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  1. olliolli2 was HARD man, gratz on that plat lol ._.
  2. Definitely me, pre ordered it and can't wait to get back to gaming
  3. @satoshi lol c'mon there are plenty.
  4. I think it'll continue to have support from Sony as long as people still play it so I wouldn't worry about server closure. To me it's dead though, its felt hella lifeless since the ps4 has been out, I don't see any reason to play the ps3 anymore when i can be playing a vastly superior console.
  5. BF1 looks great, not interested in cod.
  6. Like many have said, best game I've played on PS3.
  7. I'll wait for gameplay footage before I get hype
  8. For me it's got to be the last of us, I've platted it on ps3 and ps4
  9. I got every trophy solo except for "short fuse" and "You shall not pass" Although it is recommended to play with other players to make things easier.
  10. EA SPORTS fifa football lol
  11. Nba nice!! finally ps plus is good again.
  12. Are the challenges harder than arkham city's challenges?
  13. If it's true it would be the best month for ps plus in a long while.