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  1. I'm actually excited for this one. Been a while since a COD game has really sparked my interest!
  2. Precisely. I DO NOT want a repeat of GTA Online's launch, it was painful.
  3. Monday cannot come any faster... I've been running around overencumbered for a while now as I refuse to drop anything.
  4. Nope. I've played 17 hours myself and havent found any either. Also struggling to find terminals to hack. Only hacked one, and found one other which needed level 3... Nearly have 10 bobbleheads already which is cool, though.
  5. Whatever this game turns out to be... I'm excited for it. Roll on E3!
  6. Overwatch loot box codes: 5DJ6-BCVQ-VC38W-WM5K-SF6R // F9HL-NG3K-PFVP5-LBHK-RK8R



  7. I really hope this happens. I need a name change asap
  8. Hey man! Welcome to the site
  9. Tuesday can't come any faster. *Waits patiently for Witcher III*

  10. Anyone know where I can get a cheapish copy of GTA V for PS4? (UK)

  11. I've been playing this on and off for the last couple of years it's been around. So much fun! A poll has just been released for F2P and it passed so it'll be implemented very soon!
  12. Nice! I'm in!
  13. Very nice man! It's a brilliant piece of music; really brings those feels.
  14. I used Hunter in both the Alpha and Beta, but decided to go with the Titan with the main game. I like it a lot better than Hunter, that's for sure. It seems Warlock is the most popular class; looking forward to trying it out some time.