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  1. I didn't break the guy's arm and Alfred still told me I almost killed him. I thought my non-violence (I also gave Falcone to the cops rather than 'brutalising' him) would have some kind of effect, but it doesn't seem to be doing anything yet. I know it's only the first episode but it feels a little blank right now. Ah well, I already bought the season pass, I'll enjoy it as it comes out I'm sure.
  2. I used this exploit, but for me it only worked when I was both in first place and under the time limit. On Kalebo it didn't work the first time I tried but that one is way easier to get than the one on Rilgar so I did it legit on my second attempt anyway.
  3. I'm having issues as well. I didn't have a problem syncing my Black Ops III trophies with the PSN last night but they didn't appear on my profile here this morning. I updated my trophies on the site and now they've come in as Hidden. Hopefully that sorts itself out. I Googled around a bit, I'm going to try the advice from this thread.
  4. Given that you also need to scare 200 enemies for the Are you scared, yet? trophy, this should come pretty easily. I know I got a bunch of kills in this way over the course of the game without even trying, especially working towards Are you scared, yet? and Ripperologist.
  5. Okay, I'll keep trying. I had forgotten that more than 10 can drop. Thanks, guys.
  6. Tonight I played a few rounds of the tier 3 bar brawl mission in Pyro Pete's Bar, but no photos dropped. I remember when I did this in the PS3 version, it was a lot easier to collect the photos. Has anyone else had this problem? I suspect it's because I imported a PS3 character who already had the trophy, and I'm still playing on the same difficulty. I will have to go back and play through on True Vault Hunter (because I'm missing a bunch of other trophies from early on in the story), I just wanted to avoid playing on a harder difficulty for as long as possible.
  7. I bought Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon yesterday, pretty excited to get started on that one given that I just recently finished Far Cry 3 and 4.
  8. 1) I sided with Amita overall, but when I found her post-credits and discovered her child soldier army I followed her after the cutscene and shot her. Didn't mean anything, but it felt good. 2) Heard her out, poor thing. 3) Heard him out as well, I really actually liked him. He was one of the least terrible characters to Ajay throughout the game. Then I let him fly away in his helicopter to wreak havoc elsewhere. What a nice man.
  9. That I don't know, but it only gives you the chance to import once, so you'll need to choose whether you import the data or not on a fresh install.
  10. It looks like if you have the original Jetpack Joyride on your Vita, and import the data, it messes up your trophy collection. I played for a bit without importing, and managed to get Alpha Charlie Echo, Bullseye, and Romeo Alpha Delta pretty easily, but then I deleted my game and imported data, and couldn't even get Rejected, which is one of the easier trophies. So be aware, I guess, that importing old data might make things difficult. I'm not looking forward to collecting enough coins to buy all of the gadgets again, though.
  11. Destiny Public Defender Earn the highest tier of completion in 10 public events. Play play play, grind grind grind.
  12. Clearly you're on your way to finishing Persona 4, but maybe Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood next? Except for the multiplayer trophies that nobody is around to play with any more. Ugh.
  13. I finished Lego Batman 2 immediately before starting LotR and this game is 100% better than Batman. The load times are a bit much, but the familiar lines from the film (and the soundtrack! my god, the soundtrack) are nice during the cutscenes, and the quests are a bit more involved than the "fly here, break this, get a thing" deal that Batman had going on.
  14. Borderlands 2 Bounty Hunter Completed 20 side missions I only started playing yesterday and I've been co-oping with a friend so we're just gathering experience and murdering.
  15. Okay so it popped once I hit 88 carrots. It seems to be a bit confused, but it works. This turned out to be a pointless thread, I apologise.