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  1. Thanks, I'll try it out later. I think I have accepted about 72-73 requests so I'll keep at it with that.
  2. So I've been grinding through the game for almost 60+ hours and I still have not obtained every room item. On the Play Info screen it says I have unlocked 97% of the Room Items (and yes, I have bought all of them) and it's driving me up the wall. Can anyone let me know which item(s) I'm missing and what to do to obtain it(them) if possible? Please, I beg you. I have already unlocked and bought: Floor Items: ​Jukebox Project DIVA Arcade Hachune Miku Banner Shiteyan'yo Banner Tako Luka Banner Larval Rin Banner Red Itasha Purple Itasha Mini Steamroller Tuna Body Pillow Moving Hachune Miku White Guitar Keyboard Microphone Speakers Decorative Plant Totem Pole Beach Ball Offertory Box Suit of Gold Armor Suit of Silver Armor Miku Stacking Blocks Rin Stacking Blocks Len Stacking Blocks Luka Stacking Blocks Kaito Stacking Blocks Meiko Stacking Blocks Dartboard Apple Tree Snare Drum Conga Drums Octopus Pot Wooden Bench Tanabata Ornament Kaito Snowman Refrigerator Washing Machine Box o' Leeks Telescope Basketball Hoop Rocking Horse Electric Fan Cactus Guitar Amp Bicycle Black Guitar Bass Guitar Shelf Items: Alarm Clock Kitchen Timer Mini TV Art Gallery Book Miku Figurine Rin Figurine Len Figurine Luka Figurine Kaito Figurine Meiko Figurine Eek, a Leek! Rin & Len Rackets Toy Fishing Rod Ice Cream Machine 10-Scoop Ice Cream Cone Sake Set Russian Nesting Dolls Hachune Miku Felt Doll Tako Luka Felt Doll Shiteyan' yo Felt Doll Larval Rin Felt Doll SLR Camera Handheld Game Console Cake Assortment Tea Set Seafood Stew Fortune Box Jack-o-Lantern Christmas Stocking Green Flower Vase Yellow Flower Vase Pink Flower Vase Fishbowl (Red Fish) Fishbowl (Black Fish) Fishbowl (White Fish) Silk Hat Hot Plate Next-Gen Game Console Trumpet Pom-Poms Game Show Placards Endless Soba Set Leeksaber Rin & Len Hina Dolls Metronome Microwave Black Telephone Bonsai Tree Xylophone Pianica Balls of Yarn Mixing Board Compass Glass Lantern Old-School Radio Tsukimi Dumplings Toy Hammer Mikudayo Figure Wall Items: Corkboard Digital Sign Hanging Pans Miku Weather Doll Flipped Weather Doll Cuckoo Clock Mounted Deer Head Mounted Bear Head Character Wreath Speaker Treasure Map Cat Toys Miku Decal Rin Decal Len Decal Luka Decal Kaito Decal Meiko Decal 'Cosmic Diva' '99 Percent Rin' 'Len-tamental Feelings' 'Language Learning Lady' 'Ever So Tipsy' 'Ice Cream V3' 'Crazy Creator' 'A Real Angel dayo' 'Rule 1: Be Cute or Get Out' 'Our 39th Annual Meeting' Miku Poster Rin Poster Len Poster Luka Poster Kaito Poster Meiko Poster Premium Miku Poster Premium Rin Poster Premium Len Poster Premium Luka Poster Premium Kaito Poster Premium Meiko Poster Magical Mirai Poster 01 Magical Mirai Poster 02 Singin' Out to the Summer Sky 'Hospitality' Any and all help is highly appreciated!
  3. No. Don't be dumb.
  4. I'm assuming there's going to be a lot of DLC related trophies to be released later on.
  5. Well, it happened when I was playing Gears of War 2 on the 360 (obviously). I was joining an online session when all of a sudden I got the achievement for reaching Rank 50 (i think). I was actually playing with another friend beside me, and we were both signed in on the console and I was the only one that got the achievement (he wasn't Rank 50 either, btw). It was pretty cool. It's the only time it's happened to me, and I know it's not a PS game, but I just wanted to share it.
  6. The black bars are there to prevent the game from dying on itself. When you're playing the game normally, you can already hear your PS4 working as hard as it can just to be able to play the game. It's a poorly optimized game. I wouldn't be surprised if it were a port of the PS3 version.
  7. Has too many waifus. A definite weeaboo.
  8. Hmmm, sucks for him. Seems like Sony has a pretty tight leash on users games and purchases. I know that on XBOX 360 you can transfer your games/licences to another friends console (i think you can only do it once every 3 months or so) and you don't get banned for it. I've been doing it with some friends for a couple of years now with no problems.
  9. Ok, so apparently it wasn't appearing for me when I went to the PS Store from the game and neither from the PS Store application when I searched for "Muramasa" (all 3 other DLC's did show up). I had to go to the game page in the store and only in the suggested items did the DLC show up. Weird. Thanks anyway.
  10. So is it already out in NA or not? I'm not seeing anything on the PS Store.
  11. The only advice I have is to memorize the enemies patterns. If you're having trouble with the bosses, that's really the only way to do it. Grab every single item at your disposal and shield whenever you can. Try and round up the zombies in a herd and throw an explosive at them, that's also really effective. Be patient and don't lose your temper. If you're having trouble, relax and stop playing for a few minutes and then get back at it. Hope this helps, this is the strategy I used. Good luck!
  12. My card has roughly 5 gigs of spare memory left so no, that's not the problem. Jesus, that's it! I feel so stupid now... I have played japanese games where O is the accept button, but sometimes when they localize them they change it to X. (Like the Project Diva games) Since they localized this game I thought nothing of that, but it turns out O is accept and X is cancel. And in the 360 version A was accept (same place where the X button is.) Thank you so much for the tip.
  13. I was so excited to play PB on the Vita. I already enjoyed it with some of my friends on the 360 and couldn't wait to do the same on the Vita. So I download the game. Skip the opening cinematic and get to the title screen. The game tells me new data will be created for the game, I select YES. After that the game says it will continue without saving, so I say NO. I again prompts me to create new data, to which I put yes again, but again it tells me it will continue without saving. This time I put YES but again it tells me new data will be created and I can't do anything about it. tl;dr: I'm stuck in a loop on the title screen and I don't know what to do. I already tired uninstalling and downloading the game again, but nothing helps. I tried googling my problem, but no luck either. If anyone knows a way to fix this, I would appreciate if you let me know how and post it here, because other people might be having the same problem as me. Thanks in advance.