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    Im a 17 year old boy who loves gaming and has a passion for it. I am a trophy hunter even though im just starting im here in this world to rid it of all evil and make the planet into trophy hunters.

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  1. Plus theres games that i cant buy cause of my region so i will get a new account so what name should i go for ?
  2. . Its that i have 0% on killzone 2 i only play it for the BOTS reasons = takes my streess away , makes me feel like a boss (even though i suck ) and makes me think in strategi. I thought like i have 0% that has to be a bad thing
  3. Does anyone still have killzone 2 ? I want to plat this but help in this is necesary so i would apreciate if people were nice and help me plat this
  4. sir you made me laugh lol
  5. Killer is dead AAA executioner
  6. Only 10 trophies >_<

    1. xskygamerknightx


      I always wanted to ask a question about this but, how hard are the challenges?



      Well they are very specific and challenging they are some what easy if you have that keen eye of watching the enemy's move constantly but nether the less its easy just time consuming

  7. Killer is dead 60%

  8. how much do the A40 cost ?
  9. im looking for one that you can understand clearly im trying to make a channel on youtube and I need something like that I only have that little $50 dollar one and it sounds good but not great :/
  10. I need opinions here
  11. killer is dead is freaking sweet <3

    1. damon8r351


      It got good reviews in Japan but got panned in the US for some reason. I was hoping hear something good from games who actually played it before I got it. I loved No More Heroes and Lollipop Chainsaw.

    2. damon8r351


      I finished it already its worth it bue the ending i give it a 7

      Why ? They try to execute mondo for rebuilding the dark moon empire or mansion :'(

  12. which is your rarest trophy ?