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  1. #60 THE LAST OF US PART II Every Last One of ThemCollect all trophies Rarity at the time of posting: 10.84% (RARE) Rarity at the time of achievement: 4.20% (VERY RARE) Finally after 7 long years we get a sequel which ever since was announced, I was on the bandwagon of it being unnecessary. Gameplay mechanics are polished, many of the things that you can do in-game are not mentioned or even informed about in the tutorials or anything (Aerial takedowns, throw an infected to a clicker, reverse prone/slide etc). Any game that implements stealth mechanics, I will first and foremost go over my first playthrough with complete stealth route so many collectibles or gameplay mechanics/things were not discovered until I was doing the plat run with guns ablazing approach. I actually encountered a lot of visual and some gameplay glitches on my first playthrough which gave me the impression of the game being rushed the further I progressed. Here is a video I compiled of all the glitches I encountered (Spoiler Warning) Narrative wise I will give it a solid 8/10, the narrative was done well. Plot-wise it gets 6/10, for me it was more of a journey than being an endgame of the story that was told. Visuals = 9/10 (PS4 Pro gets some life breathed into it with such amazing visuals). Overall = 8/10 for the game. Platinum Run rating is as below (the collectathon in games is always a chorse fest). Difficulty: 2/10. Enjoyment: 6/10
  2. What game from my backlog would you suggest I get the platinum for? A game which isn't very difficult and would not take much time...

    1. GraniteSnake


      You are spoilt for choice. I’d go with Transistor. Fantastic game with a very memorable soundtrack. It’s a 10-15 hour platinum and at most a 4/10 difficulty wise. Definitely worth trying out!

  3. #59 PREY TranStar Employee of the YearYou acquired all the trophies. Rarity at the time of posting: 5.85% (VERY RARE) I remember playing the original Prey back in the day when I was young and loved the game, so when this game got announced I was excited. Although I played the demo when it was released and it didn't captivate me enough to purchase it. Finally picked it up on a sale recently and got hooked to it. What surprised me was that it was an Arkane game and seeing how polished Dishonored 2 was, even 3 years after its release, it was still plagued with bugs and glitches (character glitches, random freezing and force quitting etc), still waded my way through to get the platinum. The 'I and It' trophy was a bitch, had me restart atleast 2-3 times from a previous save because I missed killing a guy in the Rec Room in Crew Quarters (wasn't following a guide), and then had to very carefully see the stats every time after killing to see if I have the correct count. Since I also killed on my 2nd playthrough, I also locked myself out of the 'Awkward Ride Home' trophy. All in all, it took me around 2.5 playthroughs to get the platinum, can't say all of it was enjoyable but it was entertaining to a certain bit. Difficulty: 2/10. Enjoyment: 4/10
  4. The person loves their meat...of difficult UR trophies.
  5. A True Star KingUnlock all trophies.
  6. What purpose does grinding to the highest level in a JRPG serve to lock a trophy behind it? What do devs think when implementing such a trophy?


    My recent, most tedious and boring grind happened to be with Rogue Galaxy where you have to grind to Level 99 for a trophy and that too was a Bronze trophy.


    IIRC, you already hit the highest MAX HP by level ~65 and after that only your AP gets increased in small increments on each level. I tackled this trophy after finishing the game so even if I endured the grind for it, I won't go back and have the final fights anyway.

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    2. eigen-space


      @IntroPhenom, that's the one!

    3. ViciousAly


      @eigen-space How was levelling up XP divided for it? Did it become at one point the same amount of XP required to level up after a certain level? What was the enemy XP giving state?


      For this one, around level ~60, each next levelling up required the same amount of XP (99,999) until level 99.


      So let's say taking level 60 as a base, so to reach level 99, need to level up 39 times (total XP required = 3,899,961‬)


      The hardest dungeon of the game with fights lasting around 10 seconds when you use special skill, gives XP anywhere from 1700 to 5100. Let's take an average of 3400XP per fight.


      Which means for a single level up, you need to fight around 30 times if not more, with encounters lasting almost 10 seconds and then running around to find encounters taking up to ~30 secs. Let's say total 40secs for a single fight.


      If my math is correct, then 40secs per fight with a total of around 30 fights required for a single level up = ~20mins for a single level up.


      Need to move 39 levels to reach 99 and 20mins for each level up = ~13hrs.


      This too with one of the most boring fights, unnecessary level up which is not required to beat either the story, or the post game dungeons, because as your comment said, you need around 800+ level for some post-game bosses.


      I completed the main story and the 2 post-game dungeons (1 was linear and 1 had 100 floors with random elevator placement and 10 bosses per 10 levels) all while being around level 60 if not less.

    4. eigen-space


      For my game, it was 99,999 EXP per level after level 100. You could get lots of EXP (sometimes 1-2 levels worth of EXP) in the bonus dungeon if you went into the harder battles, but those battles would take 10+ minutes (it is a strategy JRPG). However, one small mistake and you're dead, so you could easily spend hours trying to level up but keep dying and not receive any EXP (ultimately why I quit the game). Also, it's one of those scaled EXP games, so the higher your level, the less EXP you'll receive from the exact same battle.

  7. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered
  8. #57 Beyond: Two Souls (PS4) BEYOND: TWO SOULS™ MASTERCollected all trophies! Rarity at the time of posting: 7.63% (VERY RARE) Another one from the backlog completed. I have always loved Quantic Dreams' games ever since I played Heavy Rain and how well the story for it was not to mention the character/face/facial animation detail they achieved back on the PS3. I never got around to play Beyond: Two Souls on the PS3 as, iirc, it was released the same year PS4 was launched. Got this back when it was first released on the PS4, completed the story but never got around to get the platinum as the long and tedious playthrough without any skippable cutscenes made it less compelling to go for the platinum. But, with the current lockdown situation and all, finally pushed myself and got it done from the backlog. Forgot to post here once I got it lol. Difficulty: 2/10. Enjoyment: 5/10 (unskippable cutscenes made the experience sour for platinum) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- #58 Rogue Galaxy A True Star KingUnlock all trophies. Rarity at the time of posting: 5.53% (VERY RARE) I first played Rogue Galaxy way back in 2007-2008 on the PS2 and I remember that I ran into a glitch or something that always froze the game once you try to go through a certain gate, it was in the Ruins of Rosa Desert. After that I never got around to get another copy and just moved on with life and studies. So once this game was made available on the PS4, I immediately jumped in and bought the game (when it first went on a sale), but alas, even though I got it, I never even got around to finishing the first chapter at all, guess had no motivation or so. But this time around, finally pushed myself to pick it up again and complete it all the way to get the platinum. The Level 99 grind was completely unnecessary and I don't know what purpose the devs wanted it to serve by having us level up to 99, and moreover all that for a bronze trophy!? Damn... The grind made me lose motivation most of the time, but I actually learned to do the grind with my eyes closed (literally only working by hearing the visual clues) and mostly using one hand to use the phone and just one hand to grind it, kind of teensy bit made it bearable. Other than that Insectron Stadium was a chore as well. I enjoyed the factory though. My final playtime for my last save was: 65hrs and 56secs exact! The moment of achieving the plat (thought it was fitting lol): Difficulty: 5/10. Enjoyment: 7/10 (the level 99 grind trophy was completely unnecessary)
  9. #56 Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty Against All OddsMudokon God, Mudokon Saviour Rarity at the time of posting: 2.68% (ULTRA RARE) Had this in my backlog for a whopping 5 years! Got the game as a PS+ freebie. Had actually played the demo iirc on the PlayStation way back when it was released and at that time I didn't have much understanding of the game but the concept and everything encaptivated me a lot but I believe I couldn't find the full game to play. Fast forward to it being given as a PS+ monthly game, the sheer nostalgia it provided was amazing that I finally got to play the game that I only have played a demo of. Fortunately I had done around 75%+ of the trophies way back in 2015 (including hard mode and saving all the Mudokons), what always puts me off from trophy hunting certain games are the trophies tied to speedruns, which I really dislike. But oh well, quarantine and all pushed me to just spent the whole day today to do the speedrun and cleanup the remaining trophies. A less than 3% Ultra Rare platinum for the cabinet! Difficulty: 5/10 (just because I hate speedruns) Enjoyment: 7/10
  10. #55 PHOENIX WRIGHT: ACE ATTORNEY TRILOGY Ace Attorney Trilogy Get every trophy. Rarity at the time of posting: 33.31% (UNCOMMON) Phoenix Wright's Ace Attorney series always had a special place in the heart for its great writing and direction, humor, and a great VN. Ever since I played the series way back in 2014 for the first time, I was hooked on it so it was a no-brainer to replay it again on the big screen. Platinum is pretty straight-forward, only some trophies that require you to go out of your way to complete steps were looked upon, otherwise a pretty easy platinum. Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 8/10
  11. #54 Persona 5 Royal The Phenomenal Phantom ThiefObtained all trophies. Rarity at the time of posting: 27.57% (UNCOMMON) The praise for Persona series cannot be summed up and put into words. Even achieving platinum for the original Persona 5 back when it was released, Persona 5 Royal still managed to provide every bit of enjoyment and entertainment that I hoped for if not more. Wanted it to be a 55th platinum but I have no regrets, an amazing game deserves a platinum (and my Phantom Thieves Collector's Edition as well). It took me around 98hrs to achieve the platinum, and I did plow through some of the places, I still did manage to reach max confidant level with all the females (rawr), took my sweet time with the game if I do say so myself. In the end, I AM THOU, THOU ART I! Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: ∞/10 Time Taken: ~98hrs
  12. #53 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Remastered Is That All You Got?Earn all available trophies for Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 2 Campaign Remastered. Rarity at the time of posting: 34.68% (UNCOMMON) Modern Warfare series is the series that got me really excited and into cinematic FPS experiences. Their cinematic execution based on First-Person along with great campaigns and action-packed endings always had a special place in my heart. With MW2 it was always solidified as one of the best action FPS there is, offering a great narrative, FPS experience. After obtaining the trophy (The Student Surpasses The Master) after so many tries and reflexes deteriorating with age and hating speedruns/time trials such as this, it was inevitable for me to achieve platinum after putting in that much effort and the lack of MP trophies was an added bonus to go for the plat. This marks my 2nd ever CoD game to have achieved platinum for. Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9/10
  13. Was waiting for my Collector's Edition to arrive as I wanted to create a First-Person Video with the Doom Slayer's helmet...with a twist. Finally spent a whole day in this quarantine to get this done. As to why there is CyberDemon's footage from the predecessor is because I love how the impact of that was and also CyberDemon scares me to hell. Wanted to borrow a GoPro with headmount for the First-Person capture but couldn't due to the quarantine, so made do with a DIY tripod setup.
  14. W = Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus.
  15. #52 Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice DoneCollect all of the other trophies Rarity at the time of posting: 40.85% (UNCOMMON) Picked it up during a sale around 8 months ago and loved it! Since I do not follow any trophy guides when starting a game, so during the first playthrough I missed around 10 lore stones and that was the only trophy left to achieve the platinum, and with no chapter select or skippable cutscenes, it wasn't inspiring enough to sit through almost 80% of the game again to get the missing lore stones. But due to the quarantine currently, I went back and finally pushed on to get the missing lore stones (I will admit was not too thrilled replaying some of the parts that I completely wanted to avoid due to scare factor :p) Difficulty - 2/10 Enjoyment - 7/10