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  1. From your Sony Entertainment Account page. It says when you opened it. But it's not really working for Beta PSN sign ups, since I think it tracks when you inputted your details for billing through PS3 back then. I still have email from Sony congratulating me with joining PSN Beta from October 2006, but on account page it says Dec 2006, so probably when I actually got PS3 and finished setting up my account with billing details. Good thing, you could reserve names in Beta. 😍
  2. October 2006 when Beta PSN opened. So it's almost 11 years old. Account page says Dec 2006, but I believe it's the date I activated account on PS3 and inputted billing. It was crazy, all short names were gone in hours when beta sign up opened. I still get 10+ messages a week with people asking to sell my PSN account. Can't imagine people with short names made from common words like "Wizard" or "Snake".
  3. Hey, it's kinda a repost from, but people keep adding me on PSN and asking for help. So here is my guide on this trophy. The video is me playing same route as I did on console. It's MP10 (Master V on consoles). Hello, I am one of the first people in the world to obtain this Trophy and overall Platinum in Diablo 3, and first in the world according to, and lately I am getting a lot of questions from people asking to help with this trophy, so here is my guide. Lot of people are asking me on PSN how I managed to get 5 million gold Trophy so fast and some tips to help them out, here is a guide on my route for farming. I know it's PC version, but I don't have capure card for PS3/Xbox so I just recreated my PS3 route on PC and captured fotage. It's essentially the same. I found that Alkaizer route worked best for console, since mob density in Act 3 is much higher than anywhere else. After playing around and tweeking my routes, I found that the most loot and gold come from Arreat Crater Level 2 and Keep Depths Level 2 since they have the best mob density in the console version of the game. I recomend playing this route with either WW-Rend Barb or Tempest Rush monk, since they will have insane speed boost due to their abilities and overall have excellent efficiency. Close 3rd would be Archon Wizard. Other classes or specs simply will take 2-3 times as much to achieve it. My route is reverse run of "Areate Crater Level 2" and "Keep Depths 2" 1. Start fresh Act 3 checkpoint on Quest "Heart of Sin - Kill Azmodan" 2. Go to waypoint "Tower of the Cursed Level 1" 3. Now run back up the stairs, you will get Checkpoint 4. Proceed running back to "Arreat Crater Level 2" Now the farming itself starts. Just kill everything in your way, those huge packs of white mobs give insane ammount of XP and decent chance to drop loot/gold. You want to run reverse back to waypoint at the start of the map. 5. After you get to the waypoint go to "Keep Depths 1" 6. Again, as in my video go to level 2 and clear it until you get to the exit. After you are done - teleport back to town, quit the game and resume. You will have portal to "Tower of the Cursed Level 1", and you can start new run. Repeat untill you get your achievement/trophy. Few more things that might help you: Easy, Normal and Hard on console are equal to MP0, MP2 and MP4 on PC, but unlike the PC version of the game you don't get any bonuses to MF, XP or GF. So there is no point to struggle on hard if you were unlucky with your gear drops. Master 1 to Master 5 on the other hand are same as Monster Power 6 to Monster Power 10 on PC and they do give bonuses to your XP, MF and GF. If you can easily handle Master 1 and can handle Master 2 or 3 it doesn't actually mean you should farm higher difficulty, it's all about efficiency. You want to kill monsters fast. If it takes 60-90 seconds to kill an Elite and 30-40 seconds to kill an white mob pack - it's probably better to switch to lower difficulty, since MF/XP/GF bonuses are not worth the extra time to kill mobs and elites on higher difficulty. Same thing with co-op, it's good only if your party is geared as good as you and they can move as fast as you, if not - you only gimping yourself. profile: Glex - Community - Diablo III PlayStation Profile: Shizo's PSN Profile - I recomend you guys watch video about farming efficiency from user "Moldran" on YouTube, he is one of the best Diablo 3 theoreocrafter on PC. About my build and play style: Now I played as Barb on consoles, unlike my PC barb who is only 155k DPS unbuffed, my console barb was already 191k DPS by the time I started seriously grinding this trophy. You get lots of speed, crowd controll immunity and DPS boost if you maintain Wrath of Berserker buff, to maintain it you need Battle Rage - in to the frey ability to get your fury back from crits. So more CC = better. But you also need mobs to survive for 5-6 seconds, otherwise you will kill them too fast. Now this will sound rediculous to you, but you might actually need to drop your DPS a bit if you kill mobs too fast. By the time I was at 3.5 million gold out of 5 I already had 317k DPS unbuffed, so I had to tone it down a little bit, otherwise I couldn't maintain WoTB. The math behind it is simple on one hand you have you DPS, say it's buffed with Battle Rage, you might think it's faster to farm if you kill mobs in 2-3 seconds without WOTB, but in reallity you get about same DPS if you able to maintain WOTB, but you also get additional bonuses such as movement speed and crowd control immunity. So if you have to tone down your DPS - first drop the gear with Crit Damage, Avg Damage and maybe get weapon with less DPS. Don't ever ever drop crit or attack speed. UPD: Got some question on how can I put so many skills from same categories on my bars. So another thing a lot of people don't know about, and even less console players know about, I am sorry I forgot to mention it: Elective Mode By default game assign skills to 6 different categories and you are allowed to pick 1 skill for those, but it's aimed at new players and players unfamilliar with ARPGs, in the option you can enable Elective Mode, wich will allow you to assign any skill from any category to any button. As you can notice from my video I have 2 secondary skills (offensive) and no prime skill (fury generators), instead I have Rend and Whirlwind. The best farming specs in the game require you to have few skills from same category that will work insanely good with each other. There are lot of examples of good character builds on sites like, just head to class subforums and they usually have complete guides on different classes finetuned to get best efficiency during farm and grind. If you have any question ask in this thread and I will try to answer them. I mainly played as monk, barb and wizard on PC and know those classes inside and out, the rest I didn't really play a lot and won't be able to help with them.
  4. But watermark is already there? (the link at the bottom). Some people thought that I want to remove both country/global ranks and watermark just because of my example, it was much easier to cut out bottom bar from the trophy card than to edit out ranks and leave the link, I just made it for reference in 5min, hence just removed botom. I could care less for the watermark if there would be an option to remove ranks.
  5. I guess I will keep coming back to this thread, maybe someone from site staff will see it and will let us remove country and global ranks from Trophy Card to make it more clear, hopefully before PS4 launch. I don't mind ranks on my profile page at all, just seem out of place on some of the cool backgrounds when generating trophy cards.
  6. Bump, would like to hear thoughts from administration. Let us hide the country/global ranks at least from gamercard. I think it's pointless in the first place, since there are thousands of cheaters out there. Whenever I update my trophycard, just before mine pops I see random people. Sometimes i see people with 99.9-100% competition. I checked them out, and lot of them have like 3-4 games fully platinum-ed in matter of minutes or hours. Or trophies from 2012 games obtained in 1995-2006. Here is an example, I just refreshed main page and like after 4 refreshes I got this guy: Dead Space 3 trophies 3 years ago? And he still show up on global and country leader boards, so I see no point in those unless ytou can ensure that at least 90% of cheaters are quickly banned from leaderboards.
  7. As I said, I don't mind water mark. But I would like to get optionto disable ranking, at least for card. And more layout/card options would be a big plus too.
  8. Not a perfect solution. And more options is always better than less. You might like it, some people don't. I dont mine subtle watermark either, it's ranking that give me eye cancer. Even then why not allow clean gamercards? It's like stock images service or lot of similar services - free users get watermark, premium get clean image. P.S. Damn it, hard to type on a tablet. Don't mind shitty typos.
  9. But I don't want to cheat just to remove ranking. Should be an option.
  10. Hey guys, first of all, thanks for the awesome service. I only recently came back to play my PS3 (with all the disappointment from Xbox One announcement), back before I switched to 360 as my main console (that was in 2008) there was no such a service for trophies (like for Xbox) so it's really awesome that community developed a lot since then. But I have few problems/suggestions. First of all, is there a way to completely hide global/country rank from Trophies Card? It just looks so much sleeker without it. Just compare those 2: vs Original: And that leads me to my next suggestion - add more layouts and options, or even allow players to do those themselves. Why not allow featured platinum(s) trophies instead of latest? Or featured 100% games? How about PSN avatar size and position? I saw people with pretty cool avatars that sadly are from some promotions or unique to specific country PSN Store. Or make those options for premium users - those that use your service for free won't be affected in any way, those that pay or deciding to pay or not will have more cool features to relate to.