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  1. I dont think the patch had any impact on these problems. You still have to do everything in one sitting if you want to unlock Master Of All You Survey. I done Pandora locations a couple of days ago but then when I completed all the other locations last night it didnt keep the Pandora locations discovered.
  2. with Disc no doubt about it. The games are way overpriced on the store unless they have a sale on.
  3. just do what you enjoy doing, if you want to regrind games you have already done then kudos to you. I personally dont want to replay games that I have already done just for the sake of trophies. The only game I had to redo was GTA V (I think 😄) because a lot of my friends got it for PS4.
  4. I dont mind the difficulty trophies, its when you have to play 3 different playthroughs to finally unlock the last difficulty that annoys me. Just make all the difficulties available from the start. No doubt a few months down the line they will add some new game plus trophies I bet
  5. Black Ops 2 took me almost 5 years because I couldnt be bothered to do the online zombies 😄
  6. not sure if you have got this but I can help if you still need it.
  7. yeah thanks I seen someone had posted a solution for the Slabs. I have no idea what to do for the locations because I tried to do that with Eden6 and nothing happened but then I was playing with a friend and we travelled to The Hall Obsidian and it unlocked the trophy for Nekrotafeyo locations... hopefully the next patch fixes these bugs
  8. my only advice is to get all the online trophies first, especially if its an old games because you never know when they are going to announce server closes.
  9. I have so many problems with this game. I have 30/30 Eridian Slabs and that one hasn't worked. Most of my location trophies havent worked. They better have some sort of patch to fix this mess
  10. probably not, my pro is still in great condition and most of the new games will probably be PS4 and PS5 compatible. I bought the PS4 on release and it just wasnt worth it in my opinion, better off waiting for price drop and more games to release.
  11. give this a watch, pretty good timing
  12. you are better off just buying the 2 DLC packs on there own unless you are interested in a couple of guns and costumes. They were both on discount a couple of days ago. The season pass and the 2 year pass are pretty pointless in my opinion.
  13. Anyone had a stupid bug on this game where one of the guys keeps repeating "Shall we return to our regularly-schedule program of liberating" and then it cuts out and he starts again... this shit is driving me insane. When I first enter the game it says the full dialogue but then it just keeps saying this over and over again. I dont have a clue how to stop it
  14. Binding of Isaac - hours and hours of fun, best free game I ever picked up Little Nightmares - really good The Witness - if you are into puzzle games then this is a lot of fun
  15. the best way to tackle this is starting a fresh save, collecting 80 hidden packages and then shooting the truck with the sea sparrow. You can also use Fast Motion cheat which cuts the time down a lot. I put my controller upside down and left it shooting through the night, I think it takes 4-5 hours with this method. Mastermind and Elitist trophies. Mastermind is a lot worse than Elitist. You are looking at probably 40 hours if you go for Mastermind and thats hoping you dont get reset or something goes wrong for no reason. Elitist you can just leave and restart the mission, the only mission that is annoying is Act III because people think they have to speedrun through it but you have more than enough time if everyone knows what they need to do. I managed to get Elitist Act 1 and 2 done during a Mastermind run but I wouldn't recommend going for it, if you manage to get it done then its a bonus but I would do Mastermind on its own because even though you can quit out it could quite easily bug out and reset you.