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  1. Everything is going up. It's because of every nation giving out money free money during covid. I don't know how many are in the US in this post but they were gave 800 dollars a week for unemployment to do nothing. I had to work thought the pandemic because I work for a pharmaceutical company.
  2. I wish they can just update the servers so we can use bots for the online trophies
  3. They probably want to put ps now on Netflix that all. All we can do is wait and see.
  4. All I got was Disorder of the Ancients
  5. just get plus for one mouth that is what I did.
  6. Its all up to you the way you play them. you could start at zero and work your way thought them. To see the story unfold.
  7. You know guys I'm still doing the taxi. Just send me a friend request and I'll help you
  8. I will have the game until ps5 release so I'm more then happy to keep helping everyone that ask and that is nice about it.
  9. just send friend request I'm central time zone so can help after 6 pm I will have the save for awhile so I don't mind helping everyone get these trophys.
  10. well I just got the center I will host for a little bit. all you need is a full hpyerdrive when you join my game you can guys can get to the center.
  11. I could use a ride too please. psn element_razor
  12. Make sure you keep your saves because the ps vita and ps3 have a cloud save ability. You can unlock most of the trophies on the ps vita or ps3 which ever you start first.
  13. When I found out about the transfer I didnt have a complete version of the mgs 2 just the vr done and extreme to do.