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  1. Yea I saw that and my jaw dropped... I find it really odd considering 17 and 19 have released since
  2. To make things easier on you and less time consuming you can delete your save file (once you have all other trophies) and that will give you your base games only. Meaning you will have to ONLY play the 8 you start with and not the other 12 locked ones. This will save you a lot of time since you will only have to complete 80 games instead of 200.
  3. Considering this game is nearly a decade old and we are nearing the PS5 i'm not surprised they pulled it. This is why digital sucks, they can pull anything they want whenever they want and theres not a damn thing u can do about it. This is why physical games should be a must have, yet dumbfucks are obsessed with digital... YOU DO NOT OWN DIGITAL, YOU ARE ONLY RENTING... I can't wait until Xbox releases the discless system... hopefully they only go discless and stop physical games so that piece of shit system can finally go bye bye. Nintendo and Sony at least still want to push physical, whereas Microsoft is promoting digital only. FUCK DIGITAL ONLY!
  4. Ok good thanks man
  5. I guess now my next question is do I need to reformat my main vita (which I have never done since I got it at launch) or is it safe to sync this platinum... really dont want to be flagged over something as stupid as this.
  6. So I just finished playingDrowning on the vita. I followed Blakkvultures video guide for the quick plat. Only when I got the final ending the plat didnt pop. Just checked and apparently playing a new game for the first time didnt pop. Has this happened to anyone else? I have started new game now twice and it still hasnt popped. Edit: closed game and restarted it and the trophy popped
  7. This game is no where near difficult, just annoying at first. It's all about timing... dont rush the game and you will be fine. Thankfully the plat pops before having to beat the mortar boss... that shit is SUPER ANNOYING... For real... they're complaining about this being difficult but the NES days were had as fuck. I still remember when I was a kid my dad and I would play hours and hours of Adventure Island trying to beat that game... I dont think he and I EVER beat that game. I know for sure we came close. Back then we didnt have save spots and shit and alot of games had to be done in one life... NES DAYS WERE SKILL DEPENDENT
  8. Those that enjoy platting games are losers and have no family and such huh... gaming is a waste of time huh... first of all, you are a waste of time and secondly I have a family (a wife, a 21 yr old son & a 5 month old son) and I'm disabled, but I am far from a loser. Trophies and gaming arent a waste of time by any means, they're meant to show us our progress in games and allow us to enjoy free time. Granted yes in the 80s and 90s growing up I spent more time outside than the kids these days do, but frankly being inside on video games is a safer alternative in this day and age. You dont have to worry about your child being kidnapped or hit by a drunk driver or shit like that. Plus video games can be educational. They provide you with learning better motor skills and reflexes as well as many other things. Hell games even help war vets with PTSD and shit. Back when I was in college I wrote my thesis on video games and the positive aspects they have for people of all ages. So I know what gaming can do for most people. So next time you feel you have to call gamers losers how about you refrain from being your usual ass hole self and keep those kind of comments to yourself mr. I pay for my trophies. If they're so meaningless then why did you buy 1000s of plats and CLAIM you were a gaming legend... you are so full of shit every time you open your mouth a turd falls out. See I can be an ass hole too, not very nice now is it.
  9. Nice guide my man... will make this super easy for me when I get the game!
  10. You'd think people would realize by now that others have multiple PS4s... I have 6 myself
  11. Great guide bro!
  12. I preordered the $400 apocalypse edition
  13. There you go again... phil just sit down before you hurt yourself... No offense bro but if you dont think boosting isnt cheating then you are as clueless as Phil. Boosting is in fact cheating, only not many ppl feel that way bc everyone does it. Why do you think ppl got banned in Killzone 2 or Warhawk back in the day... because... wait for it... BOOSTING IS FUCKING CHEATING. I just dont understand what would make you think otherwise. I boost so therefore I am a cheater... I dont hack or use save files but if someone calls me a cheater I just embrace it and say THANK YOU! Its bc of ppl that play the game the way it's intended, that I have to boost to begin with. I cant be bothered to play the online for 100 hours to get a stupid trophy. Why, do you ask? That answer is simple... WE ARE TROPHY HUNTERS AND DONT GIVE 2 SHITS ABOUT THE GAME WE JUST WANT OUR DAMN TROPHIES. The hackers dont want you guys to have your trophies bc you are boosting them (so stupid I know) So with that said this somes it up... 1. Phil is __________ (you put whatever u want there lmao) 2. Boosting is actually cheating no matter what kind of spin you put on it 3. HACKERS SUCK That is all
  14. One thing "try hards" will never understand is us "trophy hunters." Some would go for it legitimately now if they had time. Considering how many actual players are on the game and how little time is left before server closure, ppl wanna get their plat however they can. In the trophy world boosting is a gray area... yes it is cheating but we look at like we are still putting in the time and effort to get said trophy... hacking on the other hand is full blown cheating and is not allowed and is a bannable offense. No matter how you look at things someone will always be unhappy and hate on u for whatever reason. Believe it or not trophy hunters can be just as toxic as try hards... if not worse in some cases. Jealousy and envy comes with the territory unfortunately... trophy hunters cant believe someone could be better than them and immediately flag someone bc they dont believe that person could get the trophy. Hackers are really sad as well though bc they show us that they have no life and think it's funny to fuck with someones trophy profile... someone invested hundreds of hours into a game boosting and yet the sad little hacker decided "Not on my watch, this game is a decade old and I still care about this game bc it's the only game I own and I take pride in what I have done. Allow me to fuck that person out of all their time bc they chose to get their plat by boosting this 10 year old game." I'll be honest though... if this game wasnt so rare I wouldnt have bothered with this POS game anyways... at least once the servers close this headache will be done with and the hackers will finally have to scrape their pennies together and get themselves a new game to "no life" for the next decade.
  15. Unfortunately that isnt true either... backing up your save is pointless bc your stats arent saved in your save file... the stats are stored on the warhawk servers... there really is no safe way of going for this platinum now... I have to thank my lucky stars I managed to get my plat last month unscathed... sorry to anyone who has been screwed... and to anyone that starts this I cannot feel sorry for u if u get screwed bc u have multiple members warning u to not attempt it... if u do manage to get it though congrats nonetheless.