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  1. The Binding of Isaac. Super underplayed game with so much replay value. Downloaded it on PS Plus for free in 2014 and I still play it today.
  2. yeah I'm pretty sure me and a friend completed the rest together in a private game. This is the only tricky trophy in my opinion because a few of the steps need good communication. Its not a great map for 4 players so you want to try and get the steps done as early as possible because the napalm zombie is key. Once you get him to walk through the pipes and then blow up the claymores (make sure the claymores are in the correct positions because they can miss) you should have the trophy in the bag. Just make sure one guy keeps a crawler busy away from the napalm zombie while the others complete the steps this guide pretty much breaks it down
  3. @Gamehelp everyone will need mics because there is a few tricky steps that need communication. One step you need a Napalm zombie and if he dies or you kill him you have to wait like 5 or more rounds before he spawns again so the earlier you can do this step the better
  4. one of the DLC Easter Eggs requires 4 players and will probably take a few attempts. The rest is all 2 player I think
  5. I just play the games I want to play. I dont really take any notice of the rarity until I check my progress on my profile πŸ˜„ just game how you want to game... you enjoy collecting as many Platinums as possible thats fine, if you enjoy harder Platinums thats fine, if you dont care about trophies at all thats also fine πŸ˜„ there is no right or wrong way to play games
  6. Dead Island. The game being on sale for so cheap has probably helped the online numbers a bit so if anyone is looking to complete the online stuff I would get it out of the way first.
  7. EA would have to pay me to make me play their copy and paste crap
  8. its all about finding chests and beating bosses, similar process as other looter shooter games. You can also find a decent guns, grenades and shields from vending machines at times which can do you some good for a couple of levels. I dont know if you are already playing with people but thats probably the best way to go
  9. I would say your best chance to do this now will be weekends. I helped my friend finish up the missions last week and we didn't get one person join our session never mind the DLC. I would create a boost session and just keep extending it or set up some sort of Division boosting discord. This trophy was a pain in the ass 2 year ago, I feel your pain trying to do it now
  10. I dont think I ever would unless Sony decided to remove them. I think trophies add a lot more play time to a game (some a lot more than others) instead of just one playthrough and on to the next game. I think its good to play games and then have something to show for it especially when its a game that has pushed you to breaking point and you can look back and think "f**k that game, I will never play it again" πŸ˜„
  11. I normally go with something like an Assassins Creed or Lego game to break up grindy games. They literally take no effort what so ever πŸ˜„
  12. MLB THE SHOW 2018 G.O.A.T Earn all of The Showβ„’ 18 Trophies. Bought this from the Easter PS Sale to try something new. Really straight forward game with no online grinding required. I mean I am no baseball expert πŸ˜„ but surely you have trophies for winning Championships, throwing a no hitter or finishing top of batting/HR table. The trophy list is pretty weak and doesnt really make you play the game for long. After a certain point you are no longer required to really play the career mode. It could of been a lot better.
  13. the X-COM series are fun but if you have never played them before they will take a little time messing around to learn how everything works and what set up is best. They dont take a lot of effort either so you could use them as downtime from a grindy game
  14. the old Heists dont even compare with this awful shit πŸ˜„ you have to complete like 29 missions on each run and hope you dont get a randomly reset. The only way you can do this is using the quit scumming technique. You run into problems where enemies will randomly spawn beside you and not only that some enemies can randomly laserbeam headshot you so fast you wont even get a chance to react. I lost 4 different runs over half way through for no reason, we would be completing a mission in a public session and it would just kick someone out and you are back to 0/29. I think when it was first released it was a lot easier because it had problems were it wouldn't reset you when you died. I was close to giving up but lucky I managed to complete CM4 and CM3 with the same group of people pretty fast and easy.
  15. I would probably say X-COM. One of my favourite games growing up and took around 5 month of trying on the hardest difficulty πŸ˜„