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  1. I completed the last Minecraft DLC on PS3 back in September and I forgot just how long everything takes on it. The trophy section can take minutes to fully load up 😄 I also prefer being able to chat with my friends on other games which is my biggest issue with going back and playing my PS3. If Sony had of made it backward compatible it would solve pretty much everyone's problems... "you cant play PS3 games its not possible" a year later "oh hey guys pay for PS Now"
  2. Not too sure about PS4 but I know they never used to do a damn thing on PS3. I remember me and my friends used to report hackers on MW2 and you would see the same guys a week later still headshotting entire lobbies with their hack menus.
  3. I think most of the people who complain about this sort of stuff just like their own egos stroked because they complete "harder games". Just do what you want to do and dont worry about if you are playing "easy" games. That is the beauty of gaming, one persons trash is another persons treasure.
  4. you could say Access Denied 😃 no? ok I'll see myself out
  5. Replaying - When they make you complete a game just to unlock the hardest difficulty, then you have to complete it again. JUST GIVE PEOPLE THE OPTION TO START ON ANY DIFFICULTY! 😑 Missables - The last thing you want to do is playthrough a game and then complete it only to find you have to play it a certain way or you've missed something that could be near the very end and there is no chapter select where you can do it. It kind of forces you to check before you start which spoils the playthrough Multiplayer - I dont mind multiplayer as long as they dont force you to play with 2-3 other players or you cant get certain trophies. I had this problem with games like Black Ops 2, GTA V and Payday 2 where you have no choice but to find 3 players because they are unobtainable solo. Just give people the choice to do both
  6. EA probably hate him because he wont fill his game with loot-boxes and add a million characters skins.
  7. I wouldn't go down that road because you will end up playing awful games you wont enjoy. Just stick to playing games you enjoy and try and complete them as much as you can.
  8. Sherlock Holmes : The Devil's Daughter PS4 Fun: 6.5/10 - I really enjoy the concept of these sort of games. I would like to see them implement a way to have more consequence to your decisions and make you work a little harder to find clues. It also has a few pointless pulling, pushing and climbing up and down ladder parts too which are pretty slow and dull. I dont think visually or performance wise the game has improved from the previous Sherlock game, which is a shame considering its a PS4 game. Difficulty 2/10 - Only one really annoying puzzle where you just have to hope you select the right choices because so many combinations look right 😄, apart from that the Platinum is impossible to miss as long as you dont skip anything.
  9. Elitist GTA Online: Complete all 3 Elite Challenges in The Doomsday Heist. One awful trophy down, now just one more Criminal Mastermind run and I can be done with this game and awful online forever 😄
  10. If its just to purely play games and you are not worried about getting Platinum/100% then its never too late to start, you can easily pick up a PS3 really cheap. The main problem if you are after getting Platinum is if the game has online trophies because a lot of these games will be pretty much dead online unless its a COD or FIFA type game. I still have games in my PS3 library I need to get round to playing at some point. Go for it
  11. who the hell would want to complete a brand new game that fast 😄
  12. I got 4 from completing Sherlock Devils Daughter and I was surprised. I cant remember off the top of my head any other game popping that many at once.
  13. the 50 wins is easily the worst trophy. The game mode is terrible, not only that but the team balancing must be totally random because when I was first starting to grind this out you would get into lobbies where you will be stuck with every low level guy who had also clearly just started playing Last Stand and the other team would be maxed out players who know every trick and spawn point in the game. Luckily I joined a lot of games where my team was winning and it was almost finished so that must of gave me at least 20-30 wins. The other 2 DLC are a lot easier, Survival can be a pain when you first start but its a pretty cool game mode once you get used to everything
  14. if they are on disc I sell them on using a selling app... I make more money than what the game shops would offer and the person buying gets it cheaper so we both win 😄 the Digital ones just sit in my library
  15. JC3 was the first one I played and I thought it was terrible... had me wondering why the series was rated so highly
  16. I never really had any plan to stop playing PS3, but once I finally finished off my backlog of online trophies on various games I decided to treat myself to a PS4 and I never got any urge to play it again mainly because of the improved party chat. I wouldn't say I am totally done with PS3, maybe if I run out of interesting games on PS4 I will go back and get a few cheap PS3 games.
  17. the only issue I ran into was the Import/Export list. I managed to complete all the lists and get that trophy but for some reason when I loaded my save to complete 100% trophy it said I was missing something and it ended up being the Mr Whoopee van... other than that it was fine
  18. I think if it was real money to unlock things it would be a problem but you get more than enough Uplay points to cover this anyway, a lot of the trophies you unlock give you points.
  19. from what I remember you dont actually need any other players for those maps, they should just load up solo. A lot of people play the normal modes (well they did when I completed it)
  20. hopefully you can play all the difficulties straight away so you dont have to play it like 4 different times. The 14,000 steps is a first 😄
  21. they can be done on any difficulty but it makes no difference because you cant die anyway. The enemies are the same on normal and hard
  22. my plan is to get these finished over the next few weeks GTA V - only need to finish Criminal Mastermind 2 and then one more Elite challenge for 100% for 2 of the worst trophies ever Lego Marvel Avengers - got the Plat last night, only need to finish DLC packs which wont take long for 100% Far Cry 5 - only got one more to get for 100%, just need to find time and another player to help me finish it.
  23. at this point I would just buy the remastered versions and skip all the online hassle.
  24. thats probably the best way to do it, especially if its an older game. I got worried about server closures a couple a year ago for Payday 2, MW3 and Black Ops 1 and 2 so I finally decided its time to stop putting them off and just finish them. Now its not so bad because I actually finish them straight after I finish playing the main part of the game and not like 3 years later 😄. If you have God of War planned for 200th all you need to do now is pick 2 games to play along side it. You can quite easily get your completion rate to around 95% in a couple of month with some of the games you have on your list because a lot of them wont take too long.
  25. I normally break them down like this Play through the game and enjoy the story Once the story is out the way, finish any online trophies asap (normally the boring part that a lot of people cant be bothered to do because you end up needed 4 players or more) Replay the story again if its a difficulty related type game Clean up whatever is left Looking at your list you have a lot of games that are easy to finish up so I am guessing you just need that motivation to finally sit down and do them... I would probably pick a slightly harder game then have any of the Lego games, Spiderman and Harry Potter to fall back on when you get tired of grinding that game.