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  1. I didn't realize this till just now, but I never died after I saved. Oh, the irony. 1. Insta-killed by the Tormentor in Ch. 5, forgot the force gun couldn't hurt his arm. 2. Killed by the Pack in Ch. 3, screwed up a weapon switch. 3. Killed by Slashers after the hospital lockdown in Ch. 1, some truly horrible TK work. 4. Killed by two Exploders outside the church in Ch. 3. One spawned right behind me, giving the other one time to close while I was down. Don't remember the other 2 or 3 deaths, except that they all happened before Ch. 6 (did this all in one day, and stuff started getting blurry at this point). I actually thought the game got easier after about Ch. 10, although I may have just finally hit my stride. My saves were in Ch. 6, right before the fight in front of the church, Ch. 9, right before the Tripod nest, and Ch. 13, right before the laser room. Full disclosure, I have all the DLC and didn't hesitate to use it. To those of you who got the trophy without it, my hats off to you, but you're all crazy! As soon as i could, I grabbed DLC variants of the Plasma Cutter, Force Gun, Contact Beam, and Seeker Rifle, and used them solely. The force gun was my workhorse, I spent pretty much all my money on power nodes and force energy (sooo much force energy). I also used various DLC suits till I got the Advanced Suit, then finished the game with that. Other than using the DLC items, I beat the whole thing with no cheats or glitches. Yay me! It really helped playing through the whole game 3 times before starting hardcore, I practically had the game memorized by then.
  2. I did this with a fully upgraded seeker rifle. On hardcore it takes 3 shots to Nicole to open the marker, then dump the rest of the clip into the "heart". Then reload and repeat. On zealot mode with the advanced elite armor Nicole only took 2 shots to drop. You never even have to move since the shadows disappear when Nicole falls. Might not be usefull to you now, but that's how i got it done. Good luck!