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  1. If OP gets flagged for late syncing then I hope you do it to everyone else as well... if ya did that I promise u u wouldnt have much of a leaderboard anymore bc it has happened to damn near everyone... late syncing is just that... calling it anything but that is completely absurd.
  2. What's going in with my man Ikemenzi's profile... it's been stuck since Feb. 22nd but has updated just fine on trophyleaders. It's really strange how his has just stopped but others around him are updating just fine.
  3. Aside from the broken ass multiplayer, I really enjoed the game. I spent 3 weeks doing all the guns and shit. Then I waited a few years to actually do the story. Game was not bad for a story and i really enjoyed the game overall. I knew about all the possible glitches (thats why I avoided it for so long) so I made sure to back up save files and make up back ups for my back ups if i had to... in the end i believe i had a trophy be a fucking pain in the ass to pop. I remember loading a save and having to reload the save before it or something. My advice... Unless you have 3 PS3s to self boost and have a group of i think it was 16 to 20 people for 1 trophy, then stay away from it. The Ultra Rare plat holds bc of the amount of agony one will go thru to obtain it lol.
  4. Ok so the past 2 days I was trying to do it via 1 system with an alt... I noticed by playing the multiplayer, it made it so i could send challenges briefly. So I kept bouncing back and forth between main and alt/ multiplayer and challenges. I kept being able to send challenges to my alt and then getting a lower score with my alt, but trophy refused to pop. I made sure to watch the timer expire. The leaderboards wouldnt update and I also couldnt see the score I needed to beat either, so I thought that was why. Well, today I had an issue with my driveclub VR disc so went out and bought another copy. Turns out I didnt have to do that bc it finally worked after a 3rd deletion and installation of driveclub vr. Well since I had 2 copies I decided to try loading my alt on the other system. Started up my main and my alt and had both systems on driveclub vr side by side in the living room, ready to spend a few hours trying this method. Well I forgot to put the alts save file on the other system, so I closed things down and copied the save to a USB stick so I could install the save on the other system. When I booted back up with both systems that time, I saw on my main, one of my challenges from yesterday actually popped up expired and then DING challenge trophy popped. So must be I just couldnt have the alt and my main logged on the ps4 at the same time bc having to close application and switching user fucked up the whole process... well I'm glad this is over with. Thank you to the OP for showing everyone this method bc this is basically what I was doing the last 2 days over and over (only thing different was trying to do it with my alt and main logged in at the same time.) If anyone who is having trouble getting this trophy wants to hit me up, I'll gladly help them until server closure.
  5. I dont know what else to say to you guys... I can only tell you what I did... I got all the other online in August 2012... from then on for a year I popped it in once in awhile and worked on those medals... I had a hard time doing 2 or 3 of them bc my hand would cramp up from mashing the button while turning the analog stick in the right direction... finally after a year I got the trophy... I never questioned the server date bc I never had issues logging on... once I got the trophy I did the online for others as well since they couldnt connect to me so I could help them... I thought it was just bc they didnt have the online pass or access to it bc it had been delisted... if you would like to know who I did the online for I'll gladly tell you in a PM... like I said I have nothing to hide... I just wont blow up those people's spots in public...
  6. Wow... like that would even be possible... there is proof that people earned xbox achievements into July 2013, so me earning 1 TROPHY 2 months after isnt all that suspect... it has been said the servers were going down with gamespy servers in June 2014. There is even a thread on when game servers went down ON THIS VERY SITE, that lists UFC 10 as June 2014 as the shutdown date. I dont understand why I am under such scrutiny for 1 trophy, when I've never hacked before... why would I hack ONE TROPHY and not all for platinum... why would I hack THAT trophy and not some of the other hard as balls trophies from other games that are still incomplete with me... this flag is absolutely baseless and you know it...
  7. I understand that but I'm just trying to plead my case since you guys are hesitant to believe me... I dont know how else to prove it to you... if I had known this would have been an issue back then I would have video recorded it. And yes you needed online in order to pop the online camp trophy... but u needed an online pass to get past that part.
  8. Believe me I can promise you it wasn't greyed out for me... I posted looking for a boosting partner but then ran out and just grabbed a 2nd copy... I found myself in a matter of seconds... think about this too, why would i hack 1 trophy and not the rest of the list? I have never been known to be a cheat either, have I? Look you can believe what you want, but I'm telling you I was able to connect. I know there were known issues where some could connect and some couldnt bc the servers were broken and apparently as long as u were on the same IP u were able to connect, kinda like how for those that wanted the plat in Drawn to Death... u needed 4 ps4s in the same house to be able to connect. Like I said I went thru this with PSNTL already and they found me credible. theres a thread on ps3trophies.org where someone had the same issue as me but for lucha libre heroes del ring as well. There is also this from the Server Shutdown List on these forums scroll down to U... UFC Undisputed 3 closed in March 2013... UFC 10 closed July 2014
  9. Actually after further looking servers were officially closed as of July 2014... I do remember the online being very broken when I did it as well... I would try and connect at certain times and it would say something along the lines of unable to connect to THQ servers or something... then a few hours later I'd try again and it would be working... so the servers were definitely unstable at the time. I actually explained this to one of the members of the cheat team on psntrophyleaders and they found my explanation credible.
  10. PViddy UFC Undisputed 2010 The servers didnt go down until December 2013... no one was able to earn the trophies before that unless they had a working online pass, which I did... I actually did this trophy for others as well since I self boosted with 2 copies and they didnt have an online pass to access so I did the online for them. I would give u their names but it was over 5 years ago and i cant remember their psn ids off hand. The most recent trophy I earned was Olympic Mixed Martial Artist which was Sept. 2013. That was 3 months before server closure... and if u check the comments from the Are Servers Still Up thread u will see someone post at the end of November the servers were still up and then u will see someone post the servers closed in december.
  11. What the hell are you looking to do? You trying to create an event where roughdawg4 and diddi89 get voted in as Prom King and Queen? Or Platinum King and Queen or some shit lol...
  12. If I remember correctly you need to download the episodes from in game...
  13. Yea I saw that and my jaw dropped... I find it really odd considering 17 and 19 have released since
  14. To make things easier on you and less time consuming you can delete your save file (once you have all other trophies) and that will give you your base games only. Meaning you will have to ONLY play the 8 you start with and not the other 12 locked ones. This will save you a lot of time since you will only have to complete 80 games instead of 200.
  15. Considering this game is nearly a decade old and we are nearing the PS5 i'm not surprised they pulled it. This is why digital sucks, they can pull anything they want whenever they want and theres not a damn thing u can do about it. This is why physical games should be a must have, yet dumbfucks are obsessed with digital... YOU DO NOT OWN DIGITAL, YOU ARE ONLY RENTING... I can't wait until Xbox releases the discless system... hopefully they only go discless and stop physical games so that piece of shit system can finally go bye bye. Nintendo and Sony at least still want to push physical, whereas Microsoft is promoting digital only. FUCK DIGITAL ONLY!