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  1. I examined the dead deer but didn't search for the key so, it's a 50/50...i think it really depends on what do you do for getting down there, and about Profondo Rosso i think
  2. Great guide and AWESOME idea. Thanks for the huge help with this!
  3. I already added some people from here but just letting you guys know, there are new missions, Jirachi's coming and we need to make 3 new friends (again).
  4. Hi, i've been playing this game through the week and followed a guide because i don't want to think that much about how to clear all the levels, and in the end i completed the main movie levels but didn't get this trophy, which is unmissable if you complete the movies, someone knows a solution or something? Thanks in advance. Okay, after buying all the gorepacks i decided to save the game in the cloud and start from zero, i played through the hole game from the beginning to the second level of the office and it popped, so if someone ever has a trophy not popping: -Save to the cloud -Delete your save data from the system -Play the game again until you fill the requeriments Good luck.
  5. Lol I thought I was the only one, so funny we're a hole community with this, thanks for the fix by the way!
  6. Mine's: 5334 4786 8398 feel free to add, see ya
  7. For fighting games i would recommend Injustice Gods Among Us. BUT if you want to incorpore yourself on the competitive world i highly recommend Rainbow Six Siege (in fact, you can have fun if you play it with friends or you can piss off very quickly because of the ping and bug problems) , Rocket League (season 7 just started so, be careful, the matchmaking won't be very kind, you'll see all flying like birds with skill) or just Smite or Paladins. If you just want like general good games, just go buy a Battlefield or Call of Duty game, maybe Driveclub or any cars game...all car games are beautiful on this platform. I recommend any assassin's creed, but that's because im a fan. Have fun new PS4 user!! - check the store and take a look or go on twitch and see some PS4 streamers, they show you pretty cool games (:
  8. Well, without thinking too much, all LBP 1,2 and 3...Dantes inferno...NFS The run...BF4...Cod world at War, mw3 and black ops 1...Alien colonial marines...and well, with Zen pinball 2 it's already 100 USD I think...all Killzone games...mass effect...Lego games...Shift 2...Resident evil...Dead nation...and I got tired (: more than 300 USD (didn't count all digital games yet lol)
  9. Big Hitter Hit 250 MAX Serves - Virtua Tennis 4
  10. Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy Top of the Heap "You have mastered the game and collected all there is to collect"
  11. Juan Magan - Bailando por ahi
  12. Devil May Cry 3 Left No Stone Unturned "Complete All Secret Missions With Any Character".
  13. Auf Wiedersehen Petrovic You won in all variations of multiplayer games. 13 minutes ago in Grand Theft Auto IV (:
  14. And to all the other ones the other guys said i add Dungeon Hunter Alliance haha
  15. I got this Saturday Mortal Kombat Plat then Playstation all stars battle royale for PS Vita (: yayyyy now...playing lol