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  1. No. I haven't really tried since as my PS+ ran out and I can't find anyone to boost with.
  2. Infinite ammo weapons (except the knife) are not allowed. I've been using the Albert on my Claire A run and it pops heads better than her SLS 60.
  3. The three poches on hardcore are in the West Office Safe, Locker 203 and NEST Nap Room.
  4. S+ times on A scenario's are 2:30 or less and 2 hours or less on B scenario's. Max three saves. I think the infinite knife is okay to use, as are the DLC weapons. You don't need to but it's the only way to unlock the Infinite Gatling Gun and Rocket Launcher.
  5. Twenty three. The only hurdle is The Invincibles trophy in Fifa 16. RE2 and San Andreas will be easy to finish.
  6. I'm having a similar issue with trying to find my friend on FUT so we can boost. I can find other players but not him. There are many people online with similar problems but there aren't any definite solutions. Seems to be a long running issue with EA and their crappy servers.