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  1. always the same BS on EU store...
  2. Does anyone know what region this is for ?
  3. likes to show off his/her platinums
  4. Listen with me ive seen the vids and i tried it but i just couldnt do it the donut way i dunno maybe im to retarded for that cheat so i just started doing it the legit way and practise. and trust me it didnt take more then an hour so its doable since im not a good racer at all. Practise makes perfect
  5. it is doable to do it the legit way because ive done it and it didnt even take that long. All you have to do is learn the course and turns. eventually u will see that u will be able to get tru the course in one go. If u can do that then u will learn to go over the timer and just keep drifting. Just keep at it and youll get it.
  6. loves kingdom hearts i would say .
  7. yeah all needs to be done in one game. and yes it can be done solo, ive did it 4 times allrdy but im stuck at the part for the easter egg where you have to follow the gatekeeper but im getting better at it. anyway all 4 bows can be completed at round 19-20 thats when i always get them done so good luck mate im sure you will get it.
  8. dammmm! Ive been waiting for this since day1 ps3 release!
  9. I just play whatever i feel like playing simple
  10. Chalice dungeons scale to what level your character is so leveling up wont make any difference. and if you are level 326 you prolly used the glitch to get to that level and i doubt you will find anyone to join you within your level range. But the plus side i can tell you that all the dungeons can be done solo. you just need some practice on the more difficult ones but once you master them it will go smoothly. the only one i had a few probs with was the dungeons where your health is scaled down to 50%. anyway keep at it and keep trying you will get it.
  11. GTA V Los Santos Legend Congratulations! You're Vinewood's biggest star!
  12. # 119 Los Santos Legend Congratulations! You're Vinewood's biggest star! This is my second time platting this game. It is probably my most favorite franchise ever and ive been playing it since the first GTA. I got the plat on ps3 pretty fast but on the ps4 it took me longer because of the games errors. I was stuck on 98% or so the first time i did it on ps4 because some missions didnt show up for me, for example The last street race vespucci cannels and the last Dom mission uncalculated risk. Wich forced me to delete my game and all my save files, cause after countles emails to Rstar they couldnt fix the problem. I was pretty mad at that time and just gave up on the game and said i would never play it again. But C'mon its GTA were talkin about here, so after a few months of playing other games i decided to get bck to GTA and start fresh. And now i finally got it!
  13. The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt Wolfenstein The New Order Wolfenstein The Old Blood
  14. # 118 Master of Mordor One has walked in Mordor. This is my second time platting this game. I just love the game and how u can fight a huge amount of enemies at the same time. The combat system is much like the batman games wich is great.