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  1. Got mine!
  2. Persona 4 Golden is super cheap on PS Store right now (like 4-5 eur) go grab it right now
  3. Yeah, Rune Factory is the king of this kind of games imo, shame it's not too popular. But I'm still picking up Stardew if it lands on PSV, Vita needs more games like this.
  4. It's an indie game, I'll be surprised if they won't make Vita version
  5. It depends on what do you call "delay" because people already got their CEs so it's not like release date for CE was pushed back. Either too many orders for CEs or next batch was too late or (most likely) both. Tbh, Rice Digital isn't the best store, their prices and shipping rates went up recently. Really shame that Amadeus edition is sold here exclusively.
  6. It's not delayed, CEs just ran out of stock.
  7. Oh, I'd love to but
  8. My Vita is ready for Steins;Gate greatness Playing this game while sipping Dr Pepper is the only correct way
  9. I read that earlier, what a joke It's worth adding that reviewer didn't play the first game and criticized SG 0 (a freaking sequel) for not being good entry for new players. Yep, you heard that right. I respect reviewer's opinion but they were clearly wrong person to review this game.
  10. Mine shipped a week ago and it's still not there. Agghhhh, screw those international packages, they sometimes take way too long. I'll probably need to wait until next week. Oh well, at least the price was a steal.
  11. Damn, that's long. My second P4G platinum took me 80 hours and that's without skipping dialogue! I'm soo gonna platinum the shit outta this game, would love to get it as milestone but I think there isn't one for 20 platunums, right? Apparently the trophy for lines in P5 is easier than the one in P4G (which was already easy) so no worries
  12. I'd say buy the games now, they might put different games on sale.
  13. [Tutturuu intensifies] It's comingggg
  14. Igor's voice change is apparently related to plot, so they had to do it in English version too. Don't look into it or you might run into spoilers, at least that's what I read somewhere
  15. Never forget about Yeah, I know that one was refering to Japanese release. Btw, nearly 3 motherfkin years have passed since we saw first Persona 5 trailer, if someone told me then that we'd have to wait 3 and a half years for western release I'd laugh at them... but... well... here we are and who knows if they don't push it back even further