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  1. finally The last of us 2 announced. cant wait.

    1. ruffedgz


      yea, need to finish my PS4 version before I think about getting the new one :P

  2. Finally finished Uncharted 4. Amazing game. True next gen

    1. Finozzi1696


      Congratulations! I want to play it, hope I can get it before the sale ends :)

  3. #100% Witcher3: Blood and Wine Awesome expansion. To bad there wont be more of them :(

  4. #65 GTA V PS4

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    2. StrickenBiged


      Damn. Well done! That's a long one!

    3. Gwinambele


      Accually wasnt so bad. I had mp trophies done in ps3 so all of them auto popped. I still had to get all collectibles etc. But it was ok. Ill pass on heists trophies though. I dont have ppl to play and i hate randoms in GTA O

    4. StrickenBiged


      Yeah, they're difficult missions as it is, and getting 4 regular players together has proven to be quite difficult for me and my buddies. I don't blame you for skipping them.

  5. if anyone interested in trying Mirrors Edge beta here is the code: FPEB-45NA-H3JN

    1. skateak


      Heads up, someone grabbed it. Lucky lucky

  6. ok now they got my attention this looks interesting
  7. Ive played my 2nd playthrough on ng+ on deathmarch and it was hard just on first map. After that it was only easier and easier to the point i was almost invincible. Maybe you need to get other skills or smth.
  8. Over two months since last plat #64 Dying Light. Also got all The Following trophies but ill pass on other dlc (to much frustration :) )

    1. skateak


      Congrats on recovering from the platinum drought.

  9. i have never finished main game and i've played Undead Nightmare so you are not right EU GOTY edition everything included on disc
  10. what did i say?
  11. Fuck yeah. I got driving licence today :D

    1. --Deleted--


      Congrats. Enjoy your newly earned freedom card

    2. Marco


      Congratulations! :)

  12. konami will shut this down 100%
  13. Finally #63 The Witcher3: Wild Hunt also finished Hearths of Stone. Awesome expansion worth every penny. Cant wait for second expansion. Overall GOTY and best RPG ever!

    1. StrickenBiged


      Congrats. I'm on my 1st PT now and am having loads of fun. It's so engaging! Not looking forward to collecting all the cards tho... I suck @ gwent!

  14. #62 Far Cry 4

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    2. Gwinambele


      me too

      its my 2nd FC4 plat :)

    3. 30 Year Old Boomer

      30 Year Old Boomer

      Congrats! After I platinum Just Cause 3,I'll start and plat FC 3 and 4 PS4.

    4. Gwinambele


      I wish there was fc3 on ps4

      And i hope new far cry will be as good as previous two

  15. #61 need For Speed (the new one) I gave up on dlc trophies though. Its not worth my time :D