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  1. Just readed a few of this post's comments and wonder...is this flaggable? And I already readed the "What constitutes a flag" topic...just wondering...because I played with my nephew because he loves the game and the trophies started popping...I mean...the 100 parries and the all 1st island with the 1st boss...love the game anyway...pretty challenging
  2. Used it on September/October 2021 and it worked flawlessly...so it should work still. Good luck buddy
  3. You can bet I'll wait for it as well, glad you started this topic to make a group here, didn't got all the others yet but decided to start waiting, next year I'll get the 5 years wait from the PC original version...so I'll play around there after that to get distracted. See you then my friend... And yeah, death is an obstacle...for some people.
  4. Hello fellow gamers, Just wanted to post the rotation here so you all know if not yet. Shock > Blaze > Umbral > Terra > Frost > Shock > and so on... Have a nice hunting!
  5. I played my first match solo and won and didn't pop either...so maybe is a lucky one, or maybe the 1st win on account is bugged...hope you got it, if not, good luck.
  6. Already loving the hamburguer. Yup...
  7. Damnnn, you are craaazy bruh. An amazing feat, well done!!! You now may chill, lol.
  8. I'm glad to see you have enjoyed Ord @poetic_justice_ I'm loving it LOL
  9. I just need this for the platinum (: and got the same problem and tried to communicate with them as well but received the same answer...good luck guys (:
  10. Like Hunting said, the error comes a lot but keep trying and you will load up in no time. Sometimes I have to retry at least 5 times but it always load up, I've been playing this whole month and it looks pretty doable...talking about playing and the 100%. Good luck!
  11. Hello guys, I made this strat with Crane since I can't get the DLC characters, so this is intended for the people who wants to win with Crane or for the people who HAS to win with him for the trophy Difficulty: Student Character: Crane As you can see on the video it's pretty simple...I did the same thing for every round...just Light Punch x2 (square button) so you can deplete the percentage from every enemy then use your Awesome power which will be charged from the attacking...try to evade as well so you have a few of percentage (life) just to stay safer... The thing with this strat also works for a lot of speedy characters and also with medium speed characters (like Master Ox) Good luck. Any comment or variation is accepted as well, just giving you another strat if you are struggling. GGs.
  12. OMG, you are everywhere I go BadDriver!!, thanks for the guide and all your work, I'll try it as soon I buy it!!!
  13. I found a guide step by step, it's in spanish but doesn't matter since the gameplay is unexplained, if you follow the video you will get every trophy. A few things to keep in mind: - The video contain spoilers since is a step by step from beginning to end walkthrough. - For the trophy when this guy let himself got caught, "You should hide", he captures a few animals then he gets caught 10 times, showing in the video just 2. - For the "Safe and sound" trophy you need to save like 30~40 times, doesn't need to be in a save slot or in different ones.
  14. Congrats, hope you enjoy it. Agreed on everything you say, I mean, i don't care about the color that much but looks clean and smooth. I invite you to try the PS4's joystick again, you will go nuts, mainly in fps games. Also, try to catch games with PS4/PS5 compatibility and enjoy the difference, it's really there. Have a good day, week, month, year and a life. ENJOY! GG.
  15. Like @bladesoframen said in the other forum posts of this game, the game isn't that hard and he taught on the forums a way around hibernating the ps4/ps5 system for a few modes and told a great attack strategy for the attack mode.