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  1. Anyone had a stupid bug on this game where one of the guys keeps repeating "Shall we return to our regularly-schedule program of liberating" and then it cuts out and he starts again... this shit is driving me insane. When I first enter the game it says the full dialogue but then it just keeps saying this over and over again. I dont have a clue how to stop it
  2. Binding of Isaac - hours and hours of fun, best free game I ever picked up Little Nightmares - really good The Witness - if you are into puzzle games then this is a lot of fun
  3. the best way to tackle this is starting a fresh save, collecting 80 hidden packages and then shooting the truck with the sea sparrow. You can also use Fast Motion cheat which cuts the time down a lot. I put my controller upside down and left it shooting through the night, I think it takes 4-5 hours with this method. Mastermind and Elitist trophies. Mastermind is a lot worse than Elitist. You are looking at probably 40 hours if you go for Mastermind and thats hoping you dont get reset or something goes wrong for no reason. Elitist you can just leave and restart the mission, the only mission that is annoying is Act III because people think they have to speedrun through it but you have more than enough time if everyone knows what they need to do. I managed to get Elitist Act 1 and 2 done during a Mastermind run but I wouldn't recommend going for it, if you manage to get it done then its a bonus but I would do Mastermind on its own because even though you can quit out it could quite easily bug out and reset you.
  4. Borderlands series are always fun online Payday is fun if you have a good team to play with, a lot of those trophies you need good teamwork Burnout Paradise
  5. yeah they clearly dont run anything by each other because GTA V has 2 of the worst trophies ever made too. I think I finished all the missions and my rating was around 4100, its just insane. I had read about it but I didn't really take much notice about how stupid it actually is until I got around to it 😄 I went after the packages first, made 2 saves and then completed the story. They took grindy trophies to another level with this one but thank god someone found a way around it.
  6. 1. Play games I want to play 2. I enjoy the grind of 100%, feels a lot sweeter for me uninstalling a game knowing I have ticked off every trophy. 3. Always have a couple of games in rotation if needed to keep it fresh.
  7. the last game I pre-ordered was Crash Bandicoot and that was only because it wasn't the Super Duper Ultimate Gold Diamond edition for £500 where you get a Crash figure, Crash avatar, Crash toilet roll etc. I would rather wait a few month and pick it up cheaper and when they have patched out all the stupid bugs and glitches they couldn't be bothered to fix before the rushed release.
  8. Do Rockstar come up with the dumbest trophies ever on purpose? I have just finished Take the Cannoli trophy after using the Sea Sparrow method and it had me thinking how the hell would you ever complete this thing legit. 1,000,000 points and the most you can earn is 30 for blowing up a helicopter. Thank you for whoever found this method because without cheats or bugs this would probably take like a year to complete
  9. not sure this issue can be fixed. I think this happens when you earn a trophy before you connect online for the first time... or something along those lines
  10. The Binding of Isaac without a doubt. You will have tons of fun and it has so much replay value. I picked it up when it was free and I still play it
  11. That looks pretty accurate. Just make sure you pick something easy when you're doing the 100% risk because if you fail you will have to start again.
  12. God damn I deleted this game literally a few days ago 😂 I'll have to get it downloaded again
  13. The Binding of Isaac. Super underplayed game with so much replay value. Downloaded it on PS Plus for free in 2014 and I still play it today.
  14. yeah I'm pretty sure me and a friend completed the rest together in a private game. This is the only tricky trophy in my opinion because a few of the steps need good communication. Its not a great map for 4 players so you want to try and get the steps done as early as possible because the napalm zombie is key. Once you get him to walk through the pipes and then blow up the claymores (make sure the claymores are in the correct positions because they can miss) you should have the trophy in the bag. Just make sure one guy keeps a crawler busy away from the napalm zombie while the others complete the steps this guide pretty much breaks it down
  15. @Gamehelp everyone will need mics because there is a few tricky steps that need communication. One step you need a Napalm zombie and if he dies or you kill him you have to wait like 5 or more rounds before he spawns again so the earlier you can do this step the better