made of mostly Warlocks, and Hunters. (I Hope I'm wrong on this one.) I'm hoping there will be a way to boost these trophies in maybe a 'premade group vs premade group' situation.
  3. I won't give you this trophy, but I will give some tips on how to go about getting it. 1. If you're to low in gear to do torment level, start by doing normal bounties. if you complete a whole acts set of bounties you are awarded with a cache of loot, possibly holding gear, including legendaries . this is also a slow way to earn blood shards that can be used to gamble for additional loot (possible legendaries) 2. if you're up to it, try joining a group doing normal level Rifts, these areas are packed with mobs to kill, and have a rift boss that has a chance to drop a lost soul, blood shards, and I've personally had 2 legendaries, and a pattern for a legendary set drop off of in one kill (mind you that was on torment 2, but still, it drops stuff) 3. Add people. adding people gives them a chance to have a drop thats only use is sending to you. you in turn will get the ability to have drops for them, this is probably the most easy way to get legendaries as it requires literally no work on your part.
  4. I've been playing Softcore, will do hardcore later on when I have the time and energy (that or I'll just poke at it every now and again) I'm usually on grinding bounties DocileCraig
  5. Sure I'll toss you an add - Tired of ending up in games where no one is talking where you can tell you're playing against people in a party.
  6. I wanted to change my PSN name for years, and now I finnaly have. it sucks losing all my trophies, but im sure I'll earn them back in time (this time with less hannah montana).